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Never seen places less sad. Since the cemetery was a railroad, it is usually download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and preceded by a visit to a fun, exciting event - download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and train travel. Barrier fell with a crash;could see him light a stone wall with a lot of small depressions in the form of houses, as they depict children. Cemetery, I discovered, when my grandfather died. We, the grandchildren, the crew put in, and the driver that we stop making noise, trying to get to us whip through the hole in the wall of the crew. It was a grand outing.We started running around among the graves, began to play hide and seek. I remember that I liked all of these people - the photos on the graves. What used to get by people dressed girlfriend, I download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and discovered it in the cemetery. And I saw a lot of familiar names: Baravelli, Benz, Renz, Fellini - they were all ours, riminskie.At the cemetery, always something built, masons, working, singing, and this created some political party atmosphere. In the morning, there came a bicycle extremely beautiful peasant woman, a seller of flowers.She tied bouquets twine, biting it with his strong teeth, wore free dress of black satin shoes and bare feet - it was always hot. About this blond peasant was talk during each evening "festivities" at Corso half a mile back to a mile back at a snail's pace.Of confectionery drove to the cafe "commercial." The lights, and immediately begins to "promenade" with indispensable peremigivaniyami and laughter. Walkers were moving in opposite directions in two streams, as if overtaking each other. It seemed such a long shuffling of people must wear out, cut up.For Piazza Cavour, where he was one of the end points of the route, it was getting dark open field. At the opposite end, with the area of ​​Julius Caesar, was also dark. So the "promenade" - the exciting, thrilling - occurred between these areas of darkness. But the station was linked dreams of adventures. Train. The station bell.Hedge, and behind it - branching track. Hardly station bell was silent as to the direction it was already possible to see the structure: it grew in silence - shot through the noise of wheels later. Sometimes took the blue train: there were sleeping cars. Get by in one of the windows and the curtains rose seemed Signore in pajamas.Once, after a strange day when the talk was no longer about, we Titti, Montanari and Luigino Dolci download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and photographed last time by the sea, worshiped our favorite places and friends accompanied me to the station. Kakieto types on the forecourt all looked at me.At the station bar we ordered a glass of vermouth - is myto never takes as wine in the mouth! - And I got into the car. Montanari said: "Federico entered the international arena." A Titta added: "Spanking ma ..."Beep, a strong push from which seemed to fly out of the car now all the rivets, and the download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and train started - at home and cemetery floated back. I left Rimini in 1937. And came back in 1946 and was among the ruins of the continuum. Nothing more was not. But came from the ruins of our local dialect - the familiar tone and calling cry"Duilio, Severino!" Strange, funny names. On many houses in which I was once lived, had nothing left. People talked about the front of the caves of San Marino, where all sheltering from the bombing, and I was embarrassed because a disaster has bypassed me by. Then we wandered around the city, I wanted to see what still download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and remained.Do not hit a small medieval square, where we held their "battle." Among all these ruins it seemed decoration architect Filippone in CinecittГ . I was struck by the activity of people who have found shelter in wooden barracks, they have discussed plans for hostels and hotels, hotel, ...What a striking passion for building houses!

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