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Informal explanatory narration. The film is an ethical dilemma. No self-congratulation and samosoboleznovaniya. Present humor and irony. The film is remembered. History, questions and opinions This film explores the relationship between the hero and the director of the film. Actions:Find someone willing to answer tactful questions he hears for the first time during the operation of the camera. During the interview, ask a question to the hero who will help determine the extent of his sincerity, for example, ask whether the hero had to overcome certain character traits.Look at the footage several times, consider and remove their own questions and observations about the narrated hero. Show both films, the hero and capture his reaction. Approximate film model: Show the interview - you ask a question, the hero thinks of him.Highlight the most interesting part of the story, dilute them with his comments and questions may be using voiceover, download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and superimposed on a frozen image. Show comments hero. Evaluation criteria: Exactly download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and selected participants. Of the most successful issues formed an interesting story.The story told by the hero, could trigger identification directed set into it moral dilemmas. Heroes are complementary. Clear separation between the levels. Each level dramaturgic justified. The hero does not look exploited. The film gives the impression of a dialogue.The film - a compilation of the movie - an essay Such work - a practical grasp of the didactic and demonstration of force movie. The purpose of the film - visual evidence, supplemented by reading the first-person. Words and visual images to complement each other to give the viewer the opportunity to enter the atmosphere of the era, in question. Voice-over:most of the historical adaptations such tedious, because according to the requirements of modern television are saturated with lots of facts and generalizations instead of characters and images. This approach makes the story boring edification, while in fact it is - an inexhaustible source of human dramas.Evaluation criteria: A good choice of the historical episode. Compliance with visuals and text describes the event. Complementarity visuals and text. The film outlines the characters and situations. Sustained steady pace. The film is based on the rhythm of speech. Watch the film Matinee / Утро (2009) online. Text sounds natural. I want to watch a movie.Consider a video letter and remove the video letter that you would like to send to students of film schools in other countries. International exchange can be a very rewarding experience, and often begins with such correspondence. You learn how to using the language of cinema, to communicate with people who have similar interests to your. Beginning.Remember, with any foreign film schools you kogdalibo contact. If you have not had this experience, then choose one or two that you would like to enter into relations, and send them a fax asking them to answer the following questions if they have training program directors - documentary? if so, who teaches classes?I wonder whether students - videoperepiska documentary filmmakers? what they would like to ask you? Perhaps the people to whom you refer, live and learn in an environment very different from those in which you live and learn. Therefore, in the videotape, you should: Describe the concept and content of your course, to provide teachers and students.Describe how each of the students came to the decision to engage in documentary.

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