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But let's say you draft disappoint. With a heavy heart damage you left the show. Along with the feelings you have to carry out and record their comments seen.Expedient to record them on tape, and do not despair. Do you have a paper model of the film with the cards "solitaire." Home without spending money on the use of expensive equipment to view, you can create an entirely new film. It is only necessary to understand, using the advice of American director, the reasons of failure.As you begin to shift on a tabletop card with the names of the scenes, contains a dramatic conflict, you will immediately turn into a playwright.However, the director - always and playwright, but he does not deal with the written word, and with the plastic, sound and zvukozritelnymi images caught on tape in frames Liberty design film and its story on the cards for you is download the film kaligula and unlimited. Be creative!Such work would not require additional money, but will save a lot. Creator of the documentary as a playwright Consideration previous thread similar to traditional dramatic analysis because it really is.Like the playwright, who first looks his play, you try to find flaws and weaknesses with his dramatic instinct. It is difficult, because there are no objective criteria. The only thing that you can do this instinctively, to touch, to dig his way out for dramatic material.If you called the audience, opinions and tastes that you respect will probably find something in common in their reactions. Where does the dramatic instinct? It seems that it is a human constant, which lies in our collective unconscious, human desire, in existence since ancient times.We feel an irresistible urge to tell stories and listen to their thirst. Remember the many existing version of the legend of King Arthur. They go back to the days of the Middle Ages, and, yet, still altered and download the film kaligula and updated, still bringing pleasure, though there are a thousand years.Documentary, probably a continuation of the oral tradition, it is a story that someone has experienced personally and spoke to others. To succeed, it must be download the film kaligula and related to the emotional and inner life of a modern audience.You as a filmmaker should be concerned not just self-expression, which is too often a demonstration of narcissistic self-consciousness or feeling, but also an entertaining film for others and, therefore, its usefulness to society.How do see significant Chapter 5 of the book "Literature and Cinema" Richardson articulates the essence of the differences of the problems faced by the filmmakers, on the one hand, and the writers on the other:"Before the literature often there is a problem, how to make a significant way or another visible, film is often essential to try to make visible." As has been said, it's hard to get the audience to look deeper than just the material and was download the film kaligula and removed.For example, the scene as a mother preparing dinner for her children, can be perceived simply as such. Watch the film kaligula online. "Well, so what?" - You ask. Mother always cooked dinner for their children. But there are nuances, one child can not decide what he wants. The mother is trying to suppress his anger.If you look better, you will see that the child is trying to control the situation. Food and lunch became their battleground, the front, where the defense of human rights.The moral right of the mother appears in the words addressed to his daughter that she must eat well to be healthy, a child is asserting its right to control her own body, showing shall communicate to the white heat stubbornness.

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