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I employ local surroundings whenever possible. It is not just my background, and played up dramaturgically. In lakes sink and dumped in the Alps in the abyss. I was always a delight to watch the way you plot your heroes beat the profession.In "The Man Who Knew Too Much" James Stewart plays a doctor, and throughout the film behaves like a real doctor. His professional career is woven into the narrative. For example, before the Watch Online and to report Doris Day of the abduction of her child, he gives her a sedative. It is a subtle detail.But let's go back to the "secret agents." The book is dedicated to your creativity, Claude Chabrol and Eric Rohmer point to another feature that is not just seen in your works: you villain attractive vyloschen has elegant manners, he just can not help but evoke sympathy. And how could it be otherwise?The introduction of the villain is always fraught with a lot of difficulties, especially in the melodrama, because it is usually assumed that the romance - a genre of date and whenever required resuscitation.That's why in the movie "North by Northwest" where sinister James Mason competes with Cary Grant in the love of Eva Marie Saint, I wanted to make it look elegant and sleek. The difficulty lay in the fact that Watch Online and to give it at the same time and an awesome view. And we have done so:We split the character in the three protagonists and we get - James Mason, charming and correct, his suspicious-looking secretary and a third spy, rough and even brutish. This is a very creatively justify romantic rivalry Mason and Grant.Immediately after the "Secret Agent", in the same year, you put "Sabotage" on the novel by Joseph Conrad, who by chance had the same name - "Secret Agent". These matches often in your work, cause some misunderstandings. Well, he went to America as "Lonely Woman." Have you watched it? Recently.I must confess, I thought that it inflated estimate. Nevertheless, the beginning of a brilliant. First, close-up dictionary, disclosed on the word "sabotage", then close up the light bulb. Next - a long street lights lighting plan. Then again the frame with a light bulb that suddenly goes out.On power someone to find traces of sand, throwing the word "sabotage!" And again, the street where people sell sulfur matches. Passing by two nuns, hear the demonic laughter. It was only after all this you are showing Oscar Homolka coming home. Arriving there, he washes his hands first, and we can see how the water carries away the grains of sand. Oscar Homolka plays the role of saboteur Verloka. It is covered by a mask sociable owner of a small movie theater. He lives with his young wife and her little brother.Lowder, John plays the role of cute detective who takes care of Mrs. Verlok that under this cover to monitor what is going on in the theater. Once Verlok who sensed that he was under surveillance instructs the boy to deliver to the other end of town package. It is a time bomb.The boy is delayed along the way, and killed when a bomb exploded on a bus. After learning the truth, my wife takes revenge on her husband, zakalyvaya his knife. Her crime remains unsolved, because in the theater, too, there is an explosion, and she finds solace with the very detective.In my opinion, you can not download movie Erotic movies, and agree with the way the detective, in which he appears in "Sabotage" - it spoils the entire film.

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