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Underfoot yellow leaves rustled, and a check without looking at Andrew as if it was not said to me - I'll catch a cab and you'll take home, I do not care to Kutuzov. I looked at Andrew. - I went - he said dryly. And hunched, he moved away.I sat in the car in the back seat, he settled nearby. They arrived at the Spaso House. He got out of the car, gave me his hand elegantly, I thanked him for dinner, because he so kindly gave me a lift home. Huge cottonwood rustled over us yellowish green leaves. - I love you! - Impulsively romantic and he cried and bit fleshy lips to my lips.- Come to me, my wife in Leningrad! - I was waiting for my mother! - She could breathe and I - ran to his porch. Out of breath, rushed into the apartment, ran to the phone - Andrew, I - at home. How did you get? I'm worry! The old man? The old man went home! Who is he? Playboy retired? - And we burst into laughter. - Sleep well. I love you. Till tomorrow.In August, when still blooming phlox, the three of us went to the cottage. Maria Vladimirovna, Andrew and me. Menaker resting in the sanatorium "Parnu". On the way, Andrew always appealed to my mother: - Mom, tell Tanya that it was not painted. Where are you smeared? You're going to the cottage! - I love to draw, I have a brother artist, mother draws well.When you are old, then I will not be painted, but all can be young ... - Mom, well, you tell her that she was better when not made up. Mom pauses and weighty says: - I have not seen it not made up. They came to the country.After walking through the garden, Andrew sat in a deck chair, five minutes later jumped up, went into the shower, suddenly recalls, saying that he had shot, he forgot, drinking tea with cream cheese, washing machine, match picked out a mote in the bottom window, said, he urgently needed to go to Moscow, and he will come after me tomorrow night.We stayed together with Maria Vladimirovna. She kept silent and looked at me searchingly in the face. I immediately rushed to the plate - gulls, candy ... And what do you like? No? I love lemon drops ... - I have no lengthwise or lobules, even lemon, - she said, sipping tea and staring at me.- The rain probably will ... - I started a new topic. - Come on ... you for lemon drops ... - You planted the apple tree? Not only apple trees - the garden? And all the trees by the fence? For how many years they grew up? She stared through me, I stared at her and waited for her to say. - Kill the fly!- She said she put in a low voice. Because a fly in her house - it is a tragedy. And I'm chasing a fly, I thought, "Lord, even if it is not longer I Erotic movie movie watch online in excellent quality and catch, to kill time, and it is not talk. " Mucha was killed - her face appeared approval. She walked into the room, sat down in a chair and stared at the wall. I sat not far away, did not know how to drive her goat, and too silent. Time passed, until she again demanded modulated voice: - Kill fly! I killed a fly, again on her face appeared approval.Night was coming - thank God, it's time to sleep! Early in the morning, as soon dawned, I crept to jump out of the house with a basket and went to the forest to pick mushrooms. He breathed the free air, singing and feel happy. The feeling of liberation after heavy bondage. How do they live with it? I do not understand! What it's heavy!- I reasoned, happily cutting the mushrooms and aspen in the dewy grass. She came when she was already up - on the veranda turned her head back and forth, left, right, then marched in place, raising your knees and elbows moving vigorously.

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