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After the rehearsal in the theater I was asked to telephone. - Ale - and hear the voice of Maria Vladimirovna: - Tanya - she said very calmly and politely.- You could not now go on Petrovka. I would like to talk to you. - Okay, I'll go - I say, and I give way up. - I will be in 30 minutes. Goodbye. Two friends - slender and Natasha - waiting for me in the dressing room. I tell them with horror: - call Maria. I'm coming to it.And why should I report to it when my own mother about me does not know anything? - You take it easy, do not talk too much, do not let yourself provoked, - said Natasha, and adds a subtle hint: - You vasnetsovskie eyes, the gray wolf will make you through the forest in the kingdom of Far Far Away! We are not going anywhere - we'll wait for you here.At Petrovka, 22 went up to the door with a brass plate that is download the film kaligula and engraved with a common large "M" - Mironov and Menaker. The plate, which no one else on the doors do not always include the consciousness: "Attention! It is home to some very important people! "This is an expensive kind of psychological label on a" thing ", as they say - leyblochka.At the door - opens Maria. It is in a blue robe, her head - the construction of the roller, download the film kaligula and covered with mesh, in the language of symbols mean - I spit on you, who are you to me before I met you was changing and "untwist". - Take off your clothes, - she said. I undressed. Sat on "his" green sofa.She stood in front of the sideboard of mahogany. - I was told that you are pregnant. Is this true? - Yes. - What are you going to do? - Have a baby. - But you know that Andrew can not marry you? - Why not? - Because it's too early! He needs to have a career, and not after the children! - Well I have a ... Pushkin children are not download the film kaligula and prevented to become a genius.Then her wince, but she pulled herself together and said: - You know that Andrew did not want to have children? - I know he was jumping, jumping for joy after learning of the event. Then she almost cried out: - You have to have an abortion! - I do not allow my mother - I lied meekly.His expression Maria Vladimirovna, I download the film kaligula and realized that I had to dress quickly and retire. At the door, said goodbye and walking down the stairs, I heard a cry deeply offended person - Keep in mind - you will not get a dime!I went outside, shivering from the cold, and from the conversation of the last phrase, caught a taxi and went to the theater, where I waited for a girlfriend. Watch the film kaligula in excellent quality online. And at Petrovka the door marked "Mironova and Menaker" occurred following. Calling out the last sentence of the "penny", she slammed the door and left alone in the apartment to herself.First she stuck her fingernails in pads palms, went to the window and looked as I go through the yard, threw me after the curse took it mechanically tear curlers on her head, changed my mind and went to the cupboard and poured himself a glass of mountain ash, drank and wept bitterly.She sobbed like a child crying little Marussia the red suitcase, which threw out the window, and so mortally offended her this Ritka Yamayker. She sobbed so that its purposeful nose reddened, swollen from tears, and has already lost fighting form. Pulled out of the closet starched white handkerchief, but he lost form, soaked through and through tears - wringing! She sat down on the couch, exhausted, and continued to shudder with sobs - because it took away a loved one, the only Andryusha.

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