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And here is an unexpected obstacle:it comes from the House, to be exact - of its Subcommittee on Un-American Activities. Leaders of the latter causes Miller as a witness: he was to testify about the reason why, in 1954, he was download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and refused a passport.Case longstanding and popped up to the surface only because Miller had set out to go to England to participate in the filming of "The Prince and the chorus," without much publicity reiterated its request to the State Department;The same, for its part, has once again acted as if still going to ignore the request of the playwright - referring to the order painfully familiar to 1956 directive to refuse to emigrate "the person who maintains the Communist movement."Meanwhile, from the time when everyone's lips was the name of Senator McCarthy's been four years, and the coming wedding and Marilyn Miller - the most relevant newsworthy in the U.S., not counting the test newfound hydrogen bomb.It's no secret in Washington that download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and threatened to bring the writer to court for contempt of Congress, as long as it refuses to appear before the House, and the precipitate from the focus of the media Subcommittee on Un-American Activities intends to once again draw the attention of the general public.Publicity - its intimate charm, a small change of its existence, and we can understand why members of the subcommittee in the shower have a slavish reverence for Marilyn. Future husband and wife to offer a secret agreement:Miss Monroe is deign to be photographed in public Subcommittee chairman Walter Miller and problems are likely to find a friendly solution. He refuses. His lawyers even advise about it to spread. In fact, someone came into our heads to believe in the reality of such a farce?Meanwhile, the prospect of hearing headlines trumpeted the mass media. After Marilyn - the favorite one and all, from the Democratic Party to the newspaper "Daily Worker"! She eagerly assured reporters that her fiance will come out of its victory. Preserved newsreel footage:here it is, as beautiful as ever, gives an interview on the lawn of the Washington alone. We see that she is in love. He is in love, for answers questions slowly, with effort for words, as if out of the emotional trance. Marilyn looks confused:seems every thought she was still with someone you love, and persistent questions slip on the edge of her consciousness. It is possible of course, that she was under the influence of tranquilizers. Trying to penetrate the mystery of existence, we have to live every time as if two lives simultaneously.Do not forget that all this is happening even in the years when the movie star may be subject to public ostracism of open expression of sympathy for what else left, so even worn in the air hint that the fate of some of Marilyn fatally download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and linked with the fate of Miller , gives it an air of character.Monroe gradually takes over the minds of American intellectuals, overcoming inertia, they start to think that at least potentially, it is not so much a national hero screen as the new shape of American life. It is impossible, however, to say that at the time of Monroe's death a conviction will enter into their consciousness as something unquestionable.However, the current configuration of a sudden can not seriously stir intellectual consciousness of Europe, and the State Department forced to back down, and chairman of the subcommittee Walter - to temper their ambitions.

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