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We are an art documentary - an exercise in journalism, not in dramatic art. ". The film Woodhead" Subject fight "tells the story of the trial of an elderly Chinese woman in the midst of the Cultural Revolution.In 1972, while working on the film, the origin and nature of the Cultural Revolution remained a mystery. China had been received a single, even the smallest, documentary material. Woodhead managed to get a transcript of the trial.He consulted with Sinology conducted a study and took the transcript of the basis of its docudrama. The film is based on the Soviet dissident Gen. Grigorenko - a detailed diary that he managed to smuggle out of prison.One of the most famous films hudozhestvennodokumentalnyh mid-60s was the film "Cathy Come Home" about the plight of the homeless in England. It was shown on the BBC three times and really helped those who did not have a roof over their head.Screenwriter Jeremy Sanford based his story of his close friends who were evicted from home and deprived of parental rights. Sanford has made a detailed study of her life and wrote the final version of the scenario in a dramatic form.I was curious as Sanford made this decision, and our meeting in London, I asked him why, instead of shooting the documentary, he chose a dramatic story and the actors. Here is what he said: The man in misery is not very talkative. If you can catch the live filming of emotional outbursts, but they can not build the whole film.Artists, having in hand the script, do not face this problem. In addition, while shooting: shelters were banned. Even if I was allowed to go inside and make a movie, I could not fully reflect the real emotional state of the people there.I saw it all in the form of the play - a situation, which every conscious person can not write. Besides film Sanford took a few dokudram, including picture "Ednaalkogolichka", so I asked him more erotic film. Watch Online and explain the essence of the genre."As I said, this form is used if the event can not be removed by traditional methods of documentary, or because they are already in the past, or because they are classified. So, if you shoot a conventional documentary film, you can destroy that which is trying to show. ".Woodhead led Sanford and exhaustive arguments in defense of docudrama. Having made a choice in favor of this genre, the filmmakers faced with the following problems: how to make a film as close as possible to reality; how to inform the audience about the nature and quality of the material used. The problems and solutions docudrama ties your hands. You can not just come up with the story, you can not tie it neatly on the principle of "petelkakryuchochek" in fiction, because working with the real facts and characters. Where to begin? I make short notes: The actual development of the plot with all the names and dates.A few words about the form and possible approaches. All that has attracted the attention during the study: interesting events, unexpected characters, the main problems, conflicts, and so on. D. Plot Using your notes, you begin to make the storyline.This means that you need to be formulated in two-three sentences, what your story is and how it will develop. "Mountains of the Moon": the two men are trying to get to the sources of the Nile. The story of how carefully they are fighting for glory and fame.

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