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In fact, the easiest Watch Online and affect the mind through the heart, and the right way for the most part chose for themselves our art. It holds to the authors of the crowd through the success of artists.With great spiritual influence on the crowd, the theater gets a great social value, just that with its scaffolding preach lofty thoughts and noble feelings.It can be with the same force to bring great harm to society, just that it will show the crowd scaffold vulgarity, lies and prejudice These features of our art called enhanced control and custody of the theater from the administration that wants to Movie Matinee / Morning (2009) watch online and limit free thought,feelings and words. That is why the theater more than any other art suffers the oppression of censorship, religious and police restrictions. That's why he is placed beyond all laws and not shielded by any law.TS_ e- n_z_ u_r_ n_y_ e- _u_ s_l_ o_v_ i_ya_ _t_ e_a_ t_r_ a_ even harder than in other areas of art and literature Here are the court, through which every dramatic work, before seeing the spotlight: The instance I According to Art.85 "Charter of censorship and the press" is the author of a dramatic work in the General Administration of Press two copies of his play with the petition, with stamp duty at 1 p. 20 kopecks.By reading the work of the General Administration of press returns one of the author submitted copies of permits to censor the words and the other stores in the library of the Office. If dramatic work is recognized by the censor inconvenient to the presentation on the stage, according to Art.88 "Charter of censorship and printing" on this memo drawn motivated. Its content is not declared to the author, who is recognized in the present case a private individual. It is considered inconvenient to join with him in official correspondence. The play allowed the presentation by presenting the administrative authorities to censor instance.Therefore, to facilitate the production of the play on the stage, or the author must publish their own work, or Download Movie Matinee / Morning (2009) and request the publication of another person. II court to obtain the right to publish their works should be submitted to the general censorship copy of the play, the paid stamp duty of 60 kopecks., Together with a written application for permission. This authority shall not be obliged to conform with the previous, often at odds with her views on the dramatic works. It often prevents the public to read what is performed on stage of the Imperial and private theaters.According to the circular the General Administration of Press on 21 March 1884 for the No 1361 and December 11, 1892 for the 6042 No author has the right to publish and the printed piece, to make an inscription that allowed his work to the representation on stage. For its part, the police authorities do not have the legal right to settle for published and printed copy to permit production of the play, as in this case they should be guided by a resolution Special dramatic censorship.Author Instance III presents its second print or lithograph, the General Directorate together with the application, stamp duty paid, and request to make a play in the "Official Gazette", the list of plays, of course permitted to view. This is due to the fact that according to Art.90 and 91 of the "Charter of censorship and press," the police have the right to allow only the presentation of the play, published in the "Official Gazette", the list of plays, of course permitted to view.

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Film Matinee / Утро (2009)
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