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And the stage was download the film эротика. and filled huge colorful balloons. They swam slowly in the air and sounding waltz.- Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye ... Every new show for us was a great creative experience. Due to our "childish" sharp obschestvennopoliticheskie passion download the film эротика. and evaded us by. But once in my apartment rings. Urgent call to the theater. What is it? On the phone do not explain. Coming.- Today on the play "Twenty Years Later" is Comrade Ho Chi Minh City. - So what? - I ask. - It is necessary to play well. - I do not know how bad. - Throw your durovskie tricks! Take this seriously! And I download the film эротика. and realized that I really inappropriate jokes: by noon theater filled kakieto silent bearing of sports people.All had searched all the tap and said nothing. The theater reigned strange tension and mysterious atmosphere. As if votvot something had to happen. Finally, someone whispered to: - come ... With a little delay began play by Mikhail Svetlov. The author searched all day, but was never found. We play. Worried.A room does not look at the scene, and the grandfather Ho, who is sitting in the bed with his entourage. And here is the final. Grandpa Ho loud applause and shouts: - Bravo! And the audience starts yelling: - Bravo! Bow about five minutes. A complete success! Joyful disagree on dressing room, and everywhere there "boys." - Do not take your coat off, not razgrimirovyvaytes: Now comes "himself."And there is a "self." Smiling from ear to ear, with a yellow beard kozlinokozey face - Ho grandfather. - My dear! Well, how well you play! That's great! - Due to it in perfect Russian. - That pleased the old man! Thank you, thank you, dear. I wondered why the flowers? After fade. I download the film эротика. and decided to bring you candy.Immediately made a huge round box. I understand how he has to get out. When he said, "Kid," he thought that in this theater artists do not play, and the children, and that's brought candy. He was loud and long all the praise, we download the film эротика. and started to rehearse the play. A tall, handsome brunette, blocking a doorway, shaking his head impatiently.Then he suddenly said, unceremoniously cutting off mid-sentence grandfather Ho: - Ho, Ho! All, all, enough talking! Bainki, bainki! - And clapped with his hands. - Wait for you! Who with whom? - Ho shrugged and tried to continue. - All right, sick of it! - Could not resist the beautiful brunette. - Hold it, guys!Two burly guy away from the wall, took the hands of Ho, off the floor and carried him to the exit. Grandpa Ho, touching feet in the air and download the film эротика. and shouted: - Well, you see, how to deal with one of the world communist movement? Did you see? A dark- haired man download the film эротика. and followed, clapping and saying:- Bainki, bainki ... you kill us for the day, you're our talker. And we should baybay. Grandpa Ho claimed. We jumped on candy. And - no international conflicts. Sometimes, wanting to praise kakogonibud actor, saying: "He does not play on the technique of" putting the word "technique" derogatory sense. So how can it be - with this same technique?Need it or not? And anyway, what is it? What its means? Of course, technology is needed, and not an elementary and professional: a good delivery, the ability to move, to control the body and the like. This is an actor's ABC.In my understanding, mastery of the technique - is the internal mobility, the ability to instantly change the psychological passages, ready at any moment to the highest manifestation.

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