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We do not know why the men dance, why women leave a note in the wall. But do not take much intelligence to understand that dance - a ritual worship of Abu, and notes - prayers and requests of successful marriages and healthy offspring.These facts can be explained by Khodr film, and can be left without comment. Dostatochns simple text, except for a few over-alliteration "feast enthusiasm and admiration." However, the visuals are so vivid and unusual, that the use of download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and certain literary jewelry is appropriate here.The essence of narration - looking for interesting facts and feed the viewer in the most exciting and imaginative way. Facts - the basis of a comment. The text should be lively and instantly reach the intended target. It's obvious. More difficult to determine the precise extent possible the author's assessment of facts.Some take a puritanical views, arguing that the text can only focus, assess the situation and draw conclusions the viewer should independently. This rule is not in doubt.However, if the author strongly empathizes happening and well-download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and versed in the material, his opinion may be of interest and sound in the film. This approach is used in the films of Ed Murrow and Bill Moers.He is considered controversial, but it is justified in the film, calling for action and social change, though the author imposes a serious responsibility. Style The first thing to decide on the style of presentation. This issue must be resolved before the author sits down at the computer to write a comment.Historical films are usually serious and philosophical, nature films, travel - direct and simplified. But in our case, there can be hard commandments and rules, and there is always a creative approach to solving any problems.You can try a humorous, some "street" style, as in the series of James Burke's "Connections" in which he oraschaetsya В° to the subject of technology and its impact on human history. In the third series, entitled "Distant voices" ^ Distant Voices ") it is a medieval tournament. Audio Slow installation of knights on horseback.Burke: The shock of a larger story reacted and hardy horse that could withstand the full measure of punishment. A growing big horse is not a cheap thing - Ask any pro. The appearance of the Knights completely changed the structure of society. Tournament. Mounting: horses, riders, spectators at the castle.The tournament was a mixture of farce and a wild area-shows, usually ends the slaughter, destroy entire cities. All this came out from under the control so that even the Pope tried to ban the spectacle and merrymaking. While it was far from elegant and noble style rules.But all the tricks and deceptions had two good reasons directly related to the equestrian stadium. You see, while the cavalry was technological innovation. Knight required more skill and dexterity for the proper handling of the spear. The second reason has to do with the prizes. You knock an opponent out of the saddle and get it all:his weapons, armor, saddle, horse production. Burke's style is unusual. His language is simple, accessible, free and not serious. He often uses colloquial and slang makes namerenny6 grammatical errors. It all works perfectly. Simple language is very difficult to imitate. Burke himself invented his own style, has created a unique image.He is unpretentious simpleton everyday language is fully consistent with its character and appearance.

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