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And he download the film Fen-fen Cheng and returned to his wife. In the kitchen, I found again in the flavor of their Boneley rabbit. To stay awake, they make coffee. To me, they offered nothing. Especially since no one said, "Stay the night, your plane is flying until tomorrow at noon." They knew it.Daniel looked up at me through spectacles and asked: "Are you leaving?" Edith told me: "Go to bed down in the living room", but the order did not reach the kitchen. Only yesterday she could give any orders, and they answered: "Of course, Madam Edith ... Well, of course, what a great idea! ..Black - it is white, white - it is black ... "But in the early morning - it was four o'clock - Edith has download the film Fen-fen Cheng and ceased to be the hostess. They realized that I would not bother Theo, I do not go back to Edith ... Someone of them said: "The driver will take you to the airport." It was about five when we got there. Bastard did not even ask me if I wanted coffee.Wriggle out of it myself! At this hour, airport terminal looked as Futurists depict desert after the end of the world. Not a living soul. Finally I found a servant, more or less accommodating. I asked - I need to Paris, and my plane is flying until noon. Are there any opportunities to fly before? - I'll try to arrange it, - he said.- Come to the half of the eighth, the place is sure to be. I sat in a taxi and went to Nice. This city is not one of those that wake up at dawn! He long stretches! Time signature is not easy at this hour to find an open bistro, where you can drink coffee. But I'm not able to swallow the wafer, I was a lump in my throat.I thought that no one would ever be able to live a life like ours ... I drove past "Buat and vites", past the hotel "Dzhiofredo" where we lived, past the mall, "Negre" ... I went back to the airport, got on a plane . Legs gave way under me. Back home, I went to bed, but I could not sleep and tossed endlessly, knocking sheets.Picture of our past life, the memories came flooding back to me, in my head spun and cracked their uproar ... I finally fell asleep ... The next day I went downstairs neighbor, a boy of sixteen. He was so excited that his face I could not guess what he brought to conduct, good or bad. Finally he said:"Your sister is dead." I foresaw it, but did not want to believe. The boy went to buy me the newspaper. This download the film Fen-fen Cheng and proved to be true. Edith died. She fell asleep and never woke up. The blow was heavy. If I had not gone to Plaskase, I would not see her download the film Fen-fen Cheng and again ... Well, what she told me: "On Monday it will be late!" Edith was brought to the Boulevard Lannes.She always said, 'I want to die in Paris. " His last trip she made in a hospital van. Theo took a big bouquet of mimosa, standing in her room in Plaskase, and put on her body. This bouquet is still there on the Boulevard Lannes, since it was six years old and all his balls, all the leaves are intact, but it was gray.As there is not enough sun ... No one knew that Edith died in the south. It was easier to say that it happened on the Boulevard Lannes, for people to come to say goodbye. Came all, even those who did not love her, those who did not care about it ... even those who have never in my life did not shake hands. Many photographers - a prestigious event! ..All entered her home and went out with the appropriate occasion expression. Simple people of Paris too crowded at the gate in front of her house, he began his great vigil. Women with shopping bags in their hands, men in working clothes, driving an hour on the subway, came after a hard day to say goodbye to Edith.The whole evening, a large part of the night and again in the early morning by her download the film Fen-fen Cheng and coffin were those who were so dear to her.

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