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It is necessary that it scared.128 Now the details that need to explain. "It is, of course, every household wind up commendable ..." and then - it takes you to the brackets and therefore decrease. Disadvantageous to take in parentheses. Better by reducing the take quickly. Keep in mind the "indecent", and the words to say to him not as a reduction, not like the text in brackets.Is a springboard toward "indecent." "Indecent" it right from the beginning keeps in mind - then the entire monologue is kept in the expression. It is necessary that all the time was "damn him" - hatred for the man. Always the main trend in the chief of police - the movement in the text, it has the text. Now it is easy to go part. The scene with the mayor's postmaster. "...We will be bad, not Turks ... I have a letter. " The mayor must deliver a letter to the postmaster and postmaster download the film naturiste and experienced eye quickly scans it. You are able to quickly read the letter, this is your specialty. Stop, pause - stop: read. Then - "And if so ...", that is, if the truth is what is written.Motivation necessary to give the phrase, and it is no defined. And this pause zapolyaitsya that the mayor is coming to the postmaster and immediately reduces it to a confidential whisper.It should be in a different tone, so intimate, insinuating, because such a thing as "open letter", just say it is difficult to rest And the audience - the mayor said very quietly, quickly, and monotonously. Just whisper in his ear - not decorate it with all sorts of melodic ornaments. Let eleele to download the film naturiste and strained public - what he says?And you will stay, and the public. And the postmaster - "it preinteresnoe reading" - falls on the same tone. Then he rummages in the letters and sends a letter to the mayor hands. The mayor looks silly in it, and the somewhere out there - on auditor thinks about the letter received and put into the hands of the postmaster and pokes his finger - "do not look there."That there was a tremor of letters, many letters to the usual description was not. Text here, in fact, innocent. And it is always a description of the ball is so read, but should lightly to whisper. And then - well, what are you looking at. Well, "want", I did "read" - pulls out from the hands of the letter. That was the game with the subject. The judge incorrectly enters.He climbs into the group of letters and sticks a little puppy, soft, dribbling. He muttered, squeezed it and shows it of the female sex, "the sister of that dog is involved." Purely physiological stage, the scene pleasant, as is the case in the surgical laboratory kakoynibud when removing the cancer and transplant do, and everyone is watching, participate.And they, too, see, and the judge put the puppy on his back, download the film naturiste and spread his legs - and look, they want to make sure. Lab, puppy - then download the film naturiste and butchered. "It is not nice to me now your hare" - not to say, better mime. "So wait, that's opened the door - 129 Shasta ..." - The mayor said, and realized that this nation can not be helped.Just go left when he was a puppy vanities. I will point out places. In staging this scene should be very fun to play. I will return later to the mayor. Now ARTEMY. All right. The first thing you said Zaichikov - wonderful. So sweet - great molasses pours a strawberry. I do not know what to do next.Do not go because of the fact that the dialogue with ARTEMY Ammos Fyodorovich both really resonate.

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