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A suitable example can be the same fast gallop, recorded under personnel chase.Even if this type of music is reduced to the role of "background filler", it at least serves as a psychological stimulant. A cinematic accompaniment such desirable download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and provided that it duplicates and thus enhances the material aspects of visual themes. After a quick gallop expresses not so much aim chase, as its rapid pace.However, support for visual theme and its over-emphasis - two different things.Parallel commenting music can be so clearly expressed, or even intrusive, that it no longer serves as an accompaniment, and has a leading position in this case, it requires the viewer too much attention and prevent him to catch some of the details of the episode, the main theme of which is duplicated.This glare especially peculiar musical compilations of the tunes a download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and certain semantic content. There are popular motifs, traditionally associated with circus performances, funerals and other life events podobno194 type;whenever one of these long ago turned into a stamp motif sounds under the appropriate image, it automatically calls the viewer stereotyped reaction.Few measures "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn enough to tell the audience that he is shown the wedding, and to prevent his mind all of the visual facts that are not directly related to this ceremony.Walt Disney movies in their full-scale goes so far in this direction, even mounts documented the shots of wildlife with a musical soundtrack in a way that they are, contrary to all probability, make sense, tells a familiar melody.Animals dancing or like athletes, slide down the mountainside in full compliance with the music, which implies these actions. This fun effect is achieved with the help of music dies and special techniques of cinematic art.However, when these ingenious falsification of nature, filmed a movie camera, become a permanent feature of the film, the viewer recognizes the deception and they cease to entertain him. By the way, the fine stamps at least as common in films, as well as musical.Long kiss in the finale of many Hollywood movies rather standard harbinger of happiness than a kiss itself Counterpoint. Much of what has been said about the parallel commenting music applies to contrapuntal musical accompaniment.If this music is mostly in the background, it is also able to enhance the expressiveness of the image frames. Imagine a close-up of a person sleeping person, accompanied by the rhythms of frightening muzyki19: we almost surely will surprise a strange discrepancy between the nature of music and peaceful scene on the screen.And then, trying to solve this problem, we may want to more closely examine the sleeping person to find his psychological compliance, potential changes. But otherwise, when the leading role belongs to contrapuntal music, it performs the same function as the speech that defines the action moving.From one "dissonant chord in the right place - says Kop195 Land - the whole room can freeze in terror in the middle of a sentimental scene, and well designed arcade, playing the wind instrument is able to transform obviously somber moment of the animal into something defiant laughter" In both cases, vpechatlyaemost music reducesexpressive shots. But for all its similarities parallel and contrapuntal music in the film are different in one important respect.

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Film Matinee / Утро (2009)
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