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And he said, "art is sensual stage passed. Take Bach where there is a sense? There's only motor traffic pressure, the organization form here this rationality and there is no sense. " "But otvetnoeto feeling is." "Yes, because it arises as a result.Here Mozart quite another. "We did not agree. For me, if there is no sense in the art, the author of the mortgaged in the material, then it resonance in the listener will not. He said:" A Bach reaches, that's all. " This dispute was stopped.Indeed, in his last paintings, "Nostalgia" or "Sacrifice" is not to say that the episode is full of exciting feeling, there is another: Is spirituality. It is not philosophical monologues and discussions about God. It arises and grows as the movement pattern. Nothing special.The camera takes a minimum of movements and actors are natural and fairly static, but if there is a movement, it is a small climax. In this regard, I recall another conversation with him. He said he wants to make a film with the unity of time and place. It was near Ryazan; he was there the house where I visited a couple of times in connection with the "Stalker".He wanted to make a film equal to the viewer's time; and so limit yourself to, taking the ravine, down to the river, grass, baby, to convey a sense of space. The minimum means to rise to the heights of space. He cited the example of Andy Warhol. There he has such an experimental film "Dream."Yes, a man with his back for twenty minutes without moving, then turns 97 ... and everyone in the room shudder, the culmination. Perhaps it is not art, but the feeling of time and form amazing. I'm an emotional person, maybe too much, I have to "mirror" the orchestra has been exaggerated. I wanted to make a powerful climax.And he said: "I do not care agent. You can to sound very quiet and it was then a little louder important relationship. This is the same as if you plant a huge orchestra and it'll blow." I am about this and remembered Warhol: Relative dynamic feeling and not the movement itself.Yet Andrei Tarkovsky recalled icon, speaking about spirituality - "There is no sense, all strictly, even schematic, but what depth and a sense of free spirit." I remember he came to it, I go to the aspirations kakomuto simple language. It was, but I think it did not come. Death is all interrupted. It really freed from sensuality.From spiritual spirituality? Perhaps. But notice how he has increased the role of the word: the whole parable appeared in recent films. Probably, film language is not ready to express philosophical ideas. Maybe later Andrei Tarkovsky at all from the movie would have refused, I would only write who knows?He voobscheto developed very consistent. I asked him: "Do you want this kind of documentary film, whether that be done?" "Yes, something is, with a minimum playing.

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