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- You sure you know? Hesitantly asked. - George has not called? So, I first brought you the good news. - If this is true, I will arrange a holiday, and you invited to be a guest of honor. - Do not forget it. Cost Alain hang up again as the bell rang.This time, he was congratulated by George Bohm. - Do not want to get ahead, but it is possible that your partner will be Romy Schneider. Producer approved you for the role, but believes that a novice like you will not prevent the famous partner. From this observation download the film эротика. and Alain joy faded. He was an ambitious and elated to get the main role in the film.Why George once mentioned the young German star? Meeting future "lovers of the century" was so crumpled and imperceptibly that no one, and least of all Allen and Romy, could imagine the future development of a passionate romance. The young actor felt bad after a few nocturnal feasts with friends who excitedly said to him:- How lucky you are! It's a miracle, you will be download the film эротика. and removed from the real star. Such statements angered Alain incredible: he played roles in two films, the audience liked and had interesting offers from the directors. He, too, felt like a star, just rising.Films of the princess Sissi, glorified Romy seemed to him unremarkable, but rather pompous. Samuel actress he called "the German goose" because of its smooth, slow movements. Meeting future co-star at the airport with flowers seemed to him humiliating, but such was the demand for the film's producer.Romy set foot on French soil no less irritated. Throughout the flight, her mother, Magda Schneider, gave her endless advice on how to behave with the unit: - Just show me who you are! Romy Schneider - the only actress, for which viewers will see "Christina."I will always follow the shooting and again check your contract. Romy was silent and melancholy reflect "a couple of years I will be very mature and able to travel anywhere alone." Before descending from the plane Frau Schneider recently straightened daughter: - You meet. Stay with dignity.Romy indifferently looked at the young man standing at the gangway with a bouquet of roses, and began to slowly descend. After her mother and stepfather were. - God, she arrived with his entourage! Well, sure, "princess", whistled Delon. - I hope you in the way did not happen? - He said aloud, holding Romy flowers, smiling ironically.The actress took the flowers and gave him such an indignant look that Allen thought how much he was mistaken in its assessment of temperament. He once again scanned the future co-star, and found that it is quite pretty, though boring. Romy opinion of the young man was short and emphatic: "Cute insolent."True, he was able to cheer her up a bit, when, after his presentation Magda Schneider, comically obsequious kiss that hand. Her mother could not think of an answer to this trick. Seeing half smile Romy, Allen pushed deliberately accompanying female relatives and led to the car, carrying on the way nonsense: - I'd love to shoot with you.Happy to be your guide through the night Paris. Hear the last sentence, Frau Schneider resolutely took the initiative in their own hands: - A young man, my daughter was download the film эротика. and tired. We want to be as soon as possible at the hotel. Romy felt a new surge of irritation, but meekly followed her mother into the car studio.Allen went to his car, thinking about the actress and shaking his head - it was hopeless.

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Film эротика.
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