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Blanchot makes diagnoses for literary works, extremely loyal and film: on the one hand, the presence of thinking the unthinkable, which can be called and its source, and the dam is on its way;on the other hand, it is the presence of another thinker thinker - and so on to infinity, which violates any monologue thinking 'I'. But the question is: what is essential has all this to the cinema? Indeed, it seems that it is a matter of literature, or philosophy, or even psychiatry.But that's what it comes to the specificity of cinema and its differences from other arts and disciplines? In each field, the issue is download the film Фильм Кобра: and treated differently - and in other areas formulated by other means. And we ask, what means the movie is trying to resolve the issue of thinking about her sickness and augmented that of their stems.It is true that a bad movie content with the state of dream, that it inspires the viewer - or imaginary of belonging, are often subjected to analysis. But the essence of cinema, which is not found in the " generalized" movies, has its most sublime to show thoughts, neither more nor less than the very idea, and functioning.In this respect, the power of books ZhanLui Schaefer is the author's answer to the question: "what and how the movie relates to the idea, whose characteristic feature that it does not exist?"He says that as soon as the cinematic image aberration recognizes movement in itself, it operates a worldwide movement suspended or laid over muddy visible, and these techniques, as opposed to projects Eisenstein does not make the idea visible, on the contrary, seek to what is unthinkable in thought, and to the fact that nocan be seen in the vision. Perhaps, contrary to the author's view, this is not a "crime", but only the potentiality false. Schafer says that the idea in the movie stumped its own impossibility, and, however, pulled out his immense power, or the ability to birth.He adds that the conditions have only one film equivalent, and this is not an imaginary ownership, and the rain, when 1 Wed.: Heidegger, В«Qu'appelle-t-on penser?В», P. 22-24: "Most of all thoughts is the fact that we still do not think - and always" until Yeshe, "even though the state of the world is constantly becoming more and more suggestive. ...Most suggestive in our time that is suggestive of the fact that we still do not think. " we go out of the room, not a dream, and black, and insomnia. Schaefer is very close to Artaud. In fact, his concept of the movie extremely close Garrel works:These grains dancing, this luminous dust, which can not be called even the anticipation of bodies, these flakes of snow and covered with soot sheets are not made to see them Provided, however, that we can prove conclusively that such works are not at all boring or abstract , and are the most interesting,living and moving from the fact that you can do in the movies. Film Фильм Кобра:. In addition to the grand scene with mill and accumulating at the end of white flour dreyerovskogo "Vampire," Schaefer offers as an example of the beginning of the film "Spider Castle":gray, mist and fog are "all worldly image", which is not an invisible veil stretched over things, but "thought without a body and image." The same is the case with "Macbeth" Wells, where indistinguishability of land from the water, the sky and the ground between good and evil forms the "background of consciousness," the idea of ​​giving birth to its own impossibility.Does not it remind us that's Odessa fog, contrary to the intentions of Eisenstein?

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