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After each episode immediately after the shooting was edited, voiced, rewrite, and walked into the lab.So, I had to work within certain episodes, and in their connection. School " Lenin in October" was decisive in this respect. I began to take pictures very differently. I take off and now every episode on exactly designed the circuit board, which specify in the pavilion in the day of development and almost never did me.In " Lenin in 1918", in "The Dream", in "The Man в„– 217" retrofitting is not critical, except that I threw out this or that once the episode entirely. " Lenin in October" has given me great organizational lessons.True, much in the way of this picture shooting was justified only emergency tasks, for example, parallel survey, two-shift operation, parallel rewriting, etc. All of these are measures of emergency order, and I never did not use them. The disadvantage of the organization was the fact that the picture is completely plug the studio:"Mosfilm" for 2 months did not shoot almost nothing but " Lenin in October". But there were also positive aspects. For example, I found that the pace of work depends not only on the development of a useful change: primary importance is the continuity of the work.I must say that of the 80 days for which the picture was taken, I took off at least 25 days to retake ... at idle, waiting Shchukin, in rehearsal with Shchukin, etc. Thus, the picture was actually shot in 55 days .If I had all the normal 80 days of daily work, I would have to work up to 10-12 hours a day. I decided to try to establish a smooth, continuous operation and, indeed, had this experience in the film " Lenin in 1918" <...> In the summer of 1938 Kapler download the film lillehammer and finished second scenario Leninist picture.It was called " Lenin", but the name was too general, and later comrade. Stalin changed it, calling the painting "download the film lillehammer and Lenin in 1918". Again, I had to join in the work on the script. Kapler became download the film lillehammer and interested party detektivnopriklyuchencheskoy assassination.I tried to turn the script into a slightly different direction, download the film lillehammer and entered the scene with his fist, reworked scenes with Fanny Kaplan, a figure download the film lillehammer and introduced as a traitor Sintsov through image, etc. All of these processing we did together with Kapler. Vasiliev left me for Eisenstein, and the second director I invited Aaron - very talented and hot the film lillehammer and Worked with him and the late Simcoe. Before the beginning of the picture I was able to work with a lot of Shchukin. We not only just worked out all of the text, but thought out and rehearsed in advance episodes. Shchukin, this time trying to go bigger on the inside line. He refused the imitative gesture softened gait, sharp turns.His dream was to play kakoynibud episode quite moving, say, sitting down, and that though the screen was Lenin. In " Lenin in 1918" Shchukin made several episodes on a higher level than in the " Lenin in October". He worked incredibly deep and reserved.With particular brilliance, he played the scene with his fist, we plant, the disease, the first scene with the girl. Unfortunately falshivovaty, Susalny final picture, with pretty oak dialogue did not go to his tongue.Recycle dialogue we could not because I had to change it in the bud, but this is not strictly allowed Dukla, as the script was approved. I recall that at that time introduced a law on Dukla pinching shooting script and pripechatanii their wax seal with an ominous Titley on the last page:up in this scenario, 112 numbered and laced pages on page 82 for the word "no" was changed to "no, no", that the signature and the stamp to certify.

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