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The main disadvantage of these visual clichГ©s is that they are infinitesimal meaning.They are no more than the previously found striking similarity, and therefore easily recognizable visual solutions. They lack novelty or chegolibo another that can maintain the viewer's attention.There is another category of visual patterns, such as the identity of the subject to a particular gender, race or religion, who, regardless of the operator will affect the viewer's perception. Roland Barthes called this kind of visual symbols "mythical."Not in the sense that they belong to the mythology, fairy tales, or are implausible, and that laid down in the "nature" or "archetype" of perception. This unconscious perceptions and beliefs about the world, typical of a download the film эротика. and certain cultural environment, which are activated when the image contains a reference to a certain position or idea.When watching the news may seem like a crowd at a demonstration consists entirely of active and aggressive people, although it is only a consequence of the operator, who was trying to illustrate the events remove the most "live" picture.The operator simply ignored the thousands more peaceful demonstrators, because they are, in his view, were "visually boring." The shots may include visual installation or sentiment, subconsciously perceived audience.A view through the barred window of his prison cell at the world and the view through the same window inside the camera on the ceiling will cause a very different feeling. Depending on the direction of the viewer feels the shooting and is positioning itself either as a prisoner or a bystander.Gravity of the human psyche to build associative series is often used in a job well done reklamnokommercheskoi shooting, where it is important to fix the relationship between the subject and the fact of having to be originating from the positive consequences. For example, in the commercial form bottle of shampoo Ward.Compose the shot, in the movies and on television immediately precedes the frame, where download the film эротика. and sealed gorgeous hair - so there is a cause- valued relationship. Most visual techniques in advertising photography is not aimed at the obvious and the hidden transfer of commercial information.The most common sequence of cause and effect is this: buy this product - and you will love. If you can not buy it, then you will be loved less.During the perception of the viewer visuals may seem that he came to a particular decision, but in fact this solution in a hidden form is download the film эротика. and contained in the most visual information. Video footage from the movie is often not simply illustrate a particular event, but also acquire an independent meaning.They are perceived by us as symbols of the event or process.Chinese student standing in front of an approaching tank in Tiananmen Square, the street violence against the prisoners pleading for mercy, the figure of a young man on fire and running towards the camera - all of these frames carry a meaning beyond the limits reflect the horrifying reality.They become independent character, has absorbed the essence of the event, and not just newsreels. Highlighting the main elements that is the "best" view? The composition is built in such a way as to attract the viewer's attention to the main subject and then give the object meaning.And if the artist has to think carefully and work out all the details of the image within the picture frame, the frame is often based on only one piece, with no clear reference to Figure 14 Figure surrounded Chinese student standing in front of an approaching tank in Tiananmen Square, has acquired independent symbolic meaning and has become more thanNewsreels.

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