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No matter how many years I was, I tried to run to the front.When we take up arms and go to defend their country, their home, his street, his family, his friends, his people - it's all clear to me. When declared what that strange war and say to help Afghanistan - this is our international duty, and all ends up where it began - as there was the regime and left!Nothing has changed, and how much zinc coffins. For what? - Leo K., and what you do in the army? - No. True, I was drafted into the army - in the submarine fleet. Then we have had seven years to serve. It means I actually lost my profession: seven years in the army - and artist you're not going. And for me, many were busy, giving a reprieve.For me Mikhalkov senior fussed, he was sent ... - I think you'd be a popular general of the USSR! Would be a submariner - would admiral. - Why then did not you pick up? Leo K., I do not give to live in peace. - Army - the same thing is ... This is the same as when arrested Comrade Stalin was distribution list, came.And I was not - I was on a business trip. And then I could be about to forget, because I already have download the film эротика. and instead of someone else. Of course, theater fussed. In the military were letters from the theater with a request. When the deadline passed, gave a reprieve. Lesha Batalov, for example, simply download the film эротика. and pulled out of the train. Zhukov himself signed his release from the army.And he sat in the download the film эротика. and train already shaven. And people just ran on the platform and shouted: "Where's battles? Where battles? .. "He said, 'I'. Pulled him out of the trains and said, "You're in store." But I still have the military profession - I'm a military topographer. - This is when they walk and what is there to measure? - Why. I can spend the firing of guns.I have to calculate the distance to the enemy. - Readers may believe. I - no. .. - Good. Come on we'll get the military mortar, go to the country, you get up, I measured the distance from you, and it will be interesting, I'll get to you or not! I think that I caused. - To be honest, you are hinting at? In my weight? - No, dimensions!By weight, do not shoot, shoot in size. - Leo K., what the purchase of our time, and that you value the more likely you are worried and upset? - Now there is freedom. Perhaps, to some extent, it is illusory. But, at least, as an actor, I can play what I want, as a director I can put what I want.And no I do not deny. Another thing is that we often take for democracy freebooters. And so begins a robbery. That's download the film эротика. and allowed - and come on, guys hawking! Could be download the film эротика. and privatized? And let's do it! And begin to privatize incompetent people: they buy something, then this is very embarrassing managed. As well as in art.Ah, now it can! Let's racing! From here and pornography, and the dominance of a stupid American movie that watching TV our children and grandchildren. And this is our fault. - And what are we to do with you and all others who do not like? - Just people need to know that there is freedom requires personal responsibility.If you are the head of the channel, it must understand that not everything is determined by money. If our children and grandchildren but blood, massacre and violence for many years did not see, they see that this is a fact of life - that this impunity, this is "I - Superman! ".And literature must also "to think" that it leaves to the next generation, and how it does. There is an anecdote about Moses.

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