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Around me could not hear any disputes. I was completely cut off from their parents, so I could not even imagine that something between them can occur. I distinctly remember my mother left for Italy. It was a grand farewell. She otezhala from home by car down the road. The road was very long.I remember how she download the film naturiste and waved. It was all very, very sad. I thought she was coming back. Perhaps she thought she was going away for long. Some time later, my father told me that my mother is not going to come back. For me it was a terrible blow. I do not remember very well how things unfold.I remember that from us immediately left my governess. And I had a feeling that all leave me. " Roberto said to Peter: "Dear Peter, You remember what I promised you to be always sincere. I think it is time that you, Ingrid and I have to face each other with understanding and respect.The three weeks I spent in Italy after returning from the United States - my meal, I responsible for the return of Anna - gave me the opportunity to know the measure of my feelings for Ingrid, feeling that I I told you. And when I came, Ingrid, our perezhi1 tion, her tears instilled in us a deep confidence in our sincerity.Now, Peter, I want to talk to you pochelovecheski. What to do? If I did not have to see you as: deep respect, it would have been much easier. But Ingrid, and I am most anxious not to become a traitor to you, not hurt you two more than the inevitable. Did not you say? ,, Provide all time?That would be a betrayal. Between the lines of your letters and telegrams seen muI ki and doubt. Therefore it will be better if you learn everything as I have. Better for you and for us. I know what to bring you great grief, but believe me, your sorrow gives me more suffering. I remember what you said to me the other night, when we were together.You said that Ingrid excitable, sensitive, but not reasonable, she has a temperament that makes her giddy. Believe me, thinking, you are seriously mistaken. We seriously and with incredible clarity are thinking about the situation. Within two months, Ingrid and I hid our love.Although, having seen each other in BeverliHillz, we immediately realized that there was something between us, great, great. But we felt that as soon as we started talking about it, we are connected forever. Not wanting to hurt you, we did not say anything until the situation became clearer now without any words.And now, here we are exhausted, because of our great love prevails, and we suffer from the fact that they are forced to hurt you. You are wrong in condemning Ingrid, you're wrong, being so rigid and inflexible in relation to it. She's afraid of you, and this fear separates it from you ...I want to clearly warn you that I will be protected for Ingrid in her fear of you. This is not fair - to make her afraid of you ... I hope you realize that no one can blame a lot of love and against it nothing can be done. I've already started my divorce and now, Peter, I ask you one thing:be humane, tolerant, and not to lose a sense of respect. Roberto ". Peter says that did not receive this letter. The newspaper download the film naturiste and quoted him as saying that Ingrid could while under the influence of drugs, just do not know what they were doing. This led her into a rage. "There is not a man who hated the drugs as Roberto;he can not stand people who take them, he does not enjoy even sleeping pills. He does not drink, even wine.

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