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In the mid-twenties, the estate continues to grow throughout Southern California, and the choicest plots and houses were right here in BeverliHillz.House that I eventually built for the four of us in Beverly, was so enormous that satisfied everyone. It was a two-story house with five bedrooms, two additional bedrooms and maid's bedroom apartment over the garage for the gardener and his wife, who worked as a maid at us.That together with the chef, butler, chauffeur and governess was six workers. The house was on three and a half acres of beautiful lawn. Together with the land it cost me 200,000 dollars, and we spent another 100,000, furnished it. Honor of furniture I designed myself:huge bed that my wife wanted for her room, an elegant bed for herself and a pair of wonderful high dark oak desk with a mirror to his full height in between. I ordered these items from the carpenters in the studio. I still remember how thrilled with excitement and pride in the day when I first saw Nick Schenk house.This multimillionaire whistled and whispered, "I hope, Buster, you do not go too far." I told him, "No" - and sincerely believed in it. By the time I got 2000 dollars a week plus 25% of the profits from my films, which gave me an additional $ 100 thousand a year.Invest 300 thousand dollars to the house download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and seemed the safest thing I could do. Of course, I did not occur to him that one day my wife will take this wonderful property.In this connection, I recall that, after we entered the house, his wife's personal expenses for clothing and various trinkets in the middle reaches $ 900 a week, and I never let them limit. Now I know that our marriage was one drawback:My wife, a failed actress, could compete with zhenschinamizvezdami of our digging only in expenses, entertainment and luxury living. It was like chemto work because in that era mad extravagance few zhenschinyzvezdy silent film differed thrift, and their earnings were huge.But it would be unfair and ridiculous to pretend that I was a thrifty. I bought myself everything I wanted, including the best clothes, cars, hunting and fishing equipment. I do not regret money for the huge swimming pool or on the patio behind the house.I spent 14 thousand dollars only to have to transplant there forty-two large palm tree with the driveway. No less than his wife, I liked to throw parties, and in winter we were costume balls.Invitation to our parties considered the most coveted in Hollywood, except that the fabulous holidays that gave Hearst and Marion Davies. Most of all I liked the barbecue party that we organized every Sunday from May to October, except for weekends, when they left the city.I called Buster Collier and Ed Brophy, to help me serve about eighty guests. Film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2. Many others came without invitation. They had heard about the wonderful download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and fried chicken, steaks and lamb chops.Wilson Mayzner the greatest wit in the download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and United States, had a standing invitation and boasted that he could smell my cooking even from SantaBarbary, 90 miles. Among those who rarely refused to come, it was the most "aces" with "MetroGoldvinMayer 'directors and their wives:Meyer, Mannix and TГ¤llberg, Clarence Brown and his wife, Jack Conway, Bob Leonard, Sam Goldwyn, Howard Hughes, Hearst and Marion Davies, Joe Schenck, and of course, all the relatives of his wife. While the boys were young, I was worried about how their pets family of his wife, and my own mother and sister with all my heart they are download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and helped.Why would not wish my sons, all delivered instantly.

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