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For example, do the 40s: Leonid Leonov - "Invasion".Fyodor protagonist played Bezrukov, the father of today EseninaBezrukova. The scene where the father throws him out. It falls on the door. This live broadcast. He realizes that if he makes at least a step, the door will fall right into the frame. And by surprise forgets text. I shouted to the operator so that he gave him to his feet.And he says full of text, which has nothing to Leonov has. It was only after the operator shows him to his feet, he remembers his lines: "You've done that in a noble family, and well away from here." I quickly moved to another cell. Generally in Shabolovka work was great all involved in the creation of the ether.These zhenschinykabelmeystery - was previously a profession kabelmeyster, they wore the cable for the camera, and if it is necessary, to prompt the actors. For example, Tatiana Rasputin of Spectators had to read a monologue Virineya it a difficult vocabulary, she was afraid to say something somewhere is wrong. She decided to err, and hung the text on the camera ...But it was not her camera, and she began to move off of it. You should have seen these wide open with astonishment. And then one of kabelmeysterov missing this piece, crawling on all fours under the camera and the whole monologue actress holds up the sheet. And before you start shooting came Uncle Vanya, holding in one hand a bucket of black paint, the other - with a white. Cried, "my dear, what do you want to tint?" And Tint, where he was told. The paint used only black and white, because the TV was black-and. Our work is extremely interesting to dive into the material. If we learned from newspapers about kakomnibud interesting event or journalistic performance, we immediately went there.In Kharkiv Youth Theatre put "How the Steel Was Tempered" went a rumor that there interesting director's decision and talented actor plays Pavel Korchagin. Feet in the hands - and in Kharkov. You know what TUZ third belt? No money for the set, meager salaries ... and performance!I said that this is very interesting, and I was given TCP for some reason it was sent from Sochi. Winter, cold, PTS can be frozen, but the engineers, we worked as a team, stayed overnight in a title to not turn off the equipment. And we made this show. My first time in the frame was a combination of color and monochrome.Pavel in color, but that was personified evil - Black and white. We, of course, reduced performance, made it more compact and dynamic. And he went on the air. And this malchikaaktera immediately took to Moscow. First in the Theatre for Young People, and then in the Pushkin Theater, and then to Small. And recently, he download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and received the title of People's Artist, he thinks I'm his godmother.And his name is Alexander Ermakov. Look at it in the Maly Theater, in "Forest" Ostrovsky, not regret.

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Film Matinee / Утро (2009)
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