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Literary scenario - is a verbal future film project. It describes the houses, streets, landscapes, characters, their appearance, character, behavior, speech, feelings, moods.However, all this is encased in words, it's all still there in the world of the imagination, all download the film lillehammer and seemed enchanted and can not find the way to the visible and audible the film lillehammer and Directed to the heroes of literary script is the magician, who must free them from verbal bondage, to provide them with world colors and visible form, make their voices sound.Creation is a process of transformation of verbal images in the visible and audible, which results in the specification of the images of heroes and their surrounding material environment. Verbal image involves many options plastic embodiment, the film remains one of all.This cinematic version should retain the essence, the inner structure of the scenario of the source and at the same time acquire the wealth of concrete, whether the image of man, urban or rural landscape.While working on the literary scenario director always commensurate world of images created by screenwriter, with their own observations of the world their ideas and views. Naturally, he seeks to express the image system script through his attitude. Often the director acts in the role of the writer. Eisenstein on the basis of one episode Agadzhanova wrote the screenplay of the film "Battleship" Potemkin "." Romm with Khrabrovitskii worked on the script of the film "Nine Days of One Year."But in any case, put a film director on his own script or a script written by a playwright, working on his directorial choice, imaginative solution begins with the study material. The nature of the film, the search for material for the director's decision in the first place depends on the topic.must navigate the fine izobrazhaemoydeystvie the film download the film lillehammer and coincided with his production, the film is a modern, or, as some say, - a film on a contemporary theme. But the writer can refer to the distant past, to history. This is - a film history.Duration and time performances in this film are related as past and present. Fi movies have their temporal dimension, the action in them most often refers to the future. The film can be made in the domestic or foreign material.In the latter case, the director is required to study the geographical, ethnographical, historical sources. Naturally, the theme of the painting to some extent determines the approach to deal with it, how to collect data for the characterization of the characters and their environment.When creating an image of the historical person director must visualize his life, character, and relationships with others.For example, when working on a film about Chapaev, to imagine the process of formation of the constructed dialogues heroes Vasilyev brothers studied the archives examined diaries and a notebook, Almaty, talked to people who have served in Chapayev division or participated in the civil war."The characteristics of the Chapaev - told Vasiliev - we are interested in every detail: it was a man, why he liked or did not like what he was respected - in short, all the details of his personal traits and behaviors that make up the representation of man in general, and his character.On the other hand, we are interested in the era, the environment in which Chapaev grown, the formation of this environment, the class composition of its division in the first period and the second period and the third period, the passage of this division at the appropriate places, and so on and so n ."" Approximation "of the events of the past to the present, the study of facts - one of the sides of the film on a historical theme.

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