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"When my mouth began to approach the cheeks that my eyes asked him to kiss her, those eyes, moved, saw new cheeks;neck, considered close, as if through a magnifying glass, found granular structure and strength, changed the whole character of the person, "Any shot very close-up reveals a new and unexpected formation of the material: skin like aerial photographs, the eyes turn to fire lake volcanic craters.These images enhance our surrounding world in two ways: extending it literally, they thereby breaking down the walls conventional reality, gives us access to open spaces, which we first saw in the best case only in dreams and dreams But not only shot very close-up turns the familiar in the ordinary.Various techniques of cinematic skill builds on the fact that the survey gives a picture of the physical reality, or a combination of images, at variance with the traditional view of her.In this respect it is interesting "download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and perpetrated the earth's surface," Kuleshov - receiving, breaking the existing spatial relationships Frames material phenomena, taken in different places, are mounted in such a way that their combination creates the illusion of spatial continuity. Created in this way artificial space intended primarily for excursions into the realm of pure fantasy. For example, in the "intermission" Rene Clair camera pans from the bottom half of the figure of the ballerina to the head, bearded man to make us a fantastic view of the character, composed of two different parts.And in the "choreographic sketch for cameras" Maya Deren dancer lifts his foot in the forest, and lowers it in the living room, thus becoming an element dekora79 tion, surreal transformation shift patterns which resemble dreams Think negative and frame images and footage back shooting ;they largely destroy our usual visual perception. Other types are as whimsical images will be examined further. All of them are in the field, which can be called "reality another dimension" or " altered reality."Around the unusual frame an interesting problem to clarify their relation to the physical being as such.Criticism, considering the movie along with traditional arts, cite examples of altered reality as the supposedly proving that the existing image of the outside world - not the main task of cinema or, at least, should not be a major, and that, therefore, the film director has the right to neglect this task , preferring theimages of all kinds of visions and dreams. However, this is not the solution. In fact, the meaning of film frames altered reality, like a very close-up of hands Mae Marsh, may be twofold: it may or may not be coupled with the physical reality in its usual sense.If such personnel are an integral part of the rest of the realist film, they are likely to be download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and perceived as part of the same realism, for which the whole film, and they and the director intended. be understood by the audience as identifying hidden from our eyes the aspect of the world.So, hands Mae Marsh deepen our perception of the physical manifestations of her life as a whole, and if some of the shots of the film "A Dance to jazz" look out of context, then they are unlikely to be recognizable kakielibo realnozhiznennye objects, but these pictures reveal to us the secrets of the material world, ignited dancing frenzy.If, on the other hand, the modified images of reality are used as elements of a free artistic composition, the following tasks images of physical reality, they lose their realistic basis and are generally perceived as a product of pure fiction.Many authors experimental films play on a double sense of these images, transforming them before our eyes from a previous reality in purely formal drawings, completely cut off from life.In a very close-ups of the film "March of the Machines" is first recognizable kakieto machine 80 parts, but then they are transformed into moving rhythmically, nothing on similar forms, the origin of which is difficult to establish.True, the machine can be easily transform into anything else not related to abstraction, but do not forget that they are, in fact, derive from shooting a reality.

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