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Stefan at home? - I think so. Now I knock on his door. How do you feel? - Terrible. I lost a friend and I hardly. Developments so shocked Natalie that she left the room in a nightgown, forgetting to throw robe.She repeatedly banged loudly on the door of the room where he slept, Stefan. Finally, he woke up and sleepily asked: - Who is it? - What does "Who's there?". It's me, Natalie. Come on out, we need to talk. He opened the door and looked at her. In the face Yugoslav spilled lazy grin when he noticed her wearing a translucent shirt.- What do you want to talk? - Oh ... Okay, after I give my opinion of you. Go to a phone call from Allen America. - You disappoint me. Heard the first words of a friend, Stefan lost playful tone and dryly asked: - How can I help? He nodded his head, as the source on the other end was able to see him.Noisily down the receiver down, he put his head in his hands. Anthony woke sounding voices in the room, and he began to cry. Natalie picked him up and began to rock while asking Stephen. - What you said download the film Эротик кино and Alain? I do not know any details of misery. - What are they? Milos is dead, for it is now little that can be done.It seemed to me that he has found happiness in America, and it ended so badly. Allen wants to bury our friend held here. - Of course. Please go to her, and that Anthony did not rest. The child was crying, unabated for a minute. He felt the tension hanging in the room, and demanded the return of its former tranquility.Neither Natalie nor Stefan fell asleep until morning. Pale and sad, they met in the kitchen for breakfast. - The first time I was glad that you're around, asked him devushka.Takie hard to digest the news alone. Kudato you gonna go? - Crave to get rid of my company? In that case, be glad, because I'm flying to America.Allen called me. - Here's how, handed Natalie and looked away from him to the Yugoslav noticed her anger. Her husband needed support each other, and forgot about it. Shortly after the funeral to mention the death of Milos became less and less, but in my heart the girl was a bad feeling. Resentment at her husband grew up, and one resulted in an overwhelming desire for revenge.Suitable case was quick to introduce himself. Allen finished filming in Hollywood and moved to Paris. Natalie lives in his return did not introduce any changes. She still spent a lot of time at home, doing the child. - I look like a hopeless homebody, she download the film Эротик кино and complained Alenu.Skolko more months, I'll have to sit next to Anthony?Actor raised his eyebrows. - You're going to raise it until it matures. - I deny myself all: do not go anywhere, just talk with friends and servants. Yesterday, I almost forgot to do a manicure. You know why? Because nobody looks at me, like in the old days.I became a woman with a baby in her arms, whose husband is not at home constantly. - Do not blame me for indifference to you and the baby. I love you and I try to ensure our common future. And if you're sorry about the old days, when she download the film Эротик кино and worked in a bar, then make me a martini cocktail, Allen said, holding out her empty glass.Natalie left the room, cursing the insensitivity of her husband. The actor was in a bad mood, so he learned from the newspapers about marriage Romy Schneider and that she is expecting a baby. Despite the breakup, he could feel the inner connection with the actress. Romy marriage caused him to suffer from jealousy.He previously hated her lover and even was trying to call to Germany to the conversation with Romy ridicule of her husband, but at the last moment download the film Эротик кино and changed his mind.

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