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Yeah, so, the game "Masha". And what sort of words? Here is the guide to the front of the stage and knock thumb prompter's box. Require help. Comes out of the booth Blikshteyn, immediately "zascheplyaet" eyebrow up at me innocent Jewish eyes: "What do you want, Mikhail?That the game "Masha", you already knew? Now I'll give you a text ... How are you today nastroenitse? Not in the spirit?., I see, I see ... "The text is not immediately understand, ask again. Later, when the words in me calm down, I start to think how to say this ... - A process, my dear, long process ... "Bright people! ..When he drove out of the theater, he came to our house on the boulevard Shevchenko. Leave. Went without a call, without warning. Sat down in the hallway: I am going away to Moscow. And in general - to the grave ... Of course, you, Oleg, the situation is different - you're young ... But I will also advise: leave here until you have eaten ... "The whole evening drink, get drunk, and was silent.Pause ... In Moscow, he died shortly afterwards. His grave, which proudly reads "People's Artist of the USSR" grave at Novodevichy, very dusty ... June 28 "float" Again - Kiev. Leave tomorrow for Lobanovsky to the country, and now with his son went to the Church of St. Cyril. She still neotrestavrirovannaya and certainly invalid.First, climb a mountain. It seems that this Kurenivka. Maybe I'm confused, but there has to be a hospital. That's right: there was someone in a white coat, then someone in the hood. Perhaps this is allowed to walk, and others - is strictly forbidden. These - nebuynye. I remember this fence ... Many years ago with Kate Derevschikovoy gave a concert here.Receiving each in five. Monthly salary at the theater - 90 pe, along with concerts by the incident to most worked part of the New Year, and not only in a madhouse, but in ordinary hospitals, nursing homes. Most often played a scene from "When acacia flowers." Themselves invented this "distillation":I go out with a guitar for me - Kate should be the scene of jealousy - suspicion slap - then reconciliation. Incidentally, in the hospital in Kurenyovka site was tiny. Just placed gouging piano - is that the guitar is not set up - and stool, with which our feet hanging straight to the gym.By tradition, sitting in front of doctors, supervisors, medical staff. Sick - back slightly head down, as if they would pour cold water. The room smelled of carbolic acid for some reason. One paramedic download the film lillehammer and grabbed Kate's leg. Obviously, in ecstasy. For some reason, applauded. Following him povstavali from places all the doctors, the first two rows.This was no surprise - my partner was very pretty, eye-catching, even when the opportunity to talk so close. Sorry to patients - for grown backs nurses they could not see anything.When we played the scene, the sort of "normal" run to the staffroom, where we changed clothes, begged for theater tickets, autographs, offer free drugs, alcohol, and even Kate imported sandals. Those that are "abnormal", also download the film lillehammer and contributed to our representative.He download the film lillehammer and bowed politely, kissed Derevschikovoy handle, and then asked me to him to step aside. We download the film lillehammer and moved away. While it looked, I download the film lillehammer and looked at him askance, "vegetable" figure - eyebrows that looked like pea pods, and head in the form of radish tail up. He stuttered a bit.But his eyes were bottomless, demanded respect and my arm was not long released. "You know what history ... - He began his confession.

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