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"There Masha is asleep," - says Andrew and smiling. The wind moaned and carried us on to the lake in the direction of Saulkrasti. Once the sun came up, we were hovering over the lake, which is 21 years ago to join us permanently. Hovered over the lead surface of the water, in the silence could be heard falling sharply cones and strange bird cry.We gained altitude and flew back to Riga. We made several solemn circles above the park, where we've jumped and tore the flowers. All in the same place stood a willow rustling their long branches. They flew across the Daugava River, stopped at my window, opened the shutter Andrew and I flew into the room. - Tanya, I'm very well, - said Andrei.- Only cats Now I can not rub against the rocks. - Waved to me with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and disappeared. Sharply the telephone rang. I woke up and jumped out of bed - 6 o'clock in the morning. - Ale! Mamed! - Tanya, I did not want to call before Andrew died today at 3 hours 30 minutes. Paradise came Etush. I'm lying. She sits beside him.- Paradise, here the dream, remember, I told you the figures - this means 16 It was given to me a sign for six months. And I do not guess. So, everything is predetermined! Everything is predetermined! All someone destined! - I cry. - All raffled a hitch! Leaving today Leva Oganezov, accompanist Andrew calls to the room to say goodbye, to remember.I drink a glass of brandy, and begin to pour tears, they can not be motoqueiros sem rumo movie watch online and stop suddenly realize that he is no more, and I cried the whole Riga: - Andrew A A A A A A A A A A A! She came to my room. Breathing is impossible. The feeling that the whole body inside - twisted barbed wire.Behind me came my friend Zina - she was resting in a hotel "Jurmala" and took to her that I have not died here, as she put it. In the morning I woke up again, with barbed wire inside and with a sense of irreparable disaster in my life. Zina went to the seaside - to run, and I went to the balcony, she sat in a chair, like an old battered effigy.Suddenly the bottom songstress appears in a red dress in a small flower in red patent leather shoes. Near her daughter jumping - Masha. She is dressed in red, biting her lip, squinting his eyes, in which there is balance calculation. She was dressed in business. Car waiting Andrew - "BMW". The theater continues to play shows. The theater does not even announced a day of mourning!They do not cease to insult him and then ... I declare management: as a day of mourning is declared, refuse to continue the tour. A Sharmer quickly woke up from his headache and the day of death of Andrei plays the "coffin" of his others went play "Shut up, you sad, shut up!". How! Make room! He is no longer rivals, and now it can take the place of the chief director, and finally located on the fourth floor. Of course, Andrew forgave him that. But the Sharmer not forgive himself until the end of his days. Riga excited. Latvians suited to the theater and in the perturbation throw Director:- There was a war, the Nazis were, they had their own theater, and when they died favorite artist - they declared a day of mourning. Goodbye! August 20 funeral. Given a special plane. Because almost no one troupe flew - they have concerts.Is it possible Watch Online and exchange money for the funeral of Andrei Mironov, who tore his heart for twenty-five years at the Theatre of Satire? August 20th. Moscow. In the morning at the market buy the size of a big hat dahlias on long legs. Barely snuck into the theater. All packed with people. Anxious eyes cry. Police, red armbands.Rain. The coffin stands on the stage.

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