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Nevertheless, we achieved Koech, and this work has brought us, no doubt, some good, purely cosmetic.We began to talk more clearly and act definitely. That is something. But so far was for the sake of clarity of clarity and certainty for the sake of clarity. And under such circumstances there could be a sense of truth. And as a result of the new puzzling, especially since we are not even aware that a small external benefits that are download the film kaligula and derived from the above experiments.At another time, wanting to make the play as only artists living together in the summer, we, after a fruitless search of the right pieces, decided for themselves to write the text and music of operetta. The basis of the new work we have put this principle: each of the artists come up with a role of the taste and explains who he would like to play.By bringing these orders, we think, what story line can be download the film kaligula and constructed from the set of roles, and write the text. Music took to write one of his friends this time we are half- baked writer and composer, have known their experience all the torments of creativity.We understand what it takes to create muzykalnodramaticheskoe work for the stage and the difficulty of the creative work. There is no doubt that some places we were successful. They were theatrical, hilarious, given good material director and actor.But when we tried to connect the disparate parts together and strung them on a basic thread play, they found that the thread is not threaded through all the parts separately created. There was a common, basic vseobedinyayuschey thought which led to the author and guide it to a specific purpose.On the contrary, there were many various purposes, several for each customer that pulled in different parts of the play. Individually, all right, but not connected together. Then we do not understand the reasons for our literary failure, but the very fact that we had to work in literaturnomuzykalnoy area was nice and helpful.I also invented a role. "Who would you like to play?" I was thinking. Of course, above all, a beautiful, gentle love to sing arias, have success with the ladies, and be like one of my favorite singers, which I could copy the voice and demeanor on the stage of his own role, I did not want to know in the described time.All, of course, know our actor's property that wants to be an ugly scene handsome, high-low, awkward nimble. Anyone who is deprived of the tragic or lyric data, dreams of Hamlet or the roles of lover, simpleton wants to be a Don Juan, and comedian King Lear. Ask a fan what role he would like most of all to play.You will be surprised his choice. People always seek to ensure that they do not know, and the actors on the stage of looking for what they're missing in life. But this is a dangerous path, and delusion. Lack of understanding of its present role and vocation is the strongest obstacle to the further development of the actor.This is the dead end where he comes on for decades and from which there is no escape until he realizes his error. By the way, described the play accidentally brought a significant benefit to our cause. Here's what happened: one of the performers fell ill and dropped out of the system. I had to reluctantly give my sister role Alexeeva.She was with us in the position of Cinderella, which was entrusted to only menial jobs, that is, she made costumes, mount, decorations, she let the actors on the stage, but as an artist appeared only in the most extreme circumstances, and then only in small roles.

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