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The poor have nothing to brag about television. The proposed version: TV began with Euripides.That's when, to the astonishment of the ancient Athenians, at the Theatre of Dionysus were made very modest, but fundamentally notable steps to transfer the lifelike. It is known that Euripides was a sickly, withdrawn unsociable. Descendants even two hundred years later showed the grotto, where he was under the roar of the waves thinking about their creations.He never sought public office, did not participate in the debate on the area, but had the best in the city library. Contrary to the chronology it is referred to the disciples of Protagoras, who preached about human representation, called a "philosopher on the stage," which now looks praise, and then download the film Fen-fen Cheng and sounded bitterly.Playwright at that time was download the film Fen-fen Cheng and supposed not to philosophize, but, for example, conduct rehearsals, writing musical parts pesniplachi accompanying outputs choir. Euripides trust directing and composing part of specialists invited from outside.He composed ninety-two plays, twenty-two times participated in Athenian drama competitions and won only four. But in subsequent generations of his popularity is even higher than the glory of Aeschylus and Sophocles. Romans anxiously leaning over each line of the "philosopher on the scene", the lyrics of his tragedies teach teenagers.As a result, apart from the passages we end up with as much as nineteen of his plays - more than the other two great tragedians together. The answer is simple: the failure of "Medea," which received a viewer last of the three places, was tantamount to a failure of "The Seagull" in Alexandria theater 2327 years later.And in fact, in both cases the playwright needed a new audience, who deciphered unexpected ways and means would be found for them a new meaning. Go to Greece at that time. You - the ordinary Athenian free. At sunrise, with children and household, surrounded by slaves carrying provisions, you go out on the winding streets of his beloved city.In the barber shop, the market place deserted. The most important government offices - the court, the council, the state archive - closed for a week. Today will not be trading and litigation, lenders will leave the debtor alone, prisoners have been released on bail. Begin Great Dionysia. Elafebolion corresponds to our March, only adjusted to the southern climate.This is the height of spring, the beginning of navigation, the term of payment of taxes to the treasury of the Allies. Statue of Dionysus taken out of the temple before sunset her honor in the grove of the Academy - a public park half a kilometer from the city. The second and third day of competitions given choirs. Today, on the fourth day, you rush to the dramatic competition. They will last today and tomorrow.Then - summing up, the presentation of prizes, fees and gifts. And all week - no daily routine, one reckless sense of celebration, not only in the audience - on stage. Theatre of those years, according to our current understanding, a little reminiscent of opera, oratorio, a little.In lush robes ancient breed, which can not be found in the streets, in a special shoe, increasing growth, but it makes every move, masked with a frozen, immobile expression of human faces, singing and dancing at times, the actors download the film Fen-fen Cheng and shouted their cues to - even good acoustics - to announce fifteen thousand placesamphitheater.

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