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- Maestro! - He cried. They rushed to each other. Then he sat up to four in the morning, and said - without stopping, without taking a breath. They reveled in each other. I could not take away them. And at that moment I felt that I had a heart attack begins.Although I probably could have happily used for rescue and heart attack. Then there was another memorable occasion when we visited for the second time Hedda Hooper. She wanted to come to the villa "Santa Marinella". I discussed her visit with Roberto and said:- It will make all the newspapers to stop scribbling about how unhappy I was, like all terrible what you monster, you ruined my career. Let her see our wonderful home, a wonderful coastline and our child. We will try to treat it with fresh seafood specialties. - Well, - said Roberto. - If you think that this should be good.- But you must be very nice to her, - I warned. - You need to talk with her and show her all the charm. - Well, of course, I'll talk to her. He sent for her own "rollsroys", she arrived. At first sight, it was not to his liking. Irrevocably. So he decided not to open mouth.He sat and watched the sea, though there on the horizon, there is something extremely interesting. She talked with me, and trying to draw into conversation. But his answers were as kakomuto mumbling: "Um ... I do not understand the question." Or: "I do not know" - and then look at the sea. Again she tried to ask about something. And again: "What?On these issues, I do not talk. What? I do not know. " Whatever it may question asked - on our marriage, about the relationship between us, that we have experienced kogdalibo bitterness, resentment, we will return someday to America - or he did not hear him or did not understand. He just had no idea what she was talking. At the end of the conversation, he even left.I stayed with her alone. Soon Hedda left and printed a vile article began by describing how unhappy I am, I cried, I want to go back to America and ended up leaving, she saw depressed, hiding behind a curtain Ingrid. Even in this stroke was not a drop of truth. I ran into the garden and attacked there on Roberto.How is it that he could not sustain his role until the end! He replied: - I do not talk to women of this kind. And I had no idea that she was such a bitch. - Because I warned you, did not you? - I said. - I told you that we need a great article in America. Now you're all messed up. - I do not care - he said.- I do not care what she thinks and what she writes. Film Film Cobra:. And so it was. By the middle of 1950, I made an important discovery. We had to go back to the movie, because we needed the money. I needed something to solve the work, and Roberto had to something to solve and work with me.All criticized him for my enforced idleness. "Are you out of your mind? You look like a man, to whom is steak, and he can not eat it, because he had lost all his teeth. You could get all the money in the world, working together with Ingrid. " Nearing the end of a long, hot months of the Holy Year.Ingrid went to the podium, "the number one actress" at the box office and became chemto like 'cash disaster. "She broke the record for the number of companies that have helped to fail.' Triumphal Arch" has failed. After the "Jeanne d'Arc" Interprise Studio " ceased to exist."Sierra Pictures", founded by Walter Uongerom and Victor Fleming and unite with his own company, Ingrid "EN" lay down their arms.

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