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I experienced a huge shock. For me, Shchukin was not only the best actor of our time, not only a friend and not only my teacher on acting - for me Shchukin was the perfect embodiment of the spiritual image of Lenin, as I had imagined, and the way I wanted it to represent.I knew that Lenin was not Shchukin, he did not even look like a ochento Shchukin. Shchukin was very much in the image of Lenin, it Shchukin, not Lenin - but people took this image, and for decades, as a rule, Shchukin's interpretation of the image remains unchanged ... In recent years, made a lot of pictures of Lenin.The latest, "The Sixth of July" - it's a good picture, and there are interesting and girlfriend made the image of Lenin. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the interpretation of the image of Lenin in cinema 30s was then correct. Remember the popular images of those years, say, Chapaev, Maxim.The same features are full of a kind of strangeness, lukavinki and deep humanity and visible in these pictures and many others. This was the era. As for me, I never tried to go back to Lenin's topic, because for me Lenin on the screen - it Shchukin, with all the imperfections of my two paintings, which I now see.The first page After many years after the film "Lenin in October" and "Lenin in 1918," I am returning to the Leninist theme. Together with the young director Sergei Lincovil and Konstantin Osin I'm doing a documentary film called "first page". However, I am not convinced that the name is preserved.We want to make a picture of those who for the first time in Soviet art touched the image of Lenin. I know these people and I know that for each of them, the topic was the most serious creative challenge. Each of them, including myself, experienced touch to the image of Lenin with a sense of high pitch thoughts and feelings.I forgot many things in life, but his work on Lenin's paintings remember as clearly as if they were made today, not thirty years ago. The same was said to me all those who worked with me, the same thing could film Fen-fen Cheng watch online in excellent quality and say Yutkevich or MM Strauch.The same would say Eisenstein, inspired worked on "October", said the artists who painted portraits of Lenin, or sculptors, lepivshie his image, playwrights, working on a script or plays about Lenin.For each of us dive into the Leninist theme was accompanied by full of double creative thinking, sensual energy. Film Fen-fen Cheng.That's about the people who groped in art image of Lenin - and they were very different people - I feel like film Fen-fen Cheng watch online in excellent quality and tell cinematic language. Many wonderful memories written about Lenin. Unusually well Krupskaya wrote about him.But the first artist who touched the image of Lenin, was bitter. His essay strikes an unusual, purely artistic force. More than forty years have passed since the magnificent essay Gorky. But his interpretation of the image even today continues to give rise to a dispute. Quite girlfriend Lenin understood Mayakovsky. I boundless love and honor Mayakovsky.His poem "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin" is enormous, and some pieces of the poem would like to quote today, but honestly, I do not like the reader, as well as the director of the film "Lenin in October" was alien "Mayakovsky", poetically rampant understanding of the image of Lenin.Each time, beginning to Lenin's topic, I reread the poem Mayakovsky and lay it aside: I hurt something, although this "something" brilliant, unique and powerful.

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