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A truck driver picks up on the way Mason Roscoe, hitchhiker. During the inspection of documents and took the police mistook them for robbers, but the Mason managed to escape from Roscoe from them. But just for something to plunge into a worse situation.In Miami they get caught in a scuffle and accidentally falls into their hands, a diplomat with a million dollars.After thinking a little bit later, they realize that this time they mixed up with a pair of secret agents, but it's too late and they are deeply involved in thisstories ...                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Enzo Barboni

Career: Director, cinematographer, screenwriter. Date of birth: 10/07/1922. Place of birth: Italy. Genres: Action, Comedy, Action, Crime, Western. Films with 5. The first film: Django / Django (1966). Last movie: Renegade / Renegade (1987).... to read further                                                                                               

Information on a film

Film Nati con la camicia
Regisseur Enzo Barboni
Country USA
cinema Genre Comedy
Cinema-garbage a box Comedies

exit Date on screens 23.09.1983
Quality of video DVDRip
Size of a file 1.37 Gb

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