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For the then South of the reason was very good. And Dick decided to do an interview. John remembered came to Dick's office, not knowing what to do with his hands.And straight from the door, he can say: - Sir, I do not know of any interview. - And do not, baby. You just have to be honest. Dick download the film kaligula and talked about his family, school, hobbies, giving the students understand that the guy - white. Diskzhokey finally announced: - The order, baby. Thank you. - But, sir, you're going to do an interview ... - And I - said Dick.John remembered that a few seconds in a state of tetanus, and then he broke into a cold sweat. Demand for the first record grew. "Light" released a second, third, fourth. They parted instantly. Now the name of the new singer was resounding throughout the South. The concert. Every day in a new city. Concerts were in full hall.John proclaimed as King kantriendvestern. A king download the film kaligula and appeared dressed still in wide black trousers and a dark shirt download the film kaligula and unbuttoned at the collar. He leaned forward - to the public: legs apart, guitar neck, arms frantically squeeze microphone stand. He looks at the people sitting in the front row, with narrowed eyes, but did not see them.He struggled to remember himself. Music guitar explodes it Scotty. He beat time on the deck of his old guitar, and then furiously tortured strings. John could not see himself. And only by the reaction of the public download the film kaligula and judged on their popularity. Each of his speech was download the film kaligula and accompanied by a barrage of screams. Yes, young people love him, but he was out of reach for her.And your ... stranger. Well, nothing new. Always an outsider. All. Since childhood. Even then reporters will say that even in the earliest photos he smiles and sadness in the eyes of wasps melts. When John was smiling - not grinning, his smile effect on people, like wine, sparkling in the old glass. Is there was a time when he smiled?Now John could not remember how to do it is, can not. Finally, John was invited to perform in the City kantrimyozik. He barely held back a shiver as compere announced: - A few weeks ago, this guy wrote to "light" a song that, like flares, flew across the country. He was only nineteen!He has a new, different from other style! Try it yourself to determine - what! After these words, John appeared on stage, embarrassed almost to spasm in the throat, smiled touching. The familiar cry swept through the hall. He darted to the micro background, sang like never before. The new is born in his skill: a desperate tremulous note peculiar to him.But the lead singer of the theater, seasoned singer, whose album John listened with bated breath, came after the show and said that it would be better to go back to his former profession - drive a truck. John had not realized then that this is the beginning of envy, which from now on will be with him, and crying in a hotel room. It seemed to him that everything collapsed.But on his arrival home, he learned that his last record was third in the state, surpassing its record abuser. He is not interested in their appearance. There was no time to think about such nonsense. But the girls all their conduct at every concert inspired him: you're beautiful.The tall, dark- haired, with serogolubymi huge sad eyes, with excellent head carriage, with fine aristocratic but masculine hands, he was very seksapilen. Then why did the girls at school have neglected them? They treated him potovarischeski, but met with the other boys.

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