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He felt that working in the theater, to withstand a three-hour show is it too hard. Shchukin elicit me:does not it make sense to go to work at all the movies and whether it can put such conditions to be removed, not all the paintings, which it seeks, but only in those in which he wants. He offered me a joint work plan. First of all - the third series of "download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and Lenin". We planned this scenario with Shchukin earlier.It was to be a picture of the last stage of the life of Vladimir Ilyich, those months when he was an illness for a short time returned to work - This is the time between October 2 and December 15, 1922, when, having recovered after the first attack of the disease, download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and Lenin fully returned to the ongoing work in the party and government.knowing that this job was killing him. Here are a few months old when Lenin gave his life to the Soviet homeland, knowing that it is waiting for the imminent end, holding unusually cheerful, working with unprecedented energy, inspiring everyone around him - these few months have been material for a new picture of Lenin.Then B V. said that he wanted to play in the movie Arkashka Neschastlivtseva and mayor. These dreams do not come true.Two months after our conversation, Shchukin, my favorite actor, best actor, whom I knew kogdalibo in my life, my friend, and a wonderful, deep man, a real great Russian talent - died suddenly. He died in his sleep, and he is holding a book left. The book was Diderot's acting. Shchukin's death marked the end of my work on a series of Lenin. In addition to the third series, which I have already said, were intended more pictures of Lenin, one of them belonged to the period of the first arrival of Lenin in Petrograd from abroad in 1917, and the other was associated with the Brest peace. Shchukin to death, I dreamed of doing a biography of Lenin in 5-6 films.But there is no other actor in the role of Lenin, I could not have imagined back then. And now I can not imagine. Maybe someday, when memory is erased on Shchukin when prompted kakoynibud new actor, will be download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and again put Lenin's picture, but now I thought it would be sacrilege.Many times I offered to put the "Dzerzhinsky", the "Frunze", else kakienibud istorikorevolyutsionnye paintings in which appears the figure of download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and Lenin, but no matter how close to me in this genre, I could not decide to work with another actor in the image of download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and Lenin. Look online. Shchukin was fully immersed in the arts. It burned really noble fire artist.His spiritual purity, gentleness, goodness, great personal charm connected with relentless insistence on issues of their trade.And if he thought chtolibo very important, as I say, do not agree, then he was able to spend hours, days, weeks to convince, persuade me, then even cheat, go to the same kind of naive plot, like that inspire her thought my assistants, operators, artist, director of the group, anyone - as long as they affected me,if only I took the episode as it wants Shchukin. Most such preferences Shchukin were very reasonable. But in those cases where he is not right, he always agreed, seeing the results on the screen. He was totally devoid of false pride, arrogance or chegolibo like that.Boris Shchukin twenty-five years ago, I fell to the good fortune to work in two scenes with a truly extraordinary actors as Boris Shchukin and Vasily Vanin. They both died at the highest rise of the skill.The deeper in the memory of the past goes to work with these wonderful artists and beautiful people, the clearer it becomes to have a huge role they played in my life.

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