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Photographer, perhaps, the most like a thoughtful, imaginative reader, hard search for meaning unclear writing. Like this reader photographer always immersed in the study of the book of nature."The strength of his vision - says Paul Strand - must be rooted in a genuine respect for that which is in front of him," And according to Weston, the camera "allows you to look deeply into the nature of things and reveal their real essence of the photographic image" This ability gives the camera photographer and some similarity to the prospector;boundless curiosity drives him to be moved from undeveloped spaces to record no one has seen before pictures. Photographer mobilize all their forces, but does not spend them on creativity: they want him to be able to disappear into the true nature of things around him. download the film kaligula and Again rights Marcel Proust:in the photo selection process is inseparable from the psychological state of alienation. Here, allow me to throw a few comments on the possible impact of a melancholic mood in photographic vision. It is no coincidence Newhall in his "History of Photography" twice on different occasions mentions the sadness.He writes that Marvillya in its streets and houses in Paris, doomed to be scrapped under Napoleon III, is "sad beauty irretrievable past" 64, and the pictures of Parisian streets Atget - they 41 " imbued with sadness that so impressive is able to transfer good Photo "Melancholy temperament as an artist is not only able to give a specialelegiac beauty of objects, it also leads to a more important chemuto: sadness associated with samootstraneniem, and it, in turn, with the identification of his inner world with foreign objects of any kind.The man in the depressed state as it is lost in random manifestations of his surroundings, he sees them blankly, not giving preference to what used to be nicer to him the other. He perceives about the same as a photographer Proust bred them in the form of an outside observer.Filmmakers often use the close relationship between the melancholy of the world and the interpretation of photographic material in their attempts to express the plastic like state of mind. Repeated in many films about this episode:lonely man wandering aimlessly through the streets, and its changing environment is shown by comparing the set of mounting frames with facades, neon signs, bystanders and the like.The viewer will contact as if nothing motivated the appearance of these frames on the screen with a depressed mood and character of the accompanying exclusion.Formotvorcheskaya trend can be expressed in so weak that pictures the photographer barely meet the minimum requirements of artistry, and is so strong that it completely suppresses the realistic side of photography.Over the last twenty years many prominent masters of photography sought in their works or discover something new in the material taken, or reflect the inner world, or to combine both. About pictures of tree trunks with eyes like depressions in the bark MogoliNad writes:"Surrealist often found in nature paintings, expressing his feelings" And see a picture of the MogoliNadya "View from the Berlin radio tower" or some nearly abstract, and sometimes quite abstract compositions that turn out on closer examination, bizarre rock or soil formations, unusual combination of realobjects, human faces and do anything!

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