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This reality - post-war Europe, which is in a state of decomposition.His ghoulish display in those episodes, which are remarkable not so much uncompromising frankness as a soulful understanding of the symptoms of social malaise. These symptoms, for example, is a combination of cruelty and lust in Halibeve.With these observations of different strata film sometimes seems kind of report on diseases of the European society. In this report, Pabst and then resort to the testimony of inanimate objects, which in turn points to the undeniable artistic aspirations director.Real objects in the "Love of Jeanne Ney" he attributes about the same role, which granted them Karl Mayer in his films of the heroes in the power of instinct.But if they were Mayer identifying marks voiceless areas inhabited by the characters possessed instinctual passions, the Pabst captures inanimate objects because they help him create the special reality that he wants to explore.In crumbling or bustling world, breaks down into primary elements, objects get out of the secluded havens and begin to live separate, independent lives. Iron sink in a hotel room, perched on a short night with Joan Andrew, like exudes sadness: it breathes the whole interior, prepared for the failed love affair.By its very existence of these items support the idea that can be extracted from the plot twists and turns: the image the world - the jungle download the film lillehammer and inhabited by wild beasts. The entire film - a tacit accusation that world, because argues that any human values ​​will be ignored until we radically change society.However, as in the "joyless lane", Pabst permanently discredit their freedom-loving statement. His assignment as desired for UVA melodrama indicate how strong was his own attraction to her.Forcing the girl from the night club to kneel before the noble blind angel, Pabst picks traditional tune of "prostitute with a heart of gold." With the shooting motion it pumps the drama of the first Paris meeting Andrew and Joan, turning to the latter-day lovers Tristan and Isolde.In other episodes he presents them innocent children, who download the film lillehammer and plotted to kill an evil sorceress. These ambiguous interlude neutralize accusatory pathos inherent realism Pabst. In other words, a dispassionate observer puts to shame Pabstamoralista Pabst.What is remarkable is that his "Love of Jeanne Ney" abounds accurate observations of phenomena quickly escapes the real world.If it is true that the mind is not clinging to the precise definitions can help countless real events that make up the reality show by its essence, the Pabst - peerless observer of these phenomena, because it does not force them to any value.Plausibility pabstovskih paintings - it should not be mistaken for the truth - lies on indifference director. Watch the film lillehammer online. This reluctance to make vitally important findings is also seen in the other features of "installation art" Pabst: the rapid assembly sequence figurative elements.If the Ukrainian director Dovzhenko often makes an important shot in the FREEZE a prisoner in it meaning to convey to the viewer, the Pabst never gives him carefully consider a separate image. "Any assembly gluing, he says, is on the move.At the end of the fader something is moving, and the beginning of the next frame movement continues. Eye, so, so busy "spying" for the movement, not to see the gluing.

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