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The work is not appreciated in the art. When, after a lot of work begins to take shape something achieved becomes more expensive than the harder it got. But art is not always valuable that was given only difficulty. Begin to love not achieved due. Begin to exaggerate the value achieved.Mother loves her sick child. Defending his life, she does not notice his ugliness and even loves it, it's ugliness. This is a dangerous hobby for the director, as he ceases to see the flaws, and the viewer a fresh man comes and sees them immediately.Director and actor should not be too much Erotic movie movie watch online and appreciate their work and work, but only those results that, in spite of the work, do not cease to fascinate them. Directed by reaching the nearest goal is to dream and immediately create a new goal to achieve.It's painful, but in this moving forward the whole element of life of the artist. I In fact, all mechanically repeated verbal formula of the greatest traditions Shchepkina "take samples of life," but how many people dare to go beyond the framework established by the actors, behind which reveals the true artistic horizons?Freedom is not the artist to choose the desired worn conventions of acting like a shackle, fetter the nature of the artist. Our freedom is to get rid of them for the free flight of imagination to the ends of the immense horizon. II Stamps, conventions shackles that enslave actors and deprive them of their liberty.Actors on my system are constantly fighting for their freedom, killing a convention and stamps. Actors of the old school, on the contrary, develop a stamp, that is tighter and tighter fetters himself in chains.Funny to hear that Ugine all encased stamps, a prisoner of the conventions, to serve the audience and the art of preaching freedom actor talks about the actor's personality. Ugine seeks freedom in bondage. Bird, who grew up in a golden cage, can not have notions of freedom of wide horizons.It's funny, when he talks about his little prospects, recognizing the freedom of an atmosphere saturated with the conventions. Ugine wants to be free in chains. He loves these fetters and regrets reset them.You can not search for freedom in stiffness, as well as possible Erotic movie movie watch online and look for space in crowded, light in darkness III The main objective of the new art direction experience is to achieve instinctive creativity at every performance, every time to be naive in the way of conveying messages andthe main thing is to get rid of the power of the poet and the audience, conventions and cliches. error to think that freedom of the artist is that he does what he wants. This freedom tyrant. Who freely all? Whoever won its independence, as it always is won, not given.Donated independence does not yet freedom, since this independence very soon lost.One who has freed himself, the one who does not need anyone's help, who knows everything, he can, in all self-sufficient, for his opinion has, who is rich in resources to combat the ever encountered obstacles and contradictions, that is really free.Therefore, the artist who is best author felt the role better critique it analyzed, Best Director studied the play, as no one knows his talent, emotional and expressive means, who developed the technique virtuoso and prepare your body, voice, facial expressions, knew the theory of art, painting, literature and all that may be necessary to the actor,In short, the one who perfectly fulfilled all the preparatory creative work of the actor, who is really free.

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Film Эротик кино
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