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"It has been decided, we set" Julius Caesar "Shakespeare," said NemirovichDanchenko me, drove me and putting his hat on the table. "When we put it?" I wondered. "By the opening of the next season," said Vladimir. "How do we have time to make a plan for staging, sets and costumes?Not nynchezavtra troupe riding on summer vacation, "I continued to wonder. When Vladimir Ivanovich says so confidently, that means that it is not a night spent with a pencil in hand, working plan for the future, considering the time and all the details of the case in all branches of the complex theatrical mechanism .The selection process for the play takes place in the repertoire of our theater as a difficult birth. And it described the year this work was accomplished even more difficult than usual. Was already the month of April, it was time to go on tour to St. Petersburg, and no one knew specifically of the work for the next season.I knew not the time to argue that we should agree to embark on the impossible. Vladimir Ivanovich and artist Sims went to Rome to gather the materials, and in the Moscow theater was established by the Office of the whole preparation.It was arranged a number of departments, headed by the responsible persons from the actors and directors. These departments were located in the foyer of the theater and adjoining rooms. One of the departments in charge of the literary side, and everything about the text, the translation of his fixes and cuts literary references and comments sent back.Another table was in charge of everything to do with everyday life and times of Caesar archeology, customs, morals, social life, dwellings, their plans and devices, and so on. The third table was in charge of costumes, their sketches, patterns, fabrics swatches, purchase and painting them and so forth. Fourth Division was in charge of weapons and fake things.Fifth Division took care of the decorations, collecting materials for sketching, doing layouts and so on. Sixth was in charge of the music, the seventh orders and the implementation of all approved, the eighth rehearsing actors, folk scenes ninth, tenth department was the distribution:it all came together, it was mined on the side, he sorted received and distributed to other departments. The whole theater was declared martial law, all the actors, members of the administration, employees were mobilized. No one dared to refuse to work under any pretext.Those mobilized, which were not confined to the place, sent to museums, libraries, the scientists specialists in ancient culture, to private collectors, to antique dealers.All the institutions and persons, which turned theater through their representatives, have responded to our request and sent us their expensive edition, museum items, weapons and so on. It's safe to say that the whole wealth of material, which is located Moscow, was used by us to the end.Even more rich material was brought from Rome, Vladimir Ivanovich. Through this organization we were able to in a few weeks lillehammer movie watch online and gather what in other circumstances will not collect in a year. Much of what is now, after the war, it became impossible to even dream of, while it was possible and affordable.Thus, for example, sent to all members staged shopping Commission collected a large number of matters of various qualities and colors. They were brought to the theater, they hung on the stage, full of light lit up the ramp, spotlights and floodlights, viewed from the auditorium and selected the most spectacular pieces.The color scheme was chosen costumes carefully.

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