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Do not lose it. - Victor P., - asked someone - you do later began publishing? Well, obviously, a war ... - If not for the war, - nodded Petrovich, - I began to write at least ten years before twelve. I had a craving for writing since childhood.Of course, then I turned to another writer: better or worse - Movie Matinee / Morning (2009) watch online and guess nobody has given.However, without a doubt, one has not experienced the horrors of war, not having seen enough of blood and tears, the writer would me much more pleasant for the simple reason that he would have been cultured, educated, wrote not impaired and bruised human life, not the suffering and grief, as well as other, more proper to man and nature thatgeneral is consistent with my cheerful and optimistic nature, which although remained in the war, but suffered the inevitable loss, and they will often crushes under her bright vision of the world.And then are in life and in fiction irritation, suspicion, resentment, anger, and sometimes - a bad assistant in literary work. Then there were just general conversations "for life", and we held dear guests only in the morning. And the guys told me: - Leva, which is a wonderful night we spent today!And what a terrific person - how he thinks and how to talk! In fact, Viktor very interesting talks. I, I understand it was not possible to transfer at least a piece of his tone. His speech recalls it simple country person, and at the same time in each of his phrases so much wisdom, so much beauty, so much poetry!So talk to very few. And this Siberian saying that I dropped, "Yeah ... yeah ... yeah ..." - "The Lion, here I wrote two stories, they certainly like you, huh?" Do it to me with any requests I did not address. Only once the operator Toll Z, who also was a friend of Petrovic, told me:- Leva, it is necessary for us to Moscow in Khotkovo, go - Victor Petrovich take one old woman, which he considers his second mother. - What are you talking about! Of course, we will go. And we went to Petrovich. In Khotkovo quickly found her house, they went into the yard and saw a gorgeous garden.And when the door opened into the house, nor felt incomparable flavor a dried herbs. On the bed, under the covers, slightly thin body in sight of the old woman, and looked at us clever smart funny eyes. Nearby, on the windowsill, it was saucer with strawberries. As we learned later, the neighbors took care of the old woman and took care of her. She will not want to leave, and after his death bequeathed the house and land to those who cared for her. And then it began. She suddenly began to remember the war - how to meet the trains with wounded soldiers brought mushrooms and berries. It seemed as if they could not stop talking with Petrovich.And then Aunt Sima suddenly paused, and then said: - Vit, because I sin against you ... Remember when Manya brought you into the house, I said to her: "What, you could not find anyone better? Unsold led ... "Petrovich laughed. - Yes, I did hear all the time. They laughed, and then my aunt Sima serious. - Vit, I was watching TV.Well, what you're getting yourself into in a fight! Here you write a story, and they threaten to kill you. - Why should I be afraid? - Petrovich laughed again. - Wars of the past - not afraid, but now I have to be afraid of any goats? I write about what not to write just can not.

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Film Matinee / Утро (2009)
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