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It must necessarily describe a downward curve.The opposite direction is obtained because of the fact that the actor is represented in profile in both plans. Figure 15 shows that the movement, which is the actor sits down, starts on the right and left ends in kontrplane.To be complete, the movement should be in the same sector of the frame, even if the first plan - this middle ground, and kontrplan - this is the general plan. CASE 16 tilting movement of the body is on the opposite direction of the two parts that make up one continuous motion. Example 16 uses an external kontrplan: one actor bends.Plan I. Actor in his elbows on his right hand. His body was download the film Фильм Кобра: and moved to the right to the center of the frame when it starts to bend. Actor Plan B, kontrplane, finishes the tilting movement, but now it comes from the center to the right.The actor, who cant find the time in the same area of ​​the frame, but the traffic going in different directions in each plan: the second part of the motion is shown in the background. Both actors retain their place in the frame in both plans. .14 ​​To shoot down movement of the actors use a common visual axis. .15 Position the camera on the back to show the point of the actor at the time, when he sits down. So we will have the opposite direction. .16 The actor, leaning to the right in the picture, change the direction of tilt in the transition from plan to plan. In the foreground, he leans to the left to the center, and in the second he leans away from the center to the right.195 194 CASE 17 Alternating internal and external kontrplanov shooting actor at the time of inclination can contribute to the appearance of the opposite direction in different parts of the frame. Figure 17 shows that the actor, tilted to the left, we see it in terms I moved from the center to the left.But he ends his movement in terms of 2, is moving from the center to the right. The plan I face it to us, but in terms of 2, he turns his back to the camera, which explains the opposite direction. Stopping the movement of the fall, using the internal arrangement of the camera. .17 In this example, you see a continuous movement in opposite directions, and they are stressed, because in the foreground actor leans away from the center to the left, in the second - from the center to the right. Case 18 in the previous two examples, we passed on the kind of actor from the front of his mind from the back.You can do the opposite, respectively, moving the inner and outer plane of the camera. You can get a contrasting direction in one sector of the frame. In Figure 18, you can see the actor pushes another, and he falls through the screen, which gives the appearance kontrplanom.196 18 opposite direction of continuous movement through the use of internal and external kontrplanov. CASE 19 Chance of such an option, the two actors move together, leaning to one side. This movement is download the film Фильм Кобра: and decomposed into two phases, the actors will have the opposite direction of the slope in the outer kontrplane.They could move as one. Their arrangement would remain constant in the same area of ​​the frame in the transition from plan to plan. Approximately one-third of motion in this version of 197 is shown in the foreground, and the rest - in the second. .19 When the two actors lean simultaneously kontrplan camera creates the opposite direction of the two characters on the screen.CASE 20 In the previous examples, the actors stayed in one sector of the frame, and this example of the former, where the actor in motion in the foreground moves from one side to the center and ends its movement in the background, moving to the opposite side to the center of the frame.

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