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The film, lovingly conceived for one actress, and finally put on the other - is not uncommon, the history of cinema is full of painful disappointment and betrayal.Renoir download the film lillehammer and dreamed that in the title role of "Bitch" made Catherine Hessling, but it appeared Jani Marez. Miriam Hopkins and not Claudette Colbert, was intended to star party "Eighth Bluebeard's wife." Scenario "Stromboli" was written specifically for Anna Magnani, but the role of departed Ingrid Bergman."Barefoot Contessa" was inspired by the talent of Linda Darnell, but played Ava Gardner. Doris Day recalls in his biographical book how upset her silence during the filming of Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much." She was sure that was assigned to the role only because she could sing, and that Hitchcock saw in her place of Grace Kelly.But in this case, it is likely wrong, because when the work was completed, Hitchcock told her, "I said nothing, because you're doing it right. Otherwise I would certainly anything should have said."As for "Vertigo", here we are clearly dealing with a film that was to adorn the actress is not the same, which it eventually did it. Actress that we see on the screen - the assistant clear, but the act of replacing the sound of the film increases, because of its basic theme:man, still in love with the woman he is download the film lillehammer and presumed dead, is trying to revive its image in a girl like her. The irony, which encompasses this situation was evident during the celebration of Hitchcock's in New York in 1974.Sitting next to Grace Kelly, and looking at the screen, at that moment, James Stewart is trying to put in a butt hair, Kim Novak, I realized how much more cleverly twisted "Vertigo" than it seems: the assistant director forced to imitate the other actress, initially identified by this role.So, the 60-ies of Hitchcock, one by one lost their stars. And he needed them more than any other director, as his film was download the film lillehammer and based not on the characters, and the situations. He could not bear worthless scenes that no damage can be cut during installation, because they did not move the action forward.Foreign to him were all kinds of retreat or various small parts that are added to the "truth of life." Actors in his films never made optional gesture, like scratching my head. If the actor is given in the frame at full height, his silhouette to be perfect;if it is removed by now, be assured that his hands will not be idle hang somewhere at the bottom. Because of these features the impression of vitality in the Hitchcock film is achieved through individual, having worked in some performer in films of other directors.James Stewart in Hitchcock brought warmth paintings by John Ford, and Cary Grant added his charm, which he has been in comedies about infidelity.Despite the big hit "psychosis" - which had been on the second Cash flow for 1960, following just behind "Ben-Hur" - Hitchcock lost faith in their ability to attract a mass audience "small" film. He had high hopes for "The Birds", which began filming in 1962.Yet at a time when Hitchcock finally got the full recognition that has been publicly and repeatedly certified, luck changed him."North by Northwest" - the film, which he defined as "the drama of a man fleeing from persecution," was stolen, compromised, caricature by all and sundry - especially the series of James Bond. Hitchcock felt that he would have to abandon the genre, on which he download the film lillehammer and worked diligently for three decades, beginning with "39 steps."This meant that he would try and avoid big-movies.

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