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I had to download movie Fen-fen Cheng, and to raise their stock in the eyes of Andrew and take revenge for Suzanne. Early in the morning, an hour before the rehearsal, I went to the theater.Dressed in velvet trousers, a white shirt apache, white boots, hairstyle was appropriate Pajou, I asked the actress rehearsing Suzanne, come with me as the path and the text in this suit sat on a chair in anticipation of the start of rehearsals. By eleven flocked to all the artists, there were many, all the participants of the "Figaro." The check came. He sat down at the table.I approached him and asked: - I heeded your speeches: prepared for the role of Cherubino. I'm ready to show you now a scene of Cherubino and Susanna. - I have no time to experiment! - With cold hostility he replied, without looking at me. Wave of spoken words was so negative that I fell into a chair, standing next to him.His head was torn from the pain in his eyes - aches and fog. As if someone pick pecked me on the head. Nausea rolls. The body shivered from insults. And then I heard a calm, satisfied voice - Egorova, you can show your scene right now? - Said check.Admission sorcerer - to relax, hit film Fen-fen Cheng watch online and a strike, relax ... - Yes - I said, summoning all his strength.Kirk continued to hammer away at his head, but when I came on the scene and turned the first phrase to Suzanne as the pain was gone, vanished insult, and I was in a completely different world - a world of Beaumarchais.- At some point in my breast has been simmering unrest, the heart starts to pound, the words "love" and "passion" bring him in awe, filled with anxiety.Need to tell someone "I love you" I became so overbearing that I utter these words alone with myself, I address them to you, to the trees, the clouds, the wind ... The scene was over. Dead silence. Applause. All jumped up from their seats, began to congratulate, hug and kiss.Ceku is nothing to do but pretend to be satisfied with the master, in whose hands can sound even wire. All the success he has appropriated and announced that from this day I am a full-fledged performer Cherubino. Then it's his decision and has sunk into oblivion, and I continued to sit alone in the dark on a chair. It will take ten years.The actor playing the role of Cherubino, on the eve of the play breaks a leg. I suggest Ceku download movie Fen-fen Cheng, and to gain a theater and play Cherubino.Finally, my fate will throw onto the stage in a black velvet trousers, a white shirt, and I find myself in front of the nose Andrew Figaro, already married to songstress, but staring at me with inexpressible tenderness and wonder, as they fall, when we rehearsed "Figaro" and found in the land of dahlias. But as long as we with a worm in the kitchen, in the Volkov Pereulok. He brought an old book Molokhovetz. There are recipes! Chicken with buckwheat. Hurry, hurry, chicken buckwheat stuffing, sew up her belly, and into the oven! Flying from Japan Andrei! They caught a gin and tonic.Chicken, thank God, without getting into the "lens" worm twice rolls out of the oven on the floor, I quickly looking back, grabs her towel, so as not to burn your fingers, the dust is blown away and sent back into the oven. The doorbell rings - tipsy, with a cigar in his mouth, swinging gait, he comes! We Orem: "Andrew!" - Oh oh oh! It was beautiful!- Impressively he says. - Where are my geisha? Remove my shoes! The most tragic in my journey is that I have never seen when I am with a cigar in a space-age car swept over Tokyo!

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