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I did not care if Sharon died from stab wounds or in a car crash. It was no more. Only this mattered. Against death, drugs were not.Most of all I was wounded that once Manson was arrested, the press behaved as if from the very beginning knew about the involvement of his gang to the case. I personally thought that the murder really not so unmotivated. It seems that Manson was furious rage of the rejected artist.Apparently, when he sent the murderers into the house, he thought, Terry Melcher, they led the bitterness and despair. He wanted to film I Spit On Your Grave 2 watch online and revenge against the man who refused to let the plate with his mediocre compositions.Accidental killing of the family of La Bianca, which did not have nothing to do with show business, it seems, committed to cover their tracks. Ironically, almost the killers were found, I have gone a desire for revenge. Much stronger was the feeling of guilt that the August 9 I was not in the house.And to this day I believe that if I were there, we would be able to cope Frikovskim killers. Wounds Frikovskogo say that he apparently resisted fiercely. What most impressed me in "family" Manson, so this is how it is all subject to the will of one man. Before the murder, I never thought of hippies potentially dangerous.On the contrary, they seemed to me attractive social phenomenon that has affected all of us, our outlook on life. I clearly underestimated the danger of the hippie lifestyle that we so admired Sharon, noting it is only the lack of hypocrisy, bigotry and complexes. The death of Sharon - the only important watershed in my life.Before it I was floating on a calm sea boundless hope and optimism. After as much as I would become good, I felt guilty. The psychiatrist with whom I spoke shortly after her death, said that "require four years of mourning" to the feeling passed. But it took much more time.Once the fire burned within me - ineradicable confidence that I can cope with everything, if you really want. This confidence was severely undermined by the murder and its consequences. After the death of Sharon I am not only in appearance became more like a father, but I had some traits of his character:his pessimism, dissatisfaction with life eternal, deeply Jewish guilt and conviction that for all the happiness you have to pay. There were other consequences. I'm not sure that someday I can again live long with kakoynibud woman, no matter how beautiful, intelligent, charming and good it was.All my attempts ended in failure, and not least because I'm beginning to draw parallels with Sharon. The film I Spit On Your Grave 2. Little things, such as the laying of a suitcase, hair cut, set in California or the Roman code on the phone, will inevitably cause me memories of Sharon.Although many years have passed, I still can not look at a beautiful sunset, or visit the lovely old house, or experience visual enjoyment, without telling myself at the same time as she would have liked. In this regard, I remain faithful to her until her death. Chapter 23 After the killers were found, nothing kept me in Hollywood.To survive, I had to be for some time to forget the past couple of years. I flew to Paris to Gerard Brahimi and other friends who knew even before Hollywood. Their society was nice to me, but stay in France spoiled everywhere reporters after me.I naively thought that now that the Manson gang opened, the persecution stops.

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