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Bournemouth entertainer Joe Longtorn so believed in "Kubrick" that gave him Kontramarka invited backstage and after the Longtornu promised to appoint a number of meetings at the "Las Vegas", luxuriously arranged him in a local hotel.Faced with this man people later claimed that he tried to strike up with them homosexual acts, inviting them to his clearly not a mysterious house in the north London suburb of Harrow. In 1996, journalist Martin Short self-styled tracked Kubrick.It turned out to Alan Conway, petty crook, seen stealing, cheating to get money in Australia and France. Switzerland and Ireland. He did not look like a Kubrick, but people need to believe that they met with the legend, it was so great that he was able to earn one sell for years.In 1991, after a brief review of "Perfume" and a biography of Colette as possible subjects Kubrick read the small novel and bought it right. The novel was called "lies of war" and was written by Louis Begley, a Pole, after World War II to move to New York City.Begley book, written without dialogue, in the style of the writers of the XIX century, which Kubrick loved, tells the story of Macek, a young man from a wealthy Jewish family forced to flee and go into hiding during the German occupation of Poland.Suddenly in December 1995, a press release studio "Warner Brothers," the news that Kubrick planned to make a film "Eyes Wide Shut" written English novelist Frederic Raphael, which will be filmed Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman zhenaavstraliyka redhead. For the "Warner Brothers," the couple was a dream come true.Administrators of LosAndzhelesa want to attach to this undertaking is clearly money, but Kubrick remained as aloof as always. In London circling rumors about his arrogant treatment of the studio manager, who was sent to approve the project.Arriving in London, he settled in the administrator booked a hotel room in Dorchester, as most come from the "Warner Brothers". Signor Julian gave him a copy of the script. A few hours later, Siniora was informed that the administrator returns to the script to make the indication of a half-dozen copies.On hearing this, Kubrick said to Siniora said: "Take him the script. Tell him that if he wanted to know more, you can wait until I finish shooting." Initially it was thought that the "Eyes Wide Shut" - Rafael converted the script of his little-known novel in 1971, "With whom were you last night?" .Kubrick has read and approved the script, and then, mostly by telephone, was working on it with Raphael, who lived in Perigord, France. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have signed contracts with Kubrick and "Warner Brothers" at a time when Cruz was in England and starred in the movie "Mission Impossible".Both, according to the "Verayeti", "turned over the script and were eager to work with Kubrick." Although the role of Kidman seemed ideal, Cruise's interest in such a project was not clear. Many have argued that the new Hollywood secret Kubrick remained so attractive that they are not able to push even the most annoying bad gossip about the working methods of the director and his difficult character. The reluctance of the project participants discuss it gave food for gossip.In summer 1996 some newspapers hinted that Kubrick learned from director Brian De Palma of the difficulties with its producer and main actor Cruise in the movie "Mission Impossible", racked his film, abandoning it in favor of "Lies of war." Kubrick condescended to, publicly stated:He did not talk to De Palma for over ten years and continues to work on the film "Eyes Wide Shut". According to rumors, the group included actor Harvey Keitel and John Malkovich.

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