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Roma, of course, saw him enter my tent, of course, think of me God knows what, they had no idea that it was my ex-husband.Only now I do not fight with me, did not call memory, Mitya burned in me all his actions. When I told him about it, then, as with Goga, and Sadkovich, I was download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and poured flow of battle. Leave I could not, my main scene filmed, Mitya all taken into account. I download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and punished him for God. He was nearly expelled from the party and nearly tore people.One of the characters was a bear. He arrived with a trainer and was, as all circus animals, quiet, nice, kind, very young, with it all day playing Gipsy boys. In one scene, a small, pretty tsyganenochka six years had to dance in front of him, shaking her shoulders.The bear stood on its hind legs, a girl danced to face him, his belly, under the front legs ... And it came to worst. Bear paw stretched and took the girl's scalp. I was not, I was walking through the forest, heard the screams and ran to Tabor:by without carts, horseback rode Gypsy girl with a bloody bear roars, breaks loose, Mitya in the crowd faint, confused. I had the same on his behalf to the Roma was not torn. And that! The film received a pitiful, helpless. And the truth Mitya said he favorite student Eisenstein:when I met with Eisenstein, he recalled Mitya hardly, smiled bitterly and said, "How much energy, intelligence spent on these people, and knew that never, nothing will come out." Well, the directors - it is dark, you can not guess the talent to make a mistake ... But the acting department! Person for the panopticon. Institute full of such persons.And so it's on and on, in spite of the obvious! Why? Why? Who is responsible for the art? All the same CC? Millions of money, hundreds of bad movies, "militants" were created by the older generation - they all came to the revolution intelligent people. Why I did not tell Dad all about the revolution, about the policy?That I, who was born with the Revolution, took it as something beautiful? Watched over my psyche until I grow up and I do not understand myself? I grew up, I realized - there is nothing uglier revolutions, when the people themselves, with their hands, crumbles and destroys the best of what is download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and created, and then he can not create anything.And in a bottomless pit of generations and centuries have to create everything from scratch. Want to shout Kardymovsky village gentle: "Daddy! Daddy, where are you? Can you hear me? Alive with thee? Watch the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 online. Without you I'm so lonely, lonely! I so miss you!" Lubyanka answer: "to refer to the camp, wait for news." 20 Singing, smooth Ukraine.And not just in Ukraine, but the real Gogol places. The railroad fifty miles inland, to Dikanka to Sorochintsy River Psyol. Village on the hill, surrounded by greenery, such a beauty! Horse again, I'm in the house again, and again Sadkovich. Only now snow-white cottage, funny, in a cherry garden in front of the window instead of the dull mine - a windmill.The whole "May Night," except for a few halls in Kiev, filmed here. Sadkovich without Riva ... Had he planned to haunt me download the film Я ПЛЮЮ НА ВАШИ МОГИЛЫ 2 and again? He does not know what is going to me Mom Malyushkoy and this time her husband, however, is another! Bank to Sadkovich these two surprises. On trial in Kiev, I came up to play in the film and Hanna and Pannochku.Levko so in love with Hanna, when in his dream comes Pannochka, it seems to him like a Hanna.

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