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Step: Find a visually interesting place, which has a pronounced cyclical life. Spend at least a day, watching and listening. You will be shocked by the amount of sound. Write down everything that will attract your attention.Based on observations, make a detailed list of shooting and dramatic chart your movie. Special attention to the beginning, middle and end of each cycle in the life of the chosen place. Show teacher script, discuss with them the music you have chosen, and possible sound effects.Do not use the song, because it can play the role of the author's text and the spirit of the film to reduce the narrative. Take the planned frames, as well as 'gifts' that are caught you on the road. Evaluation criteria: Well pumped geography place. Involves various characters. Showing typical cycles, unusual details of the process.Imagery survey the mood of the object. Well it is shown over time. Music emphasizes the mood. The character of the music echoes the form of the film. The sound effects stimulate perception. There is common sense. Detail lasts exactly 5 minutes.Speaking of heroes in the interior you learn Watch Online and take group interaction with a camera position. The operator does not attract the attention of participants to the audience. Action: The operator must select the appropriate form of the frame, to determine the size of the plan, which may be one, two or three characters simultaneously.How you position relative to each other of their heroes, determine their internal comfort. It takes about eight minutes to Film Cobra film: watch online in excellent quality and to make a four-minute film. Take each of the participants in the call individually and collectively, speaking and listening in a variety of ways.Light: try Film Cobra film: watch online in excellent quality and create a bright light mood. Make natural lighting. Sound: Place the microphone out of the frame. All participants in the call to be heard equally well. Make sure that the microphone is not cast shadows. Criteria for evaluation:Good sound, the microphone is not visible. Observing the compositional ratio in the frame. "Travel" and change angles occur smoothly. Saved rhythm of speech heroes. Voiceover director successfully used, the conversation successfully installed and is more meaningful than life. The participants feel at ease. The conversation is meaningful in its entirety.Shooting process for subsequent installation elliptical Elliptical installation - installation reproducing sequence for the removal of some of its stages. Film Film Cobra:. You learn how to movie download movie Cobra: and follow the event, so you can quickly skim cut action.The documentary film Life is often long and tedious, to become an art. Planning. Try to plan the necessary actions, draw a diagram showing the position of the camera. Shooting. Dolzhka go continuously. Remember the Future installation. Remove a lot of different shots. Installation. Aim at the two-minute result. Criteria for evaluation:All major points are shown clearly. Interesting composition solution. The composition combines all of the elements. The movement of the camera under control and rhythmically coincides with the movement of the director. The transition from stage to stage shows clearly. Filming on location conversation Two people waiting for public transport, to discuss something, they are seriously interested.Since it started an exchange of views, consistently moving your camera should reflect all aspects of the talks and to follow its development. The viewer must be at the center of discussions.

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