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These life recoverable by him from the things of indifference shadows under the spotlight intense interest, life, these bear no relation to human life. Things are starting to live like amulets, talismans, sinister Totem and Taboo some primitive religions.I think that if you want to understand how animals, plants, stone can inspire respect, fear, terror - these three sacred feelings, you need to see how they do on the screen, mysterious, silent, alien human feelings. Movie attaches to ice appearance of things and beings the greatest of all blessings: life.And it gives this life with its highest gifts: personality. Personality higher mind. It is the visible soul of things and people, imprinted their heredity, their unforgettable past, their future already exists. All sides of the world, selected cinema to life, taken them under one condition - the possession of self.This is the second update, which we can now add to the rules photogeny. So, I suggest the following formula: only the moving and personal side of things, beings and souls smears be photogenic, that is, to acquire higher moral value through cinematic playback.Close-up of the eye - this is no longer the eye, is a kind of eyes: that is mimetic visibility beyond which there is a sudden personality sight ... I praised the recent competition organized kinogazetoy. We had to call about forty more or less well-known film actors whose pictures cut from a newspaper printed eyes.That is, it was necessary to discover the identity of forty views. It was a curious unconscious attempt to teach viewers to the knowledge of the person isolated bright eyes. A close-up of a revolver - it is no longer a revolver, it personazhrevolver, that is craving for a crime, or remorse, defeat suicide.He is dark as the night of temptation, sverkayusche as coveted glitter of gold, gloomy as passion, rude, squat, heavy, cold, mistrustful, dangerous. He has the character, nature, memory, will, soul. Only the lens can sometimes mechanically reproduce the inner world of things. Thus, the first accident, was opened photogenic nature.But meaningful, ie personal susceptibility, may lead to the lens more and more valuable discoveries. This is the role of filmmakers, commonly referred to as directors.Of course, landscape, shot one of the forty or four directors, bestowed by God on the film, as he had once sent the locusts into Egypt, is absolutely identical landscapes taken other cinematic locusts.But this landscape or a piece of drama, set Hans, nothing will be like a landscape or a drama, seen through the eyes and heart of Griffith, L'Herbier. The film lillehammer. So invaded movie personality of several people, the soul, poetry, finally. Once again, I remind you "Wheel".When Sisyphus died, we all saw how he left his wretched soul and the shadow cast by the flight of angels, slide on snow. And finally, we adheres to the promised land, to the country of the great miracle. Matter here takes the form of a person; all nature, all things look here as their fancies man; the world was created the way you his thoughts;he is gentle, if you think he is gentle, he is cruel, if you think he is cruel. Time moves forward or backward, or it stops and waits for you. Opens a new reality, the reality of the holiday, false in relation to the reality of everyday life, like that, in turn, is false in relation to the higher truths of poetry.

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