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" This concept of time we meet in the first great film of cinema time, the film Welles' Citizen Kane. "As for Bergson, he has this obrazvremya extended in a natural way and obrazeyazyke obrazemysli. The past for the time is the same as the meaning of the language, and the idea - for thought.Sense as the past is a form of language it is predsusche1 - Development of abstracts from Chapter III В«Matter and Memory", we download the film Эротик кино and learned earlier: p. 302-309. Eng. per., p.255 402 403 Gilles Deyaez KinoObrazvremya existence - this is where we find ourselves at once, trying to understand the images audible phrases distinguish perceived images of words and even phonemes.He also organized as a coexisting circles of cloth or regions, but in between we and search according to the relevant auditory signals coming to us piecemeal.Similarly, we immediately perceive kakuyulibo idea, "settling down" in some of its terms in order to form an image corresponding to the current search. So, hronog Signum constantly renewed in lektoi noosignumah.But if you follow a different direction, whether present, in turn, act as a time in general? Yes, this is possible, but only if we are able to separate it from its own relevance, in the same way as we distinguish the past from his obrazavospominaniya actualized.If this actually differ ^ differs from the future and the past, the reason for this is that it seems a predg presence of a phenomenon that is just no longer there when it is download the film Эротик кино and replaced by another phenomenon. The past and the future "talk" to each other about a phenomenon is in relation to this particular phenomenon.And then we walk along the chain according to different events clearly expressed time or full of shape sequences, according to which the various phenomena take this one by one.All will go girlfriend, if we "settle down" in an individual event, lost in cooking, what is happening and disappearing event, or if we replace the term pragmatic latitudinal pattern purely optical - vertical, or views in depth.Then the event will not merge with any space that serves him a place with no current passing this "hour event expires before the event ends, and then the event is resumed at a time ...;every event, so to speak, is the time where nothing is happening, "and just as empty time we predoschuschaem recollection unscramble what is relevant, and places the memory after it was formed in it already 1 quoted us an excellent full text Gretheyzena otzvu kami of Peggy andBergson. Thus, in the В«ClioВ», p. 230, Peggy writes about the difference between stories from memory: "History, in essence, is located in the east-west direction, while the memory of a purely vertical. The essence of the story - in passing along the event.The essence of the memory - to be inside the event that first of all do not go out of it, staying within it - and to get back into the event. "But Bergson proposed scheme, which can be called its parity ^ Werth scheme of time, and it serves the distinction mezh1 do spatial vision, following along with being, and vision of time, in the event sinking: MM, p. 285. Eng. per., p.A No serial future, present and past, which would correspond to an apparent passage of this distinguished us.According to the great formula of St. Augustine, there are the future, the present and the present of the past, and all of them implies the event, all enveloped by the event, which means that they are both inexplicable.

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