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Here is the complete text: "Young Soviet cinematography shows the importance of unconditional cohesion of everything that makes the operator, with what the director wants. Light distribution. The tone of the photos. Linking the general composition of the frame with the composition of traffic.All these factors are psychological impact on the viewer. To help the action and, if necessary, and to characterize it, it was my goal when I was working on the painting "Servitude". In a few sentences written in the characteristic of the time "telegraphic" style, the problem statement formulated briefly and precisely.And he wrote it is not a master veteran and novice operator, who shot just two films. Characteristically, the first Kosmatov spoke about the importance of "cohesion" director and cameraman. Unconditionality he learned into practice, while working on their first, still silent films that he shot with director Raizman Yermolinsky scenarios:Domestic drama "The Circle", "Servitude" - a film about the horrors of the royal prison and revolutionary resistance, semi-documentary film "Land thirsts" dedicated to socialist reforms in Turkmenistan. All three films are marked by his search for topics of their language.Demonstrate its confidence in the professionalism of modern life in the show "Circus", they take up quite unlike him "hard labor."Having to "hard labor" a great success in the intense, expressive visual solving complex tragic theme, they once again seem to be abandoning found and proven techniques and remove poetic film "Land thirsts", in which the tragic episodes of dying without water the desert and permeated the heroic pathos scenes the struggle for waterfiled in documentary harsh manner. All these experiments have given a lot of young operator. Working on the "hard labor", he estimated, and the expressive possibilities of light, in particular light spot to highlight the main frame and kinokompozitsii and constructions of aspect.The film "Land thirsts" he learned the power of simple and homely at first documentaries, which are actually skillfully "organized" by the operator. This film helped Kosmatova master the rhythmic patterns of cinema - he has learned in a plastic rhythm of each frame in the tempo of movement to consider the future installation rhythm of the film.Even in the silent version of the film many scenes impress, shot and edited the music. Especially important it was for the director Kosmatova joint search for the most complete and in-depth display on the screen of the person.Uzho in "hard labor" began to emerge as characteristic of mature works Reisman love for the psychological part, to the subtle nuances of acting.Kosmatov for all his enthusiasm for the effects of light and angles caught it, still "hatch" rayzmanovskoy line direction and in many "acting" personnel refused any effects, focusing the viewer's attention on the face of the actor. Another task stood before him in the film "Land thirsts."There was no detailed psychological development of the characters, and the operator had to compensate for lack of depth precision and capacity of the external characteristics. Kosmatov coped with it.Portraits of Young Communists, Turkomans poor, old Bai is so expressive that helps the viewer to invent the characters, insufficient disclosure in the action film. Due to the variety of tasks that had to be addressed to the operator in the first film, they were a good school.

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