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Dad then blame everything on me:and that I am fighting with the boys knapsack, and that I bold, and "Dirty Rotten getting up in class," and that is not clean my shoes, and that is not always neatly combed, and that teachers of me moan! And then I cried with resentment:why teachers from me groan when they love me, it's a betrayal on their part as it is about me, why should I "inveterate plant", when me and my boys are fighting for justice! And I clean my shoes, just for some reason, they soon become unpeeled.And my brush down impossible himself Pope then decided to spit not grow, and cut me. The new school I did not fight a knapsack, and learn how to fight with their fists, and shoes were always clean ... - With your future, too, was gone.And then the family council download the film Фильм Кобра: and decided to do with Mom fictitiously disperse Mom Court reinstated in their rights, but, as you know, can not work, she would have been able to do in the factory, the factory? A need has been working profession to obtain a work card, or else we could not live.Then, too, the good people have helped us arrange Mom outworker with an easy job, we are all glued to it slides, it was considered a working profession. I had to check out of the apartment. I left. Now the law of the disfranchised canceled, but the house I live illegally to have no trouble ... again kakihnibudYou should know all this, you still do not know what people can be evil. - Because you shudder when there was our seven calls? - Any of the neighbors may bring, and come for me a third time. When anything should seem suspicious, I'm leaving. Dad jumped up. - I was oppressing our poverty.I'll take any job I can do everything, but I do not know how to combine, but now it is of paramount importance, I straightforward, and it does not help to live. I can not change yourself, even for you. My cheerful, calm Pope not face torture. - Our life is over. But what to do with you? With Levushka? What?You're not the daughter of the disfranchised, but the universities only accept the Komsomol or children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, brothers and sisters chetveroyurodnyh higher! Remain without education is unthinkable. And there is no escape. Yesterday I was at the Asteraceae. There was, and Bukharin.It is people-friendly, which made the revolution, it's leaders, and they are in such disarray, they told me to go right now and have not quite come back. They asked about Levushka knows whether any living creature that you cousins ​​and that you grew up together, and how well that Levushka with Mom spelled out in them, not from us, and then they would become disenfranchised.Remember architect Parusnikov, their friend, the one who advised Levushka go to the construction site foreman? Film Фильм Кобра:. It specially invited to talk about you, and he promised a year, maybe two to drag you all the same Institute of Architecture, where he teaches.I started to tell him that you know nothing, uneducated, he laughed and said that now all the download the film Фильм Кобра: and uneducated, all they know nothing, and they, the teachers do their best to at least a few of the students were from download the film Фильм Кобра: and educated families. Dad sat down download the film Фильм Кобра: and again, turned back to her. - Now the most important thing! About you!I curse myself, treasury, that I misunderstood you brought up, but I could not do otherwise, I believe that human values ​​ remain the same forever! And now everything is against you!You can not be spontaneous, sincere, open - you all the download the film Фильм Кобра: and wounded, to remake itself, to withdraw into himself, not to express any thoughts, feelings, emotions, you need to be careful, to feel trouble, not to go out openly in battle, remember who your enemies are.

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