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Eva Marie Saint is an employee of the CIA, and the film ends on a romantic note - a compound of the hero and the lovely scout. Let's start with a fun moment. You may remember, in the beginning of the film the action takes place at such a dizzying pace that the hero does not have time to recover.Cary Grant came to me with the words: "What a wild scenario! We have already filmed the third picture, and I can not figure out what's what." History seemed to him too confusing? Yes, he unwittingly, uttered the phrase from the text of his role.By the way, I wanted to find out if you used someday insignificant dialogue, knowing that the audience would not be download movie motoqueiros sem rumo and listen to the lyrics? God forbid, what for?Perhaps, then, to give them a break between stressful episodes or make kakoeto Finally, explain koechto late. This practice has its roots in the era of Griffith. Gdenibud the middle of the movie Griffith used to include captions with a brief summary of the previous steps, just for latecomers.Do you have something like that in the second part of "North by Northwest" in the dialogue scenes at the airport, where Cary Grant says Leo J.. Carroll, representative of counter-intelligence, everything that happened to him from the beginning. At this stage dual function.First, it clarifies and summarizes the sequence of events for spectators, and second, "report" Cary Grant - key for counter-intelligence, giving a clue to some confusing moments of these mysterious events. Yes, but we do not know what he says, because his voice was drowned in the noise of aircraft engines.It is not necessary that all could hear, because the public already has received this information in the previous scene, when secret service decided that their contribution Cary Grant may bring suspected opponents. Remembered. The deafening roar of the engines and performs a different role: makes losing a sense of real time.Story Cary Grant takes 30 seconds, and in fact for its restatement would require at least three minutes. Similarly, it is part of our game over time. In this picture, nothing is left to chance, which is why, when we finished it, I took a very strong position.I had never worked for the studio "MGM", and when they have looked up a mounted, began to put pressure on me, so I removed a long episode in the final. I flatly refused. What kind of episode in question? Immediately after the stage in the cafeteria, where people look through a telescope at Mount Rushmore. Remember, Eva Marie Saint shoots Cary Grant?But she only pretends to kill him to save his life. In the next episode of his taken to the forest where he met her. The film motoqueiros sem rumo. When two cars come? It's a key scene!It can not be cut, because it is their first real date since he learned that she was the mistress of James Mason, and just at this stage, he learns that she is an employee of the CR contract was signed with my agent, and when I read it, I found them without my knowledge included a paragraph on the right to complete my artistic controlfilm, regardless of what else. It gave me a reason to politely but firmly say: "Sorry, but this episode you must leave." My impression is that this film is replete with stunt shots, most of which go unnoticed by the public.You also made extensive use of special effects shots using models and artificial decorations. Our pavilion was built a replica of the building of the hall of the United Nations.

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