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The content, expressed as a specific topic is cinematic, if those elements is a material fact that is able to catch only the camera.A set of ideas or thoughts that need clear and definite expression in the form of abstracts, words, phrases, are therefore nekinematograficheskimi motives. Among cinematic motifs, according to Krakauer, one plays a special role - this is for life. This motif is more general in nature and is different from the others in that it is not just a motif;it corresponds to the main vocation of cinema is, so to say, an emanation of this means of artistic expression. Having reached this point, the reader will understand the meaning of subheading Krakauer book "Theory of Film": "Return to the material reality."It is, indeed, the basic principle that pervades all his work, which in the final chapter develops into a broader generalizations and conclusions - in a certain world, the image of human existence. In today's society, says Krakauer, inner world does not have priority.Beliefs, ideas, spiritual values ​​do not take today, that the dominant position which they occupied in the past. Therefore, they are not so obvious, impressive, really felt as external life events that show us the film.Cinematography can not distract us from kakihto lofty goals for the simple reason that these goals are already so far removed from us. How, then, it can be argued that the cinema, paying attention only to the outside world, keeps us interested in spiritual matters?With its close ties to the material elements incompatible with the issues affecting our souls? What's inner life is secondary to autonomous non profit organizations since moved on the screen image of the external life?The collapse of the old faith, ideology led to the collapse of the modern world is cluttered with rubble and debris, and all attempts to achieve a new synthesis are not successful. In today's world nothing is holistic:You can lillehammer movie watch online and say that it is made of pieces of random facts, and for continuous change that is meaningful and important. Therefore, an individual consciousness should be thought of as a set of fragments, fragments of different beliefs and activities;and as the spiritual life has a certain structure, the pulses coming from the psychological areas, tend to break out and filled the gaps. Individuals turn into fragments perform their role in an equally fragmented reality.If we want to get rid of the domination of abstraction, you must first focus on the material terms of phenomena that science has managed to extract from what has survived in the world around us. scientific and technical discoveries to effectively meet the demands of the spiritual life and reveal to us the nature of physical phenomena; That is why so as soon as possible "Watch Online and grab" in their particular form of these already well-known and not yet known phenomena.Osnovloy material for "aesthetic development" - a material world with all those feelings that he might have to call. One can not hope that we will be able to cover the whole reality, if we do not penetrate into its deepest layers.Fixing and researching material reality, the movie reveals never-before we've seen the world. After that Kracauer seems logical to conclude, as a result of what is happening now with the collapse of the ideology of material things fall off the veils, and we can evaluate them in their real form.

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