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"This is the physical condition of the actor must learn to call on a stage, putting in order, stretching and putting into action all parts of his bodily apparatus embodiment.Its connection with the inner side and the interaction should be brought to an instant, unconscious, instinctive reflex. This state we call in our language outside the scenic state of health. " External stage being made up of composite chasteyelementov: facial expressions, voice, speech, intonation, movement, plastics and so on. D.And when you create internal and external health stage, then a state, which we call the general state of health stage - working creative health. Only by creating a general state of health of the stage, the actor can begin to work. And zdesto in the creative process comes with its organic nature of the subconscious."In this state, the artist is easy to respond to all the challenges that confront them play, poet, director, finally, himself. All mental and physical elements of his being his alert and instantly respond to the call.Whatever is done artist in the creative process - read that the actor for the first or the hundredth time, the play and the role learns whether or repeats the text, looking for whether it is spiritual and physical material for the role, did on its internal and external image, to suit and makeup, in short, at least the slightest contact with the role it should certainly be in thethe state internal and external, or general health stage "- taught Stanislavsky, urging artists to the truth of life on the stage. Proper stage being paves the way for the emergence of subconscious creative process."The subconscious creative nature - through conscious Psychotechnics Artist" - said Stanislavski. That's why every person who wants to become an actor or director, to approach the art of organic laws of nature with its subconscious, must first learn and master all the practical methods, all the elements of psycho-techniques.224 To us, ordinary mortals, often Stanislavski said, we have to acquire, develop, cultivate one by one each of the elements of the internal stage being a long time and hard work. Without the work of an artist does not suffer skill.The subject of "The Art of the actor" is a practical, specific, and therefore to study it, we have not in the abstract, but in concrete actions, exercises, training.) Over the years, the director and pedagogical work I was convinced that the study of the internal elements of the stage being necessary to build a certain sequence. I stick around the following scheme, but it can not be regarded as immutable and binding on all the studied systems. Releasing the muscles. Action, "if", given circumstances. Imagination. Stage attention. The sense of truth, logic and consistency. Faith and theatrical naivety.Emotional memory. Communication. Temporitme. The specificity. Mise en scene. From sketch to play. The most important task, and through action.MUSCLE RELEASE Turning our entire physical machine expressive means acting art - the art of the arts, and it is possible only when the daily work on the speech voice on the development of expressiveness of his body.To develop the ability to move expressively and truthfully, you need to learn how to release our muscles from unwanted clips from unnecessary stress.

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