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"Not invented the concepts and the language that should be a weapon for the conduct of this particular battle ...But sooner or later the necessary funds will be found. "Unwavering belief in the impossibility of coexistence and mutual enrichment technology and original art has led to what Aldous Huxley at the time and his associates, these days even completely ignore a very extensive area of ​​fiction, like science fiction. The reason for this is clear:from their point of view, it is purely entertainment and superficial; transference same actions in the distant future but download the film эротика. and stressed that extremely complicated machinery is incompatible with the modern world, people can feel. It is unlikely that such views can be considered reasonable.The very appearance of fiction, and its enormous popularity in no small part due to the urgent need for works of art that reflect and may even sometimes ahead of scientific understanding of the future of mankind.With specific regard to Poirier, he ignored and this layer is realistic fiction, where the technique does not serve only as a background to the main action, but it is one of the main "characters" of works.Relation to the modern American literature can not recall in this connection the names of Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, Arthur Hailey. If we turn to the Soviet literature and art, a deep interest in science and technology, the social impact of this has become an indisputable fact.Suffice it to mention the names of such writers as Granik, Nikolaev, Trifonov, Rekemchuk, Evdokimov, or, for example, directors Mikhail Romm, Daniel Khrabrovitsky. Appeared nauchnohudozhestvennoy established genre of literature.And the tradition of classics of all time download the film эротика. and showed generalized conclusions about the illegality of "hostility" of science and art. They can be seen, for example, from Balzac to Zola and Whitman, in fact, from Rembrandt "Anatomy Lesson" to the story of Chekhov's "A Boring Story".It is worth remembering also that not a scientist but pisatelfantast HG Wells in 1913 in one of his works nauchnofantasticheskih not only predicted the possibility of nuclear weapons, but also described the horrific Huxley A. Literature and Science. N. Y., 1963, p. consequences of its use.After Wells Karel Capek in his novels drew even more danger of capture by the bourgeoisie issue of weapons of mass destruction, and in the play В«R. R. В» coined the term" robot ". But this is not important.This art and literature investigating human examine life in all its manifestations, seek to reflect what it is or what it was, and guess what it will be.Their mission, the importance and role of the universal and eternal, they are not subject to mechanical, unmediated social comparisons or clashes with the scientific and technical culture.However, even such a great English writer and scholar like Charles Percy Snow, who argued in his book "The Two Cultures", which obraznohudozhestvennoe and scientific thinking are competitors and antagonists, two different cultural galaxies Poirier if that proved that persistence of such views.Of course, the science and art of different laws, the development, for their very different nature. They can overlap, interact, and supplemented, but may not come into contact, even hostility.The most striking example of the latter - Shakespeare, who in his scientific understanding of the universe came from the teachings of Ptolemy, and not his nisprovergateley led by Copernicus.

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