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Now it's suddenly sonorous space combine what download the film Фильм Кобра: and seemed impossible: acoustic instruments of East and West and stylistically opposite thematic material.Now it seems elementary, but elementary harder to find. I wandered in search of solutions: the movie complex, multiple layers, and the idea was not verbal and figurative. I always found it difficult to work with Andrew Arsen'evich also because what he was saying, "See picture itself;takihto episodes in music should be required, and then I do not know, chooses. "I chose, and the dubbing it sometimes leave one of ten episodes. This was actually the creative process of the film.With great gratitude that I remember, and that the most important and possibly decisive experience for me when Andrew Arsen'evich 95 years in the seventies for the first time gave me the opportunity to experiment electronics and orchestra: this time it was only possible in the movies. But he said: "In the future I would like to opt out of the music.Music in my frame just where I am emotionally do not hold, where I do not have the language, which means movies are powerless. "But basically he is, where he could, trying to do without music, I download the film Фильм Кобра: and watched" Nostalgia ", there is very little music mostly noise.In general, Andrew saw Arsen'evich task composer to express a philosophical acoustic, music whether it is in the traditional sense or noise is a matter of resources. Now it seems natural, but it is difficult to give a musician from the music. Dissolve in the shot I was pretty hard.I remember the "Mirror" episode crossing Siwash, a documentary, but it is biblical in meaning: infinite space, space to decide how to Sonic? And we also came to the same sound. Great episode, ten minutes, and only one chord, orchestrated by different voices. This decision came too long, but did not seem disappointed.This is not even music in the conventional sense is not download the film Фильм Кобра: and called. There is no development, but in this form it is fairly accurate. Well, yes, it is difficult to record: the music for "Stalker" ... In my biography is a moment of pure film music, which can not exist separately.Voobscheto Andrei Arsen'evich we met very little personal contact just few and far between. He called me: "I start a picture, read the script." Then we talked for a long time in fact the script. It was not even on the style, and how to fit into the frame, inspire his musical technique. Voobscheto he had one favorite composer: Bach.And no one else. His paintings have always Bach or other old masters: Monteverdi, Albinoni, and if painting is by Leonardo, for example. Look online. Here the logic is simple: movies young art without historical roots, and he deliberately wanted to artificially recreate them. In this sense, music and painting, which he loved, gave bond eras.He was a musical? Without a doubt. He even said that if he were not a director, I download the film Фильм Кобра: and dreamed to become a conductor. And probably would be so, as a director with the will and imagination. In the movie, as in music, a sense of pace and rhythm of overriding this category space. His paintings especially in the West consider slow.For those who are engaged in commercial cinema, of course. We are all in a hurry. Of course, they go in hard. But here was a case: Japanese composer Isao Tamita powerful, now very famous Andrew Arsen'evich sent his plate, called "Solaris". He saw the film, he likes it, my music does not seem very much, and he wrote his version;and in a letter written that would do so. Andrew called me, said, "Just listen.

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