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These representations are called "rule ratios third parts."The basis of this "rule" is the notion that the main object of which are brought to the attention of the construction of the composition and grouping of objects should be placed in one of the four intersections download the film kaligula and formed located at an equal distance from each other by horizontal and vertical lines.Such a relation in which the image is divided into one-third and two-thirds, close to the "golden ratio." These proportions so often used in Western art, architecture and design, they have become almost standard.Education proportional composing can be compared with the feelings of the listener waiting for a particular piece of music is built in accordance with harmony.Due to such unconscious expectation of the classical principles of composition seem to people having vivid imaginative perception, banal and too static, a product of modern technology. A simple melody can quickly lose appeal, if you listen to it for a long time.Compositions that do not contain any visual novelty quickly stale and do not cause repeated enthusiasm. Ward. Compose the shot, in the movies and on TV Influence After the invention of photography in the 1830s, photo realistic portraiture has lost its novelty and gave way to a quest for art photography.Photographers of the time were grouped subject matter, following the classical principles of composition, their favorite topics consistent themes of classical painting. The process of taking pictures at the time required a long exposure, which would require immobility the subject to avoid blur.Later evolution of photographic shooting and allowed to shoot scenes on the streets. Now the construction of composition is to select the frame boundaries, which will be sealed kakoelibo action. Compared with classical painting was the result of an imbalance of composition and arrangement of objects scattered shooting each other. Now you can shoot moving people in the shot, which of course is very different from when shooting still posing with a long delay."Random" songs seem much more realistic and reflects better life than with still frozen in the studio people. Artists also attracted the possibility of transferring the movement, which could be achieved, if you draw people to stop at the borders of the image.When the subject stops at the border of the frame and its progress thus further limited, it creates a feeling that the choice of the boundary frame does not particularly justified, the scene of the infinite in space, and the fact that they are in the frame, there was quite by accident.Many of the pictures frame borders were really random, but the same technique used consciously long before in the reliefs of Donatello and Mantegna's paintings, as well as a significant element in Japanese painting. Figure 3: "The area of ​​Concord," Degas. P. Ward.Picture Composition for Film and Television at real TV shows the viewer realizes that the film gets only a fraction of what is happening, and the borders of the frame can be adjusted by hitting the zoom to provide a more detailed view, or zoom out to increase the area of ​​ rented space.With the advent of photography was possible "to conclude" everyday events in the picture frame. Most impressive are the images that are enclosed in "frozen picture frame" through which passed stress created away from each other and shapes the relationship of subject and the environment. Watch the film kaligula in excellent quality online. Sophisticated "spontaneity" a certain way - a ploy, designed specifically to express the actual events, and as if by chance to present them in the most simple and "natural" form.Complex technique used to create the appearance as if the random, unthinking way, is very far from the pictures taken on holiday fotografomlyubitelem which puts at random frame boundaries and therefore rarely reaches the impact that has clearly built an image download the film kaligula and created fotografomprofessionalom.Thus, in the pictures, the composition of which is based on a "random selection", contains many of the things that download the film kaligula and worked in its professional photographer.

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