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Plans."" Kinopravda "- he wrote - not prescribe to live life on the script writer, and observe and record life as it is ...". - Vertov Article. Diaries. Plans. 77 - Abramov Dziga Vertov. : Art, Selezneva Kinomysl 1920. : Art, Selezneva Kinomysl 1920. : Art, Vertov Article. Diaries. Plans. Vertov Article.Diaries. Plans. Ibid. Shub My life - cinema. : Art, 177 - Your word, Comrade by Sat : Art, Television Sappak we. Basic principles Grierson Documentary Film and Kino "Kinopravda": Sat :Art, Z07-Sam Rush saw in "Kino" is not so much a means of identifying the author's position as a director tactics "shooting guard." He spoke of Vertov. "This," Jules Verne movie " invented methods that could be implemented in time because of its low level of cinematic art at the time. - True Cinema and "Kinopravda." :Arts, Telefilm. : CME Izdvo GKTR, among them: "" Direct Cinema "- the aesthetics of reality" Markorellya Louis, "American experimental film in the past ten years" Nellinta Young, "The Birth" live camera "," Richard Leacock, "New Trends in the Polish cinema" Jerzy Toeplitz, etc. Macheret real world on the screen. :Art 42 - Yakovlev Crime and Social Psychology. : The legal literature, see: Man Abramov filmeVoprosy documentary cinema: Sat. : Science, Vol. Return Derevitsky dolgaZhurnalist. в„– See Drobashenko screen and life. : Art, download the film Фильм Кобра: and Bazin What movie? 44, Sarnoff Tenth Muse - risk or benefit?Questions of literature. Wilczek number contours. Vartanov Life plot, syuzhetSovetskoe radio and television. Number p. by: Goldenweiser near Tolstoy. : GIHL, Furtichev Artistry kinoreportazhaSovremenny documentary. Ibid. 126, 127, See download the film Фильм Кобра: and Rogovin Introduction to Psychology. : High School, 153 - Furtichev Artistry kinoreportazha.129 - Freilich Documentary eposSovremenny documentary. Furtichev Artistry kinoreportazha. 134 - Ibid. Freilich documentary epic. 120 - When documentary Slavin says "I" ... The modern documentary. Belyaev To be or not to be? Telefilm. : Izdvo HMO KPT, 72 - True Cinema and "Kinopravda." Leacock Birth "hidden camera"., 3, 4, Treasure Journey to lyudyamTelefilm. Ibid. Zolotarevskiy Quotes from life. : Art, Drobashenko screen and life. Wed Belyaev's position in his article "The absolute film" and in an interview with him. How much is "download the film Фильм Кобра: and obtained for nothing?"When download the film Фильм Кобра: and Pushkin hours wandering through the bazaars, listening folk sayings, he could rely entirely on his memory, and could koechto to place in a notebook at a time when it is not watching. Watch the film Фильм Кобра: online. download the film Фильм Кобра: and Trigorin in Chekhov noted by way of a locked closet in the literature: "I see here is a cloud, like a grand piano. I think:it will be necessary to mention gdenibud in the story that was floating cloud, like a grand piano. Geliotrolom smells. Rather to shake my mustache: cloying smell widow color mentioned in the description of a summer evening. " He could follow in store store. And extract as necessary. A man with a camera in this sense is in an extremely disadvantageous position.On the one hand, the "right" to write from life "are all employees of other arts. Why did not I have that right? "- Thought Dziga Vertov. On the other - he should write to tape what he sees at the same time as he sees it. "If I can not fix on film what I see now, I never will fix ...A second later would be different. Better or worse, but different. It will not be what I need, and something else. Especially for shooting behavior.

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