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" She also charmingly good. Milton Greene - The true genius of makeup.No one can bring on her face is an amazing variety of feminine colors to coordinate with the English garden shaded tones. Shade of makeup on the cheeks suggests delicate flower petal. Pink lips, cheeks plays light blush. In hair drowning blednolilovye glare. Once again, she lives in every frame.Of course, excellent in their roles and Olivier. Such a great master just could not get a complete image of Balkan Archduke. His accent - a thousand subtle nuances, and this has its own pattern: Olivier refined skill, like a house of cards, is always a built-in another, no less exquisite design.Taking part in the film, he at the same time as it is its own game. Potomuto viewer and hard to believe that it is able to attract Monroe. So, want to Olivier or not, the image of his hero only emphasizes the subtlety and surprise embodied in the movie plot.And now comes the day when Paula Strasberg of mouth spewed "the flow of love and self-interest." She says Olivier, his manner of performance is artificial. Soon after, she was barred from appearing on the set, and then sent home for the ocean. So Mrs. Strasberg receives retirement due to her unwillingness to compromise principles.When the film is finished, it will return its lost status and it will remain as a counselor Marilyn rest of her life. Suffer the same effects of the conflict will fall to the share of Milton Greene.The fact is that, from the point of view of Marilyn, a film producer - it is, and as such should retain the right to control the artistic level. Green had given it all at the mercy of Oliver!One can imagine the degree of resentment when the ears of both heard made by Green on his own statement to the British press, in which he puts newsmen informed that he was ready to open in the United Kingdom branch of "Marilyn Monroe Productions", the purpose of which - to make films in England.Truly, it's so bad it gives aware feelings, which nourishes him Marilyn! Perhaps it already does with it is not divisible. "Miller immediately otzvonil Greene, enveloped in such a rage that the handset almost vibrated, and so could not make out the words, but could hear the dull roar.Green recalls, in the end he got tired, and he cut Miller: "You want to tell me anything should - tell. And if you scream - orientation without me. " Growl is not stopped, and he threw down the receiver. " One can hardly doubt that the explosion Green took as a harbinger of impending rupture with "Marilyn Monroe Productions".It has managed to become a scapegoat! Surely it was not enough that it is authorized to report his Olivier Field Strasberg that now input to the set it to order?And then there's Marilyn writes a psychoanalyst from New York, and the work on the film will resume only after a week ... To imagine what the atmosphere during this period the relationship between the participants of the shooting process, it makes sense to turn to the book of Maurice Zolotow: it accurately depicted, if not the letter, the spirit of what is happening."One day, when Marilyn its surrounding inhibition brought to white heat, Oliver could not resist, he muttered something about the fact that it is not bad to do everything quickly. "You do not have to adjust Marilyn - added fuel to the fire, Mrs.

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