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Tell me what you feel when you saw these events? It's just a very interesting first of all from the point of view of medicine. - What do I feel? I do not know, to be honest ... - Are you trying to cause a state of mind and body, or it has itself come from? - This state comes by itself ... comes unexpectedly.But before that I think a lot about the event itself, it certainly should excite me. I have to be in it ... so to speak, is vitally interested ... - Let's move on to the experiments, Wolf G., - said one of the students with the top row. - Well, let's ... - smiled Messing. - I beg your first wants to come to me. Who will be first?Go ahead, comrades ... Rose tall, skinny guy. Bathrobe hanging on it like on a hanger. He hurried down the stairs, walked to the pulpit. - Are you a third year student? - Messing said. - Yes I Am. - The student looked at him, but quickly caught himself. - I'm sorry, forgot who I'm dealing. Yes, I am a third year student.Name Name or too you know? - Wait, I'll try ... - Messing pierced his eye. - It seems that Yuri ... right? - Yes, Yuri ... you scared to talk, G. Wolf. - But the name Watch Online and can not name .. - threw up his hands Messing. - Kulikov ... - smile student. - You have a job came up, Yuri?- Yes ... - Yuri Kulikov nodded with a smile and looked at the audience. Messing thought, then asked: - Give me your hand, please, Yuri. Yuri Kulikov held out his hand, and Messing took his wrist, held it with his head, and let go. - Well, get down to the implementation ... - said Messing and again looked at the audience.Students and teachers, pritihnuv waited. Student Yuri Kulikov stood beside the chair and looked at Messing with a faint smile. Messing stood lost in thought, then looked at Kulikov and smiled: - You original young man. But I have nothing to carry. You did not give me the job.Frankly, I was surprised because several times checked himself. - You're right, I did not ask you and waited with interest the result - said Kulikov, and the whole audience burst into applause. - But I can not say more - over the sound of applause, loud Messing said.- Do not give any job - it was your decision at the last second. And I can tell you that you would like me to ask, when they came to the pulpit. Do you want to? - Of course - Yuri smiled. - You want me to go into the next audience, there took a plaster bust of Sechenov, which stands on the bookcase, and brought the bust here. Right?- Wow ... - with genuine surprise and admiration Kulikov looked at Messing. - Wow ... I really wanted to give you a job, but then changed his mind. And once again the audience burst into applause. They whiled away late at night alone in a hotel room.Messing collapsed in a chair and a floor lamp in the light of reading the newspaper, wearing a nose glasses. Aida M. sat at a table lamp with a shade cloth covered the pages lying in front of her books. - Nonsense kakayato ... - suddenly said indignantly Messing and rustled the newspaper. - I do not understand how intelligent people can write such nonsense.

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