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- Thank you, Natalie said.Becoming the wife Alena, she began to stay with his friends with dignity, but not arrogant. - Your offer is very tempting. If my husband agrees, then we accept it. The actor download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and smiled and said: - Thank you, it's the perfect gift for our wedding. He quickly ended the case in Paris, soon to fly to America.Between him and Natalie established warm relations. Stout girl, but the pregnancy was her face. Nothing marred happy newlyweds, involved in the preparation for departure. Occasionally they download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and remembered Romy, but she never download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and called, and over time they forgot about it. In the midst of duties to visit spouses went Milos.- Going on a honeymoon? - Yes, at the weekend, said Natalie with a cheerful smile. - Allen, Stefan could not go, but also wishes you a happy trip. - Thank you. We met with him recently, said akter.Kakie are your plans for the near future? - I also really want to go to America.- Milos, you are our good friend, Natalie intervened, but Allen should get used to the new place. He could not immediately invite crowds of people in Hollywood, because I do not know their orders. - Shut up, ordered her muzh.Seychas we go on a honeymoon, but once ensconced in a new apartment, I'll pay for your ticket to America. Agreed?- You - a true friend. Thank you. Milos left, and Natalie angrily asked her husband: - Why do you call it promised to America? He constantly asks you for money, can not continue. - Do not you tell me how to spend their money, said coldly Alen.Esli friend asks me for help, he had never heard of failure.The girl download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and pursed her lips, but was silent. She was incomprehensible and unpleasant compliance download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and Alain request of friends, but because of this quarrel with her husband, she did not. Finally bags were collected, and they went on their honeymoon. They were accompanied by a personal chef, nanny download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and hired in advance and favorite dog actor.Despite the long period of pregnancy, Natalie rarely felt discomfort and enjoy the ride. Romy gradually began to recover. To help her work on the film, which absorbs almost all of her time. The wound of betrayal Alain delayed, but it will not allow myself to forget about it, buying a newspaper every day and looking at them messages couple Delon.The couple went on a boat trip, after which the actor was planning to begin shooting in the Hollywood film. It was specially shocked that Natalie soon had to give her husband a child."So, he had started going out with her," mused Romy and summarizing facts and dates to calculate the time of his acquaintance with the woman who became his wife. But in recent months it is so rare in Paris, which had too little information for this analysis. The actress lost her lover, but I could not live with that.Allen flew from Paris with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he loved his wife, was glad to give her pleasure, take a trip, but at the same time did not want to mess around. Actor used to meet with the producers and directors to make movies, while reading and amending the new scenarios.Spent without work week download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and knocked it out of the regular schedule. He was impatient to arrive as quickly as possible to Hollywood.

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