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- So you're that offended? He pulled resisting Romka to him and started talking seriously and quietly:- And I know someday living creature? The street will notice? They will say, "director went out?" Not even close ... And I do not mind, and the operator also does not take offense ... And they are all here, who makes the picture, they too no one ever see or know, but do not take offense, not hnychut ... - And I'm whining? - Could only say Romka.- And right - picked director. - Why? Because the costume and prop, and makeup artists, and lights - they do everything so that the viewer does not see their work, as well as the lives and acts in certain circumstances Marco. I mean, do not we try to Volodya, and for Marco to the image and character, which is to captivate the audience.So tell me now, what's the difference in who jumps: you see, Volodya it or someone else? Still in the picture it will jump Marco. And the better, the more beautiful it will jump, the more the audience will like Marco. It is clear now? - Clear - Romka download the film Эротик кино and growled. - Well, well, - smiled director - just bear in mind that this is the beginning - the most important thing to come.Here bring boxing underwater camera, then everything just starts. As soon as he went away, came to Romka Oksana and Volodya. - So what? What did he say? - Volodya asked. - What are you? - Said Oksana. He smiled and said cheerfully: - Come to dinner. - Come on. Detachment DUP at this time was complete calm.Suhodol sent children on a fishing trip to one place, then another, twice the whole detachment, they walked along the coast to fish, but nothing new was found. Border guards were carrying their service, and employees of the State Security did their work. And one and the other has learned a lot.Thus, at a distance of a mile from the shore, at a depth of 60 meters military divers found two devices are very similar to the torpedo. These were, of course, torpedoes, but no explosives, and adapted to move under water at depth. They were equipped with manual control, and they could sit.It became clear as a spy go unnoticed way from neutral waters to our shores. Engines running on batteries were almost silent. At some point in torpedoes were download the film Эротик кино and anchored. Not abandoned, namely anchored in order to further their use.In a detailed examination of each torpedo experts have determined that the screws only one of them worked, the second torpedo did not use. In a special section of each found two sets of breathing apparatus. Here in rubber bags were legkovodolaznye costumes for three the film Эротик кино and Discovered Romka aqualung - there were also three - after a thorough examination were download the film Эротик кино and discharged to a minimum of 10 - 15 minutes of being under water, and left in the same place. Discharge and oxygen apparatus that were in the torpedoes, also leaving a minimum of breathing for the first ten minutes.But legkovodolaznye costumes took quite and dropping torpedoes into place, carefully anchored them. Let wait. And next set hydrophone. And suddenly spies can escape the coastal positions, download the film Эротик кино and neglected diving in a quiet bay and out to the torpedo by unknown to the border guards?Then the first few turns screws, reinforced hydrophone, alert patrol on duty at the surface, and the lack of oxygen in the apparatus makes spies immediately go up. It only download the film Эротик кино and remained to be patient and wait."Cafeteria" with the name of the echidna - "Express", as always in the afternoon, was packed to capacity.

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