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Dishperanda. Oh, it seems, the devil! Leveling. This is a bush! Dishperanda. What if we are attacked robbers! Leveling. If we go to hell, do be afraid of robbers? Dishperanda. Ayayay! .. "Etc.You can do some exercises on the same topic, but in different circumstances experienced by you and awakening offered emotional memory.You can not even do exercises, and only remember the given circumstances and the actions of the subject, and if re feeling resurrected emotional memory, hard and bright, move it to the show. Emotional memory to be trained every day, not just in school hours, but also at home. Section II.Education in the actors the ability to find relationships and dependencies of the image and the inner life of his physical existence problem of physical well-being is also associated with emotional memory.Internal human experience are reflected in the physical well-being and physical activities, and physical well-being, feelings, actions, in turn, affect the inner life of man. Thanks to our feelings, feelings we associate with the world, get to know him and download the film Фильм Кобра: and guided it to his actions.Feeling - the source of our knowledge of the external world around us. That's why in life stage character's mental and physical related. Take for example the scene from the play "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov: the arrival Lopakhin after the purchase of the estate.He is intoxicated with happiness, excited, triumphant, but he also just drunk, and this has an impact on his behavior, his actions. Forgetting that hurts Lyubov Andreyevna, "sings" anthem of victory, laughing, dancing. Then, catching sight of a weeping LUBOV, recalls, expresses its deepest sympathy to her:"My poor, good, will not come back now. . Oh, would rather have it all over, would rather change our kaknibud awkward, unhappy life ... "And again after that falls into violent drunken celebration" Mu308 zyka, play clearly! Let all I want ... I can pay for everything! .."This example shows that the internal processes, the human essence of the image reflected in the play, as in reality, through the physical life of the actor must be able to determine at any given stage just physical well-being and naturally put it.In the physical well-being should get used to, and then it prompts a number of true physical action and vivid life adaptations. Each physical health can have many shades, many additional physical activities that depend on the nature of the image was taken from the given circumstances, from the problem of mental impulses.Take for example the physical well-being of fatigue: Anya in "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov, Lisa in "Woe from Wit" Griboyedov and Fedor in the "invasion" Leonova. They all expressed the desire to relax in physical activities that are typical for this being: to relax the muscles of the body, somehow get back, trying not to think, and so onBut at the same time, each has its own nuances and additional actions, according to their temperaments. Anya tired, did not sleep all the way from Paris, but she came to his beloved home, brought dear mother - she is happy, and she was pleased to be given this blessed minute rest. Lisa was tired after a whole day of work and running around the house.She did not keep his feet, and now it is necessary to guard assignation ladies. Lisa tries to get on the chair, so that at least a little rest, but she is always on guard, afraid to go to sleep.

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