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This, of course, found the original bet on the outright eclecticism, which, however, I was not afraid of since the days of "glass harmonica." However, I believe that this eclecticism eventually give nevertheless a coherent and unified picture.Not afraid to fall into demagoguery, undertake Watch Online, and argue that a thoughtful, principled eclecticism is one of the most appropriate picture of the world today expressions of wholeness. A fatal one-sidedness of culture - with this statement from the "Almanac of the devil" Bonaventura I completely agree.With regard to the principle of theatricality, his role in the film so significant that the film could justifiably be called the "Theatre Sooster Hulot." Apart from the fact that this principle was a key in the decision of individual scenes and episodes, it appeared also in the relationship of visual and audio series.In particular, how ostentatiously art Sooster trying to imagine the sounds of jazz, the music of Bach, the mantle oberiutov, the sophisticated metaphor Brodsky, the cranberry-colored speckled coat Nikolai Gogol ...Changing the structural principles of the existing classical theory about what sound decision and the decision should be linked to the plastic and form in combination the polyphony, the chord that gives the desired artistic effect. And this is certainly true.I remember our conversation on this subject with Khitruk - a supporter of the cast, psychological film and, in particular, an actor played out a scene in the movie. It really is a lovely view of the animation. My own theory is the fact that sometimes this is akterskipsihologicheskoe development can not be dominant.But in this case should be kakieto mechanisms that compensate for the lack of acting, relatively speaking, the dominant. For example, in many films McLaren, where the actor is not so obvious beginning or simply missing, to the fore plastic flashing lines of light spots, the game rhythm and so on. D.Apparently, in the animated film can Watch Online and to attend any of these landmarks. However, there may a certain situation where all dominant alternately present in one film.In the "School of Fine Arts" I just wanted to keep the balance in an unstable all threads motifs - in short, all the components of the film due to repeated changes mentioned above dominants. Of course, this problem is not a purely formal - it is dictated solely by the content:like sometimes lyrical jet to shoot down the grotesque, which is adjacent to the tragedy, and so on. d.I wanted to give a sketch of the time and lillehammer movie watch online in excellent quality and show some timeless substance, to close to a documentary portrait of the artist and at the same time to mystify him, and if something and preserve the feeling of instability that the viewer none of the paths not taken overthe only one not considered for the final. Thus, for example, along with mikroepizodami a few seconds in the film there are huge scene duration - e.g., an episode of "V TV", made by Vysotskiy song "Oh, Wan Look, some clowns. "It just is an example of so-called acting animated films, carried out a remarkable cartoonist Violetta Kolesnikova. I allowed myself to present this incident as a frank, brilliant, in my view, played sideshow ... Another cause of the hypertrophy of the piece:This pair's portrait, originally brilliantly sketched Vladimir Vysotsky as a drop of water, concentrated way of Homo soveticus'a, which became a reference for many decades - as a portrait of "mass consciousness" and as a way of "customer" our "partisan" art.

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