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Installation of two panoramic PLANS, one after the other cases, 25 In our study, the use of camera rotation should note another possibility, which is to allow the actor exit movement in one plane and enter the following. .17 Two consecutive panoramic Thane, the same character in motion are consistent with each other, if the silhouette of an actor in a motion picture leaves in the first and Tanya returns in the second position of the camera in the first crop the actress in the motion of an approximate plan.At the end of the pan, it comes out of the frame and is included in the next frame on the opposite side. This is a new position given its full frame, and we continue to 417,416 in the previous pan it in the same direction, position tracking actress in motion.Case 26 Two consecutive panoramic plan, where the actor is not leaving the frame can be mounted together on the condition that any obstacle in the foreground allow to break the frame and move from one plan to another. Here is a description of the scene. Plan A goes through the crowd. She removed a full frame.All the while continuing to pan the actress, we do so that the foreground is a man who is completely blocking a frame is dropped. Up of a man shot up an approximate right. Because of its back appears actress A and continues to move in the same direction as the previous plan. The camera pans her.There are no more obstacles between her and the camera, although the crowd is still visible behind her. At the end of panoramaramirovanie A stops. People continue to move in the frame from side to side. Case Two panoramic plan 27 in opposite directions can be connected together, if the actors move diagonally in the frame.In the foreground, the actor disappears on a street corner, getting on another street. The camera pans from left to right. For successful docking of the two plans necessary that the position of the actor and its dimensions would be identical, as shown.Actor here in both planes, is shown on the right side at the same distance from the right edge of the frame and approximately at the same height. Even minor mistakes when docking with the frame will be felt for the viewer. Very important is the speed of the camera motion.Luggage retards rotation in the horizontal plan and the second end begins to increase the speed in the opposite direction in the next plane. 419, 18 block any obstacle in front at the end of the first frame, and then early in the second, used to harmonize, engages two panoramic plans. 418.Two successive 19 panoramic plan in opposite directions, showing the same plot can be stacked, if the transition from one program to another takes place when the actor is in the same sector of the frame.Case 28 The situation of the actor at the center of the frame allows the series download movie Fen-fen Cheng and the two plan to mount a pan of the actor. Plans are arranged on a common visual axis. The first plan - is an approximate plan, while the second - full frame, but the order may naturally be reversed. If the actor is on one side of the frame in both plans, it can be used kontrplan. Both plan panoramic shot in one direction. CH--. ' N Is tonnes. Coherent plan of the same scene, the camera position on the overall visual axis in the moment of transition from one plane to another.

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Film Fen-fen Cheng
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