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It turns out one more thing: she's pregnant.By the end of the sixth week of her starting such pain, both away from one place and go to New York. There they announced that she had an ectopic pregnancy. However, the question of how a true verdict is still open.According to Green, in his early youth Marilyn suffered a rare failed abortion forever precluded a mother. What to Miller, it is not so clear:initially identified himself in an interview with the adoption of the Green, he noticed a few lines below, which does not exclude the possibility that his wife might have an ectopic pregnancy. Worried that was not removed discordance in this sensitive issue in some way contributed to Marilyn herself, at various times told one thing, then another. Perhaps the most plausible explanation comes from one of those who knew her well and was aware that she had done a lot of abortions, almost twelve.And because of expensive medical facilities she could not afford, the internal organs Monroe suffered irreparable harm, why, and increased possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. Critical days it took very seriously, and nothing to do but to take them a drug similar to the current contraceptives.The use of the latter, for it excludes the possibility of pregnancy at the time, in turn, " included a compensation mechanism of hysterical, and she began to think she was pregnant. Can you imagine the hell it all it sank?"So, being married to Miller, Miller's faithfulness, it will transfer the operation and another one - in order to be able to donate to their chosen child - and yet time will confirm that she is pregnant. So it will not pull a month or two; remain download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and unchanged but the state of her depression, increasingly deepened as is behind the next pregnancy - the real, hysterical or ectopic. Zanuck was once contemptuously called her "sexy ugly", and seems to be a Hollywood mogul curse coming true.Few of the women do not become depressed when they happen to miscarriage, so we talk about Marilyn, how to measure the depth of the abyss into which it sinks? Ineffable logic of suicide posits that the early death of the soul rather than a slow decline through the dreary succession of flue years.This condition is so painful that Miller voleynevoley forced to cross the Rubicon. Never before had he write chtolibo, having before my eyes the finished artist - actor or actress.He is the heir to the tradition of great literature, according to which the true theatrical spectacle is nothing but a continuation of the play, the text of which shall be inviolable. Great playwrights tend to live not with actors, and the themes of his works. And All the same, he would write the script for Marilyn. The basis of it he put his story "The Misfits."From the perspective of Marilyn, this action - or the highest gift of love, or the first fruit of a petty and calculating mind. For a few days, her mood improved, but came out of the hospital, she again plunged into depression, losing by adopting tablets Nembutal.One day, right before his eyes, she sank into a chair and, with difficulty breathing, immediately fall into a heavy slumber. For the first time in his life he will be a witness to what is the unmistakable sign of a partial paralysis of the diaphragm, the breath will come out of her chest with a strange frightening hiss. Death wind stir light sheet.It will not run into the kitchen to make coffee, not lift her from the chair to get around the room together, do not pat on the cheek, not poschiplet for eggs, no, it will call the ambulance.

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