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The most amazing thing is that they are not so different from each other. . Choice of characters dokudramy Heroes - real people, so often the choice is very limited. History is clear, and the main characters do not find.Ideally, we need a hero who will advance the plot in a given us direction. But, as a rule, there is no ideal hero. Sometimes it is necessary to combine several characters in one, as in "And the Band Played". Sometimes you need to enter a few characters, to give the whole story."Death before" tells of an oil spill in Alaska. Screenwriter Muckle Baker whole evening telling me about how they were looking for stories of heroes. For a long time we thought that the basis of dramatic interest stories become a fisherman. There was another guy named Kelly, who almost single-handedly launched an operation to rescue animals ...Then I started thinking about how to reduce the scale of some fabric and cover everything through Kelly. Or choose the story of Captain? But all the options one by one fell away. Kelly was too "grinpisovsky." History captain was not complete: it was removed from the ship, and then he did not show up to the trial. .If the search of the central hero fails, it should just come up with. That is precisely what Ernest Kinoy, the author of the film'' Skokie. "Main character - a fictional character, a survivor of Hitler's holocaust. He vehemently opposed the neo-Nazi marches. Reception fine work.Before us the charming hero, which embodies the arguments of thousands of opponents of neo-Nazism. However, it is necessary to use such a technique with caution, because it can blur the line between fiction and truth and put objectivity and veracity of the film in question.Synopsis - a simple plan movie In general, we discussed the principles for the synopsis in the seventh chapter. In dokudrame write synopsis is also not necessary, but it will be a great help when dealing with the actual basis of the picture. Synopsis written after the hero select and determine the story line. This is the first attempt to plan the plot.As a rule, the synopsis is a list of key episodes. They may be numbered. In each episode, you need to specify the place and action heroes, sometimes passages of dialogue. The following is a synopsis of my top film of the British explorer of the 19th century Palestine. Cambridge. Lawn University, 1865 Crowds of students. Dominated by students of the Royal College. Indoor Palmer thanked the audience for their help in arranging the trip to the Holy Land. An oasis in the desert. Basking in the sun three British officers. Look online. Fourth arrives on a camel. He reports that from Palmer no news, it could be lost. Luxurious villa. Dinner is over.Men in tuxedos. Palmer points to a map of the Sinai Peninsula, a nameless desert, at which forty years wandering children of Israel. "Lord, with your financial support of my efforts and I intend to give the nations of the true God and illuminate the darkness." Mission UK, Jerusalem, 1878 EXP table different drinks.Officers consider kartuBAGLI worries that Palmer could get to the Turks, then gold will be lost. FRANKLIN said that Palmer was download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and killed. Bagley, firmly: "Expensive have to pay, if the story will come out. Palmer must find at any price.". The example shows that the synopsis was written in haste. This is not fiction.It is not intended for publication.

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