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Here we are notified that the profits of 10 feet confiscated at the border of the film and must pay the prescribed fee.So I wasted ВЈ 20 gift - a very large sum in our modest budget! And so we barely had enough money for location shooting. On Tuesday at noon depart from the coast you want us to ship "Lloyd Prestino", bound for South America. To get on board, we had to hire a boat. 10 more pounds.And at 30, pulling the purse to pay the helmsman, I download the film Fen-fen Cheng and discovered that it was empty. It does not have a penny! 10,000 pounds as had download the film Fen-fen Cheng and happened! I rushed to the hotel, looked under the bed, everywhere. No trace. I go to the police to say that someone, apparently, was in my room while I was sleeping."It's good that did not wake up in the moment - I think to myself - and that would make me even pristuknuli." My position was the most desperate, but it should be done. And the enthusiasm inspired my directorial debut, zastavlyavlyaet forget the loss. But when shooting liner end, despair over me download the film Fen-fen Cheng and again. I take ten pounds from the operator and 15 of the actor.These amounts, however, do not cover our costs, and I am writing a letter to London with a request for an advance against my fee. I make one more message - German companions, chtode, probably, I need to increase the budget, but do not hesitate to send an email to Munich, I am afraid, it is reasonable to argue that they are, where, they say, such concerns at the very beginning?We go back to the hotel "Bristol", where going to have breakfast before heading to San Remo. After the meal, I go out on the street. There are already an operator Ventimiglia and German girl, who plays the simpleton, tossed into the deep. They chronicler has to do their part and going back to Munich.The whole trio, their heads bent together, about something pretty grim voices. I walk over and ask: "chtonibud wrong?" "Yes, - they say - the problem with the girl. She can not throw in the water." I ask: "What is the matter? How is she not?" And they mumble something unintelligible, can not and that's it. I demand a clear answer.And there, on the sidewalk, in the crowds, two cameramen enlighten me as to the female physiology. O Lord my God, I know about it and never knew it! They come in all the details, and I listen to them with growing attention. And when explaining to an end, not softened my anger, because I already brought to the extremes all these lyres and brands.In severe irritation to mutter: "What she said nothing about it in Munich?" And we accompany it with a chronicler and go to Alassio. We manage to pick up another girl, but this is somewhat stouter than its predecessor and my actor can not carry her in his arms.With each attempt to get her out of the water, he drops it - much to the delight of onlookers, I'm dying of laughter on the beach. And when at last he manages to pull it, a kind old woman, quietly collect seashells, marched right on the first plan, staring straight at the camera! Further. We sit in the train, which should take us to the Villa d'Este.My nerves are on edge, because the Virginia Valley has already download the film Fen-fen Cheng and arrived. I am not able to tell her that it was my debut. The first thing I ask of his bride, is whether she has the money. "None." "But there were also" - Persistence me. "Yes, but she brought with her another actress Carmelita Gereyti.I tried to arrange them in a modest hotel, "Westminster" on the Rue de la Paix, but they insisted on "Claridge". I told the bride about all the troubles.

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