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The author calls his language "eleven", ie teenagers - those thirteen to nineteen. The language Alex and tells his story.Breasts are called "groodies", hands - "rookers", leg and foot - "noga". "Litso" means a person, "rot" - mouth, "glazzies" - eyes. Man abbreviated as "veck". "Horrorshow" - the ultimate expression of delight. Burgess enters into the language of the novel dozens of words of his own invention, "Cancer" - cigarettes, "candy" - money."Gulliver" - a tribute to Jonathan Swift - means the head. The novel is full of literary references. Alex and his gang of wandering around London wearing masks of Henry VIII, Disraeli, Elvis Presley and "Pebeo" Shelley. Streets are named after Kingsley and Priestley. The meaning of "A Clockwork Orange" is not clear.According to the interpretation of the Burgess, has an amazing ear for argotizmy and speaking half a dozen languages, the turnover of "queer as a clockwork orange" means the London cockney parlance - crank, but not in a homosexual way.It's not too The everyday expression, but there are others like him, such as "stupid as dvuhshillingovye hours." Many suspect that the expression "A Clockwork Orange" Burgess invented himself. When the movie is already out, "Warner Brothers" valiantly tried to download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and explain the expression as follows:psychological treatment Alex turns it into "a clockwork orange - the outside is healthy and intact, but inside eludes him disfigured reflex mechanism". Others, mindful of the "Dr. Strangelove", download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and believed that this expression can be a metaphor for bombs, smooth outside and fraught a terrible mechanism for counting the seconds.Kubrick when he first read the book, it pushed the linguistic sophistication Burgess. "First, the novel does not attract Stanley - says Southern. - He said a language no one understands. And so it was. We talked about it all day."Although Kubrick showed no enthusiasm, Southern asked Roma for work for six months, with Michael Cooper wrote and showed it to anyone who could. English producer David Pattnem scenario considered promising, but advised Southern and Cooper to find out whether it is acceptable to work for the English kinotsenzury.Censor download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and returned script without reading it, and said, according to Southern, the following: "I am familiar with this book, and there is no reason to read the script written on it, as depicted in the novel of youth disobedience to the authorities, it will not pass." Southern extended the rights to the novel, but then download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and retreated.His lawyer Sai Litvinoff bought the rights in the hope that the film will serve as a catchy advertising group "Rolling Stones", and Alex play Mick Jagger, a great connoisseur of the novel. The script was commissioned by Burgess. English critic Adrian Turner read the script. "There were about three hundred pages - says Turner, - and he was completely unreadable.Burgess simply rewrote the entire book. "In any case," The Rolling Stones "has failed to carve out in his busy schedule time for the shoot, and this project also failed, although Litvinoff and his partner Max Raab download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and retained the right movies. Novel still delights a new London elite.Operator David Bailey intended to film a movie on it, and a few years later, Elvis Costello rokpevets gathered extravagant collection: a few dozen copies of the first English edition of "Orange". The price of each book to the 90 th year could reach up to five download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and hundred pounds.

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