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- Zavami ... - Interesting. Why do you need me? - I promised to bring you to the Chancellor of Germany - pointedly said Ganusov. - Chancellor and other leaders of modern Germany is very interested in your personality. You can not even imagine what prospects it promises you ... - And you? - Messing said.- And I, too, will not erotic film. watch online and prevaricate - Ganusov smiled and released from his nostrils two strong jets of smoke. - What about my prospects do not know, but in your I strongly doubt - Messing smiled indulgently. - What do you mean? - Ganusov looked at him anxiously.- Nothing I did not want to say. Just your prospects are seen me ... vague and disturbing. I explain it simple and affordable. - First, we will play with you in Berlin. Will be the highest-ranking public. And if we make the necessary impression ... - He pointedly shook his hand in the air.- What do you say to that, Monsieur Messing? - I'll tell you, Monsieur Ganusov I do not like to swear swear words, but still know them well, and if you do not want me to send you ... what would you be so kind as to leave my number - with the same smile privetlivoyazvitelnoy said Messing . - In vain you so, sir, honestly, nothing!- Sincerely grieved Ganusov resolutely stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray and stood up. - Believe me, a colleague in my proposal there is nothing wrong for you! Nothing wrong with that! You see, in the future, if we will make an impression, we can give an entire laboratory for scientific experiments! You understand, Monsieur Messing? For scientific experiments!You will not erotic film. watch online in excellent quality and perform before an audience, like a circus clown! You will be able to do research of his talent ... my talent ... We will seek out and explore other people that God has bestowed such amazing abilities.Sorry for the high-sounding words, but we can be of great help to science ... But in this area of ​​science people know so little ... why breed all sorts of legends and fairy tales and fables ... religious myths ... Think Messing, I beg you! - Why do not you do this one? - Asked Messing, but quite a different tone.His eyes lit up a lively interest. - To penetrate the mysteries of the brain - unless you do not want it? Well, at least make the attempt! We will have a staff of scientists - neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists! We put a monument, monsieur! - Ganusov shook his fists clenched, his eyes burned with a devilish fire. - I believe in the sincerity of your words, and perspectives that you drew, I am very interested. I am confused by only one, Monsieur Ganusov ... - I explained to you the truth! What you can be confusing? - Chancellor ... this ... your Hitler opened his mouth Ganusov some time stared at him, then hissed:- Did I gave rise to embarrass you in the name of the Fuhrer? - Do not you, Monsieur Ganusov ... I think Monsieur Ganusov, Herr Hitler wants from you ... and me chegoto another ... - What is it, tell me so good? - Impatiently Ganusov.- Understand that if you or I do not like chtolibo ... if you find that you are deceived, - you can always refuse to go away, go away! And then the door slammed in the hallway, he heard footsteps, and flew into the living room angry Tselmeyster: - Get out of here now! Azhany will be here any minute!In the living room came Kobak and confused look on Tselmeystera.

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Film эротика.
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