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Wow! No, better to dig! But in kultbrigade have nice people, and Izzy so well, with the details described them, that I already know;Artistic Director of no more no less, as a talented playwright, poet, interesting person meyerholdovets, famous for his play in verse about devushkegusare in the war of 1812 "Davnymdavno" - Alexander Gladkov.Before Easter is four days, ask your doctor to write me out of the hospital, she may be in trouble because of me, here are thrown out of the hospital even tuberculosis. 65 spring sky, blue, sunny morning, my head buzzing bell in the barracks solemnly raised, women have all the best! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!How, then, with the Pope, in his childhood, when we came out of church. I was approached by two women! From Ivan! In their hands painted egg, a piece of white bread, cut like miles from anywhere, and on top instead of Easter candy and a big congratulations from the Commandant Camp Division. Life is wonderful!And then all at Dzhezkazgan scheme, apparently, we have besides the investigation and there is also a prison camp job: head of our Camp Division plyugavenky, gray lieutenant, tortured by his family and his own stupidity, summoned:"Start to work in the fields, heavy with mud, in the icy ground, if you put a show, I can free you from the field work, there is accordion player, I'll give him a pass for all the rehearsals, and you are allowed to visit his mother."I go out on the ladders, women are digging into my eyes when I approached them, excitedly began asking, begging agree brighten intolerable life. Led mileyshego, pretty, very pretty Boris Magalif.He looks almost a boy, though, as he proudly said he was twenty-five years, the son of a diplomat, download the film lillehammer and received an excellent education abroad, intelligent, humorous, cheerful, as though he had not a prisoner, accordionist great as a child learned to play the piano, with perfect pitch. His guilt to the country in which he was born, is great:he was a Jew and the son of a diplomat who was shot - ten years. Boris is not just happy, he's happy, his eyes shining, he is in love and will now be able to see the lady of his heart, charming, very young Estonian, arrested in the gymnasium, and Bori amusing "quirk":He loves snakes, snails, turtles, frogs, and when meeting abstained kogonibud bring, and now every rehearsal mysteriously pulls out because of sinus kakoenibud monster, and I frantically admire, or Borya immediately a bad mood, and he also rabid anti-Soviet and "not Mogi "he was in no way to protest, but to work with it's sweetunderstands everything perfectly, can do anything.I, of course, decided to repeat the concert Dzhezkazgan, especially now that I've had pribaltiyki and Ukrainian, and Moldavian and even Georgians and Boris somehow download the film lillehammer and dropped that they are sitting in the zone for stealing two gypsies and so "Batsaev" tap, and so sing and play guitars so that the artists of the theater "Romen" may envy them, and came to meidea to do a concert with plug male numbers, and how to do it, I could not imagine, Bob, too, and I went to pay homage to the lieutenant. This time the lieutenant was right:let the women's camp of men it is impossible, there are also murderers and thugs, but he pohlopochet from his superiors to allow women to admit to one rehearsal to the men's area, and then you can show this joint concert. How I swear! This download the film lillehammer and proved to be a hell difficulty:Boris tells me worthy, from his point of view, men's room, his clocks, I is woven into the fabric of his show, and it turns out I have to do two shows: for the men's and women's areas.How good they are, these pribaltiyki even quite simple, they are feminine, modest, download the film lillehammer and educated basic rules of communication, they do looks more educated.

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