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If the child, as two peas similar to his father, saying:not surprising, since his mother nine months with an eye guy did not take, what to say about Marilyn, whose mother did not take her eyes from the roll of celluloid film? However, this is still in the future. Take more than one year before the child starts to live with his mother.In the meantime, Norma Jean whooping cough, and the home of the four Bolenderov she has to go through something that is sown in her child's soul embryos fear, though at first cause real joy. Moreover, occured at the end of the disease, it can seem almost compensation associated with it burdens and restrictions.It is a stray dog, white with black spots, to link somehow the evening for Wayne Bolenderom who returned home from a tram stop. Compassionate wife hesitate to kick her out the door and down to the recovery of a girl playing with her enthusiasm. And then comes the time of the kindergarten, in four blocks away;Norma Jean and Lester go there together, Tippy happily accompanies them, and then sits down at the gate, patiently waiting until they come out. To Norma Jean - cotton dress every day, wash and starch, big bow on her head, on her legs and Lester - clips, they rush to race, and with a cheerful Tippy barking chasing them.What is not idyllic, against which the more striking is what Maurice Zolotow wrote: "She wanted to be" so beautiful, so people turn around when I pass by. " In six years, it seems, as she walks around completely naked. This fantasy is often overtakes her in the church.Vaults shaking sound of the organ, as it stands, barely restraining the temptation to throw off everything and left naked, "to God and all the others I've seen. In my quest to appear naked was nothing shameful or sinful. I think I would like people to see me naked, because I was embarrassed clothes she wore.Because I was naked the same as all the other girls, and not in the form of foster child orphanage. " Here we are bombarded by a whole pile of factoids. It is difficult to say who they owe their origin - the Marilyn whether or Ben Hecht - but it is undeniable that in the age of six she was not wearing a form bound to a home for orphans.Fragment that deserves special attention as an example of the systematic distortion childhood experiences, to what Marilyn is habitually resorted to talking to any reporter, but by itself it shows either that it lacked literary flair to a simple presentation of facts, which poses the inner pain, or on the opposite:that is unmistakably felt strongly we Americans are susceptible to factoids. In fact, the dark nightmares of childhood Marilyn less apocalyptic or pochaplinski grotesque, however, in some cases, emotional omertvlyayuschi.No matter how intrusive nor was her fear of the world - the fear felt in subtle tones of her voice - you have to admit that it is understandable and download the film kaligula and justified. Watch the film kaligula online. This is the dramatic finale of her attachment to Tippy. In 1932, when Norma Jeane was almost six, Tippy on spring evenings start to run away from home and be worn somewhere in the dark.Get by on the street at night there was a deafening shot, and in the morning milkman found her dead, and told what the postman Bolenderu. It turned out that it was done by a neighbor, who was sitting on the porch with a shotgun, hunting down pester his dog. Three nights in a row Tippy skated the garden beds in the neighboring garden.

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