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Who shall lay your shirt, your socks, hanging in the closet your costumes? I do not want to touch them foreign women, even the maids. I went to Marseille, helped him get a job at the hotel and went back to Paris for Edith.Of course, when three days later, we flew to New York, Lucien Rupp took her by the throat. - Edith, I'm counting on you. For Marseille this match - a question of life. He must not fail. - No one knows I'm here. My contract starts in ten days. I came for Marseilles, and I see him. - Do not get angry. I koechto invented.- So at once, and we did! - Here. Marseille trains in the sports camp LokSheldreyk, one hundred and sixty miles from New York. On arrival, he was staying at the "Evans", I found a small, family-run guest house close to you. - Why can not we live in the same hotel? - Edith, you know America.If a man and woman are married, they can not live in one room. You will ruin the career of this Marcel! And you will spend two days together in this guest house and go back to New York and will be there calmly waiting for his return. - If everything is pre- arranged, - said Edith with feigned appearance, - I agree.We started, as in road racing. It was impossible to hesitate, not to know about the arrival of Edith. And then there is the very fantastic story. In the words of Lucien: "I organized it, I made it" - there was not a shred of truth. Everything ordered Marseille, and his first concern was to find our guest house near his hotel.Lucien was supposed to be between us connected. Lucien took us to the guest house where we were all sisters who travel to America. We laid out the things, when the bell rang for dinner, and we quickly went down. For the first time, probably, Edith came to the table in time. It is download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and interested in all, she had never been in such places.I am, however, too. We lived in a shack or or in palaces, but it was a hotel, and no pensions. At the table we were introduced: no one knew the situation was constrained. For food Edith nowhere touched, but are passed on to my plate, saying that it is impossible to offend the hostess: "Be polite, Momona, we are abroad."This, too, was all Edith, of which the convention did not care. Finally dinner was over. But as it was the birthday of one of the sons of the hostess, and everything happened posemeynomu, the dining room made monstrous cake, a typical American. Then it just was not there:whipping cream, coconut, chocolate, currants, almonds, peanut butter, maple syrup, Savoy biscuits ... In life, would have thought that all this can be joined together! Look online. The cake was so huge that I could not help counted guests. While I was recovering, I put a piece that does not fit on the plate.Squinting at the plate Edith - the same picture. I thought, 'Do I have to eat two servings? .. "And I had to. "Momona, get my piece. I'm sick of the same species. And eat it. This is a birthday cake that will think about us? "I do not know about what people might have thought, but at night I almost died.Each time, closing his eyes again, I saw this monster, and I was beginning to feel sick. Edith laughed till you drop and sang me "Happy Birthday ... congratulations." Marcel Lucien and barely managed to break away from the media and get to our guesthouse. One look at the Edith Marcel was enough to realize that it will not remain here.Despite the joy of meeting, without a scene has not done. Edith said with download the film Matinee / Утро (2009) and exaggerated courtesy of: - Where's our room?

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