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If you connect the different sounds in the assembly with a clear idea of ​​its goals, they can be mounted to each other in the same way as the image. " In this regard, Russian theorist recalls:"Remember the early days of cinema, when directors were afraid to cut to pieces visible on-screen motion and close up when ... was not understood and many branded as a method of an unnatural and therefore unacceptable." "I think - continues Pudovkin - that sound film will approach closer to a truly musical rhythm, than ever approached mute.This rhythm must be installed not only on the movement of the actor and objects on the screen, but also - which is essential for us today on the exact day-mounted audio and organizing pieces of a sound recording in a distinct counterpoint to the image. ""Now that I'm finished," deserter "I am convinced that sound film is the art of the future potential. This is not a orchestral work, the center of which music and theatrical performance, where the dominant factor - the actor; the film is not even akin to opera. This - the synthesis of each and every element: verbal, visual and philosophical.In our opportunities - to convey the world in all its shapes and shades in a new form of art which inherits and going through all the other arts, because it is the highest means of artistic expression, allowing to show today and tomorrow. "This firm belief in the principle of the Soviet kinoteoretika, by which is possible to overcome accept Pudovkin. The sound and image. tive naturalism "emerged in 1928 in the detailed reasoned manifesto signed by Pudovkin, Eisenstein and Alexandrov: Application. Cherished dream of sounding cinema come true.The Americans invented the technique of sounding movie, put it on the first step of the real and controversial exercise. In the same direction is working intensively Germany. The whole world is talking about a conspiracy Dumb.We are working in GCOP, well aware that in the presence of our technical capabilities to start the practical implementation will be possible any time soon.However, we consider it timely download movie motoqueiros sem rumo, and to declare a number of fundamental presuppositions of the theoretical order, the more so by reaching to the information we are trying new enhancement film used in the wrong direction .Misunderstanding of the new technical possibilities of opening not only can inhibit the development and improvement of the cinema as an art, but also threatens to destroy all of its modern formal achievements.Modern cinema, operating visual images, a powerful impact on human rights and on the right is one of the first places among the arts. It is known that the main and only means which drives the movie to a force of impact is mounting.Approval of the installation as the main means of influence was undeniable axiom, on which the movie world culture. The success of Soviet films on the world screen, largely due to a number of the methods of installation, they first opened and approved. Therefore, for the further development of the great moments of cinema are the only ones that enhance and extend the mounting techniques impact on the viewer.Examining each new discovery from this viewpoint, it is easy to identify an insignificant value and color stereoscopic cinema in comparison with the huge value of the sound.

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