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This is partly, of course, so maybe there are other reasons.Part of my name odious, it is certainly true, but it does not matter, because I hope that you will give themselves to attack once addicted to the great work that we are doing now, not only the actors - a statement the question is not about the guild - and all of us who live in the Union.If we gather in this great work that our party, our government, all the workers, all peasants in our country are - it's so grand and so it is imperative that we took part in it, - that all these questions that relate to our self-esteem , resentment - all these sink.Me, it hurts too, we got it from you, you got it from us, working at the forefront of theatrical culture. I say this not in order of artistic conceit. It just so happened that a group of people working on the front of the theater as skirmishers.If you go into a group of lyudeyzastrelschikov then, of course, all this petty vanity sink into oblivion, we talked about this will not even talk. Why do I speak today with the report? It was not because I was offered to do another report: a report went there, and so went here. D.I just think that it is my mission, and I acted on their own initiative in my theater, when he talked about the five-year period at the theater front. I took the initiative, because I knew that if I will not take this important issue kudato absconding. Sometimes, it is necessary to find the initiator. I became such an initiator.I believe that you must read this and you in another theater. I do not speak as a missionary, or such a person who is "vumnye" that has brilliant ideas, but you need them to chew and swallow.185 I do not pretend to be a missionary, to ensure that you teach, and I want to be the initiator of the call to all working in the theater front to our art, we could raise even higher quality. To do this, we need to do something else.And this "something else" I would like to say to today, after I will speak with you, we would be together with you, meyerholdovtsami, hudozhestvennikami tairovtsami and started for this great job for four years because of five years is four years.The question of our theatrical culture should be addressed not in isolation from all that is on earth, and in close connection with it. Only then will we be able to solve very complex issues of our home theater life, if we do not stay on the islands. Agree that we're all on the islands.No other city in the world, where would such a disconnect between the artists, both in Moscow. The film kaligula. I say this from personal experience. I find it easier to communicate with Gordon Craig, who lives in Italy than with Stanislavsky, who lives in Moscow. This is a fact. I'm not just pretty words.Our theater is an island, which is kept to himself - and the more he stops his ears, the stronger the ring words, the more he thinks he soars into the realm of art, and in general, as it was the case until that is done.Even such a respected worker in the field of musical culture, as fellow luggage, even he, who now writes in "Izvestia" article "New and old musical art", and that, from my point of view, falls into error. Not because he does not understand or does not know this thing, or because it addresses issues individualistic.No, the questions he puts before him, he decides how collectivist rather than as an individualist.

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