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"My success - not the result of luck or chance." However, in his youth, he, nevertheless, nicknamed themselves lucky. Carl Laemmle was born January 17, 1867 in Laufhayme, Wurttemberg, picturesque village on the southwest of Germany, has about three thousand inhabitants.His father was forty-seven years, he was engaged in land speculation and held philosophical view of life, providing events take their course. Carl spent his childhood in a large house surrounded by brambles. Nearby is a pond where you can fish. During this period, he has not experienced anything special.Many years later, a childhood friend could not Watch Online and remember nothing outstanding about the young Charles. Near the Laemmli most vivid impressions left on a trip to the city of Ulm in twenty-five kilometers from the village, where he saw Hall and Richard Wagner. In his youth, he had one deep affection - to his mother Rebecca.When he was thirteen, and he was sent to the merchant pupil stationery to another village, located five hours away from home, he begged his mother not to leave him. And when a few years later he began to think about moving to the United States, only this mother promise not to leave her while she was alive, stop it.Her sudden death in October 1883 freed Charles: he decided to fulfill an old dream and to follow my older brother in America.Hard to say what Laemmli expected to find there, and the motives of his act, he never said, not counting some remarks about the love of adventure opens up rich possibilities and the desire to see these Indians.Most of that generation immigrants come to America to escape from poverty and prejudice, they were enmeshed in the house: but neither one nor the other was not in Laufeyme where Jews have long been assimilated perfectly. Most immigrants come to the calculation of the economic growth in the country, and many of it really helped.But the first two decades spent in Laemmli America, bears little resemblance to the saga of immigrants, where hard work is rewarded with greater and greater success. Laemmli failed in almost each of his undertaking, and his life is hardly an example of the remuneration of labor.Jack Warner and Harry Warner wives years he was busy that I work - the boy on errands for drunkards apothecary in New York, an errand boy again, only this time in Chicago, assistant in the office silk merchant, then - in the company that sold clothing.In the end, when there was nothing left to lose, he, along with other Germans took the train travels to South Dakota, where they heard on the farm laborers earn up to two dollars and seventy-five cents a day. "I found that the milled grain is harder than anything I've done before, but each day we were well fed three times, and at six o'clock issued two dollars and seventy-five cents - he said in an interview. - It was a great job. The price of the dollar here I felt like never before. "Yet seven weeks Laemmli returned to Chicago. He changed many more jobs, but obviously drifted in a horizontal rather than vertical. In Erotic movie movie watch online in excellent quality and twenty-seven years, he is still selling newspapers on Sundays and lived in a small room in the guest house.While Laemmli walked slowly to the bottom, one of his friends got a job at a clothing store in Wisconsin and Laemmli offered to join him. He started as an accountant. Twelve years later he was gone, but being already Oklahoma branch manager.

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