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That was all organic and simple, you leave, call kakogonibud author from the ceiling, for example, Petrov, "As I went for the first time on a date." And right away say any text, for example:"Today, I came home early, I have to be held a meeting with the girl, I put on my best suit, walked out of the door, but he noticed that the rain was drizzling down ..." etc. This will all be seamlessly and easily . The main thing - to tell. " Here's a he gave advice, and that we have left. That was in 1952.A few years later, as a second-year student, I went to Leningrad to meet the city's attractions: the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, and so he passed the hotel "Europe" and the Philharmonic, I saw Andronicus, published after his concert and lush crowd.He walked among the unusually dressed beautiful women and men, download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and again in an open coat and winter hat. It was almost the same Andronicus, whom I saw then at Stromynka. Congratulated him, he download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and smiled broadly and was happy. Pushing his way through the crowd, I stood before him and said: "This is me, hello! I'm a student shkolystudii MAT. "To mine, he did not know, but said, "Yes, very well, congratulations, you go to a hotel, popem tea." Yes, he really said it, but I certainly did not go to tea at the hotel ... Where do I, here are the people ... And I'm trapped, ran with all haste. After that I saw on the escalator Andronicus in the subway, in Moscow.We were moving in different directions. I wanted to call out, but could not utter a very difficult middle name. It was an extraordinary meeting, we strung up his hands, he and I have long waved to each other, as he download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and climbed up, and I went down to the very bottom. But the interesting thing happened later, when he was already seriously ill.I saw him at the House of Actors, when there was an artist, koechto download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and played, I already knew koekto, and in reply to my greeting, he said: "Oh, I'm so happy for your success, I remember everything, I'm glad I heard about you" . He had never seen me in the theater, and in general since we have never talked with him.But now, after many years, when there was no longer Andronicus, Vitaly Wolf told the story daughter Andronicus. She said: "My Lord, the story of how two boys came with a request for oral histories, Dad often told in the house, he followed closely behind them, and said that one of them is an artist."Two years ago I came to the house to Andronikov. It was a different apartment, but the furniture is the same. I download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and asked to be shown these two chairs in which we sat with Vladimir Kruglov - I again wanted to sit in them.I was taken to an office where there were two small, worn as skin is almost gone completely gray chair in which I barely fit.Mnogomnogo years later I was back in the chair, recalled Luarsabovich Heraclius and his daughter Kate Andronikashvili told me how his father sometimes talked about two funny boys who asked him for oral histories. The most remarkable meeting, I had a fall in 1952.I was walking in Sokolniki, and suddenly in front of me from under the ground up as a man with a remarkable figure in a black jacket and unbuttoned white shirt. He had a beautiful head: flaxen hair, as if forged sculptural face download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and freckled, beautifully download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and chiseled cheekbones, nose.I could not believe it, but it was Sergey Stolyarov, which everyone loved so much after the film "Circus." I download the film motoqueiros sem rumo and loved all the pictures taken Grigori Aleksandrov, starting with the "Jolly Fellows" and ending with "spring", and seen them many times.

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