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Wait until the operator will prepare a film for the show, it was the worst for Allen. At that moment he more than anything else was afraid to find out what tests are unsuccessful. Apparatus zastrekotal and he shyly looked up at the screen.What he saw seemed incredible, but the film recorded in a relaxed pose stoyashego handsome young man, confident, and sometimes with a bit of humor, talks about his life in Paris and previous work. Zeltsnik forgot his intention to make comments during the review.He did not take his eyes off the screen, and when the film was over, turned to the young man with a satisfied smile. - You're in luck, said on.Vy extremely photogenic and spectacular look on the screen. Let's go back to my office and discuss the possibility of concluding the contract.Some time Alain had to wait in the waiting room until Zeltsnik consulted with Wilson, then he, too, was invited to the office. - I offer you a contract with Hollywood studios for seven years, said prodyuser.Vy will star in several films a year and will soon be able to Watch Online and get major role.- Oh, thank you, said Alen.Mozhno me to look at the contract? - It is in English, said Uilson.Vy speak English? - There is little embarrassed Delon. - In this case, you need to learn the language before arriving in Hollywood, said Zeltsnik.Vy should speak English, say, three months. This is a real time?- Yes, of course, the young man muttered. He imagined how much effort will have to be spent on language learning. Working in a restaurant he could hardly memorized a few phrases in English to explain to tourists. Now he had three months to learn to speak the language and have a good understanding of others.His thoughts were interrupted by Zeltsnik. - A couple of weeks you should give us an answer about the contract. This is my business card. Contact me or dictate a note to the Secretary. - Okay. Once again, thank you for the invitation to Rome and the proposed contract, Allen got up and started to leave, but Wilson stopped him.- Get the secretary of a return ticket to Paris, he turned to the Delaunay and said quietly: - You have made an excellent impression on Zeltsnika. With a little luck, after the first film, you can count on a major role.Out on the street, Alain so happy and contagious smile that passes by an elderly Italian couple told him the same radiant smile. On the payment specified in the contract, he did not dare to dream.Allen abandoned cars, the proposed Warner Bros., while walking to calm down a little, but now he did not have the patience to go to the hotel on foot. to catch a taxi, he returned to the room and dialed ZhanKloda. He picked up the phone on the first ring and asked anxiously: - How are you doing?Allen had forgotten about his usual restraint and shouted: - The contract with Hollywood for seven years! Zeltsnik was delighted with my samples! - It can not be said ZhanKlod.Kontrakt already signed? - No. First, I need to learn English, and then to fly to America. But payment is fantastic! - You'll be in Paris tomorrow, as planned? - Yes I Am.Why do you ask? - Organize a procession in honor of your return. But, seriously, you all already decided? - Almost decided. However, I am afraid of difficulties with English. - What about this do not worry. Today I'll try to find you a suitable teacher.- ZhanKlod you - my savior, without your help I would still be working in a restaurant.

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Film Matinee / Утро (2009)
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