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If I had not met Theo, something in my life would not take place. " Theo had all the harder. Edith forty-seven years, it was all cut up, but famous. Theo - twenty-seven, it is not known, but as beautiful as the sun of Greece. They said he was poor. This is not true. His parents - wealthy people.Edith, however, which are rich, completely devastated. As it is impossible to believe, especially when you consider that Lulu Barrier download the film Fen-fen Cheng and signed for it contracts worth half a billion francs! After the death of her husband left Edith forty-five million debt! To earn a living, he had to go abroad to sing;in France all his earnings to seize as well as ten million copyright to SACEM yet still gathers annually works with Edith. Money and love rarely get along. Only by adopting a undeniable reality is the exception, you can go to the history of Edith and Theo, starting it - as she would have liked - with the words:"Zhilbyl once ..." For Edith Winter 1962 was hard. Cold chills not only her body but also the soul. The days dragged on endlessly. "I do not live. I am forbidden to all: I have what I like to drink, walk, sing ... can not cry, falling tone. I have the right only to laugh, but this is just not desirable. You can not laugh and love to order. And I wait. What? I do not know. "Charles Dumont, Lulu and Git make plans on how to help her to live, but every month delayed. Around it are empty and quiet. At Piaf longer having fun, she had no money, and go to it was a heavy burden. Not all are able to charity! Were her most loyal men.Eve called her, Pile, Henry Conte came to visit, dropped into Aznavour, but he always had very little time. Do not forget it, and Raymond Asso, but it remained too much bile. He called to criticize, scold. Ramone - the only one who did not forgive Edith for the fact that she left him. Constantine was very tender.Kept her faith and the "old guard", friends, friends of former years: Pierre Brasseur, Robert Lamoureux, Suzanne Flon, Jean Cocteau, Jacques Bourgeat, and her musicians and poets: Leigh Francis, Noel Kommare, Norbert CHAUVIGNY Michelle Rivgosh, Pierre Delane, Michel Emer.The whole little world ... But these people were like - and how to them and was not ... At times when Edith comes up to the surface, she has arranged the evening and night in the style of "Boulevard Lannes" similar - only in a pale variation - old, old. As soon as she felt better, she cast a ban. Lulu warn her, but she objected:"To be my good behavior? Watch the film Fen-fen Cheng online. And for what? I will probably never be! And I so want to live! "One evening, when it is more or less feel good, Claude Figyus brought a friend, a tall guy dressed in all black, with dark hair and the same eyes - Theofanis Lambukasa.He sat down on the carpet in the corner - a beautiful, thoroughbred, a large black hound - and did not say a whole evening a word. "Momona he irritated me! True, I do not like silent ones! If a person is boring, can get out to the four winds! I worked with Claude, we are ready to record his song "When love ends" and "blue dress."He, Theo, listened in silence ... ". He sat so still that Edith had forgotten about him. But he has not forgotten. Piaf's not forget, even if they saw a glimpse. In February 1962, Edith came to the clinic in Neuilly with AmbruazaPare bilateral bronchopneumonia. It blew somewhere draft, look for easy prey. "In the hospital, Momona, I now feel at home!I know how it behave, how to talk, and most importantly, how there terminally download the film Fen-fen Cheng and bored.

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