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However, now an old friend let himself remember how well patronized Joe in his youth. Particularly talkative and boastful becomes after alcohol. It was new and unpleasant. John decided to talk with a friend and got tough resistance: - Do not worry about me. This is from the army. Otvyknu. Think about yourself.You have very bad heredity ... Not having to listen, John punched Radu a slap in the face that he was thrown against the wall and collapsed on the couch. Inside, everything went against rabies and disgust. John went to the table by the window. Took a fine Danish cigar. Lit a cigarette. Tobacco did not bring relief. Smoke only dramatically burned his throat.He threw his cigar in the ashtray, he stared at the window and listened as "almost brother" floundering on the couch. Finally, the rear marking time was given, and John saw in the glass that Red hesitantly reaches out - to touch him on the shoulder. Peredernuvshis of disgust, John quickly turned around. Red, hiding his eyes, forgetting to lower his arm, said:- I'm sorry, boss. I did not want. I did not think. All green serpent features. - Okay. Scram ... The next morning Colonel said: - What happened to Redom? The guy just does not know what to do with grief and remorse. I'm sorry too for the sake of the former. John did not dare to refuse. Looked askance. Nodded. And now I remember. Knew who informs the manager.Colonel waited patiently for pet come off the memories. Let recalls. Brykatsyato not in his interest. He is in a stable Colonel - it all starts again. And it without the Colonel? Voice, attractive face. And he, Colonel, talent! Invited the leader of the King in his show. Invited persistently and humbly.Leader of the case the last two years were just bad. Women also formed the basis of his audience aged. They are no longer rolled their eyes, floating in tears, and pressed convulsively to his chest. A young girl, the daughter of his fans, did not like the fixed languor Leader, his puny body and monotonous sterile love ballads.Required "transfusion". The leader grunted, but did not resist. Him in whatever was needed to convince his audience that he is a master cleaner Korolyasamozvantsa. But the colonel was a very serious reason to force him to make a deal with the chief, was no longer the King. He became "eksKorolem." And it had to be revived.In this form Watch Online and to sell his boy to the public could not even Colonel. So he decided download movie naturiste and sell it to people who could give glory, directors of large shows, film producers, journalists. The leader made a big show, very impressed by the Colonel.EksKorol and leaders played the hits of each other apart and duet. Film naturiste. And astute Colonel immediately saw that his little boy found himself, despite the stupid coat, which he was forced to wear in favor of the landlord. About twenty years have passed since the debut of the Leader, and only four years - from the stunning rise of the King.Now they sang together. It was impossible to combine only the audience. Most were fans of the Leader. John remembered as Colonel worried about it, not daring, however, use their farcical tricks. The colonel took away from this show strong belief - King needs to be done timeless. It must belong to all their ages.King himself laughed at the situation, but that criticism ... A leading newspaper of the country the next day after the show has already responded: "If the army, he was promoted to sergeant, the singer has not ceased to be clumsy rookie." The leader did not fail Watch Online and to express condolences to John: - Spit.

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