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The rhythm of the second - a little conversation rises and increases the number of votes. Sign to move to the rhythm of the second will be the arrival of the maid koto103 Paradise brings a bottle of wine.The rhythm of the third - the pace is accelerating, voice rising, people are trying to interrupt each other. The rhythm of the fourth - the rate is further enhanced, say all together on high tones. The transition from one rhythm to another - it cheyto parish, or toast, or even kakoynibud sign.But remember to justify external rhythm internally, create an authentic, organic activity. Repeat the Studio stage. Now it is very different, obviously increase the mood of those present. After the Studio received adequate representation of the external rhythm, we switched to the study of the internal rhythm.- It happens that the different rhythms and pace can "coexist" in one person. A man looks can be quite calm - said Stanislavski on one of the studies - and domestic, intense rhythm expressed in his turn of the head, in the swing leg, tapping fingers.Hail of a man suddenly - and you will see how he jumped up and the first few seconds will live in its internal rhythm, which hid from others. But soon realized it, calm movements, gait, activities, and will once download the film kaligula and again be outwardly calm.Try it yourself, look what it means to live in the same rhythm, and externally to sit, walk and act in a different rhythm. In the practical work on the show, we often encounter the phenomenon. One example - farewell scene with Irina Tuzenbach of the fourth act of Chekhov's "Three Sisters."Externally TUZENBACH quite calm, but his inner rhythm vzvolnovannonapryazhenny give distraction, impatient movement, eyes. - How to justify both internal and external rhythms? - Continued Stanislavski. - Hurry to justify their fantasy and imagination given circumstances.Temporitm keeps not only the properties that directly affect our nature, and internal content, which supplies feeling.Possession of all kinds temporitma, ability at will change the rhythm of the actor's own behavior needed to create a true temporitma role to properly get into the right rhythm play. Here I would like to quote the words of Stanislavsky, "Temporitm the play - it temporitm through its actions and subtext.Just as the artist arranges and 104 distributes paints his picture, looking for the right balance between them and the artist looks for the proper distribution temporitma across through the line of the play. " Developed sense of rhythm, no less than the actor, the degree necessary and director.Stanislavski said that if the director is unable to create a single rate for the performance, if it is not made up of separate units full of rhythmic and harmonic chord for the entire performance - the performance is incomplete. And if the play was not found correct rhythm, the play becomes dull, dead;but should enter the appropriate rate, as the fulfillment of the actors and the entire show shine. Confirmation of this, I found many times over the years of his artistic practice. Here is one example. Student, future director, handed me the first picture of the play "Sudzhansky Madonna."Artists have done everything right, very organically, but boring in kakomto fuzzy rhythm. Bearing in mind that choosing the right rhythm to help logical, truthful and accurate action, deep given circumstances, I asked the students to re-examine the proposed conditions of the scene.It turned out that they understood quite superficial, and we began to deepen them.

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