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She was proud of Rosalie.The birth of her child, she is considered a great event, but was worried because of the lack of daughters marriage certificate. She unknowingly, she moved to Paris to find out the attitude of Delon and Rosalie test the strength of their feelings, and not just to look at her granddaughter.But while it was located to the son-in and smiled when he saw Alain Annushka hands and Rosalie that came to meet them with his niece on the threshold of the house. Out of the car, the woman rushed to him, and took his daughter potsevala with download the film Эротик кино and Alain Annushka kick. Madame van Bray and Delon took a glance to each other.- Welcome, - he said, warmly introducing women into the house. Rosalie's mother was so worried about meeting with his family to his daughter that she did not have time to consider the villa from the outside, but its interior and a huge living room hit a woman. She hesitantly download the film Эротик кино and looked around and said: - It is very beautiful.Expanding the things in the room allotted to her, she thought, as compared to their small house in Utrecht download the film Эротик кино and Alain palace-like villa. Allen joked over dinner with the guests, and Mrs. van Bray laughed heartily at his stories. She was flattered by the reception, who gave her son and daughter.Rosalie never for a moment did not depart from it, and Allen download the film Эротик кино and showed courtesy. - My granddaughter - charm. It is even more beautiful than Rosalie in childhood. Well, you live in the country in the near future chips will run through the garden. - It cost me a lot of effort to persuade your daughter to settle here. She likes to Paris, said Allen, glancing at Rosalie.- Do not give out my secrets, then my mother will bring me, and I will lose credibility before Annushka. Living all left late, as his mother and cousin could not stop talking with Rosalie, remembering the neighbors and passing them greetings and wishes illustrious compatriot. At night, Allen said her friend: - I am download the film Эротик кино and delighted with your relatives.Your mother is incompatible. Simply the best woman in the world. His concerns about the similarity of the Magda Schneider disappeared. He gladly drove visitors to Paris and gave them a tour of Versailles, but Madame van Bray tried to spend more time with his daughter, so rather indifferent download the film Эротик кино and treated to sightseeing.Leaving the luxurious mansion Delon, she said to her daughter: - Now I am at peace for you and Annushka. Watch the film Эротик кино online. Allen loves you. - Mom, you have come to control us? Rosalie said with a laugh. - In some degree, yes, it answered seriously mat.Ya not familiar with such a life, but glad you feel comfortable here.- Largely due to little girl, a little sadly said Rosalie, but then caught herself and download the film Эротик кино and added, I'm fine with Alain. Native left. Allen planned a week to start shooting, and she longed. Despite the fact that a loved one served its requests, loaded with presents ornaments and clothes, she was bored in the privacy of the villa Dusi.- Honey, I'd love to move to Paris, she said, before his departure to the shooting. - What are you talking about? Your mother was absolutely right, believing that Annushka be beneficial for the city. Here she is breathing fresh air all day long walks. Why would she urban smog? - I do not go anywhere, I forgot all my friends.I'm tired of imprisonment in your estates in France and Switzerland. Allen tried to avoid quarrels and said: - finished work on the film and I will take you to Paris, although in my opinion you should stay with her daughter here.

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