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That's why Stanislavski in his books, "An Actor Prepares is" and "Working on the role of the actor is" almost did not use those blanks, which were written in the 900's.In the "early season" Stanislavsky first used the free narrative form, bearing the character's diary, he later adopted in presenting the "system." But notes "The season" is not a diary in the strict sense, as they have specific facts of life, and observations of the author intertwined with fiction.Describing the pages of "The Beginning of the season," different types of theater and circus, Stanislavsky gives a generalized description of a theatrical genre, building on real prototypes, which he observed at the turn XIXXX centuries.For example, in the rough draft to the "early-season" Stanislavsky and states that "the founder of the" theater of farce are French. "That is why, in describing this kind of modern dramatic art, best to turn to the French stage, the more that I recently saw in France a lot of pieces of this kind."However, describing the theater farce divertissement "galamonstr", etc., are widely used as Stanislavski his Moscow experience representations farce kafeshantannom Theatre Charles Omona, by the summer theater program "Olympia" and "Open Stage" garden "Aquarium", etc.Notes "The season" contain important statements about the true purpose of Stanislavsky performing arts and provide sharp criticism of bourgeois entertainment theater.Significantly, Stanislavsky published his notes during the public reaction that followed the defeat of the revolution of 1905, when unprincipled entertainment, spectacle widespread. Individual pieces of the "beginning of the season," description divertissement "galamonstr" representations farce, operettas, etc., In the 20's and early 30's used by Stanislavski as material for his work "The Diary of a student," "Different types of theater," etc. Stanislavsky intended to give an overview of different types of theater and modern theater directions, not only Russian, but also foreign.The review was necessary to him, so to speak, for educational purposes, so by the comparative analysis of different types of theaters to install the signs of true art, to separate it from all sorts of ideas and craft shows, from all that disfigures and distorts its true nature, deprives him ideynovospitatelnoy goal.In addition to the archive Stanislavsky fragments from the "Start of the season" Save drafts of later times, indicating that he intended to give a download the film Эротик кино and broad picture of the various theaters and theater areas show theaters type MAT and Korsch, home theater, on tour, philosophical and literary theaters , theater, dominated art of the artist, etc. "There will be another theater Tairov, Meyerhold and a new theater, which does not exist, but capable of being."This characteristic of the different types of theater that bears sometimes polemical and Davao download the film Эротик кино and defended the specific creative system, Stanislavski began to explain in a lecture Tortsov, which must have been present in the audience from various areas of theater;his remarks and shouting they turned a lecture in dispute. "We need to write a series of short shouts from the crowd, the most diverse and opposite to each other, says Stanislavsky. Lecture sit representatives of all directions. Ugine there. Sakulin There, Efros, the late Eve. Eve.Ivanov, Veselovsky, artists of the Art Theatre, Meyerhold, Tairov provincial entrepreneur, etc., etc.

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