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Subsequently, developing and faced with similar facts in his life, the actor recalls opinion, words, exclamations, pauses a great man, decrypts them and understand their true meaning.And I just remembered eyes, exclamations, Rubinstein significant silence after two-three meetings, which gave me a destiny. It so happened that just at the time of the expected arrival of Rubinstein, conducted in Moscow, one of the symphonic concerts, all the leaders of the Russian Musical Society on important matters went from Moscow.We had to leave all the administrative responsibility on me alone. I was extremely embarrassed by this, because he knew that Rubinstein was strict, straight to the field and did not tolerate any concessions in the arts and compromises. Of course, I went to meet him at the station.But he arrived unexpectedly to an earlier train, so I met him and introduced him to a hotel. The conversation was very brief and formal. I asked if he had any orders or instructions kakihlibo regarding the upcoming concert. "What are the orders?Case-established, "he said in a high voice with lazily stretched intonation, penetrating me an inquisitive look. He did not hesitate, as we sinners, long, exact thing erotic movie. Watch online in excellent quality, and to treat people.By the way, the same habit I have noticed in other big men, with whom I encountered later. I was confused, and the answer Rubinstein, and from his eyes; it seemed to me that they mean surprise and disappointment: "That, they say, to what has come! What director went today boys! What does he know in our business!And also climbs with services! "His calm lion, mane of hair on the head, the complete absence of stress, lazy, smooth motion, like that of the royal predator depresses me. Sitting alone with him in a small room, I felt his insignificance and his immensity.I knew how this quiet hero could light up the piano or the conductor's podium; as it rose, and his long hair covered half of his face like a lion's mane; how the fire was ignited his eyes; his arms, head, whole body, like a predatory impulses, rushed in different directions raging orchestra.Leo and Anton Rubinstein merged in my mind. And so it seemed to me then that I'm a guest of the king of beasts in his small cell. An hour later, I met him in the orchestra rehearsal. Rubinstein tried to shout gremevshego Orchestra for its high voice. erotic film..He suddenly screamed, turning to the trombone, and they shouted something sharply. Apparently, it was not enough sound and power for the transmission of feeling agitated him, and he demanded that the trombones to rise above their sockets, their roar flew into the audience without any barriers. Rehearsal is over.Rubinstein, like a lion after the fight with a cat lying around softness tired body sweating. With a sinking heart, I stood at the door of his dressing room, not protecting it, not praying for him, not admire them through the crack of the door.Musicians were also encouraged and respectfully accompanied him when Anton G. served after resting at the hotel in his little cell. Imagine my surprise when a few anxious musicians came up to me and defiantly announced that they will not come to today's concert, when Rubinstein did not apologize to them."In what?" I asked, surprised, remembering all the beauty that I had just seen and heard. So I could not have achieved what was the offense.

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