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And seriously ill. About "The Idiot" I am very happy. I do not doubt that you are perfectly played. I did play his Ivolgina absolutely mindful and seeing you, your Snegirev your Chebutykin. Your invitation to rest in the suburbs you touched me. I did not rule out if God will give strength and health.I also have no greater friend than you. It's a shame because the "Contemporary" here, and I'm in the hospital. He writes Alain, I dictate. Your Grisha. " And then I learned that Gregory M. died. It was for me a strong blow. In his last visit to Israel, I went to his grave. Cemetery. Desert. Incredibly hot sun. Dust.And among the stones of the same is his rock on the other side of which is written in Russian: "Actor Gregory Lampe." I sat down on the grave and talked with him. He remembered how the previous visit I warned him that I arrive. I did not want to disturb him, to embarrass. But I wanted to see. He rose to his floor, rang the bell.Gregory opened the door and - "Ah!" And I say: "Grisha, I last time you forgot cap. And now comes the autumn, and I flew over it. " In the hallway, quietly take out because of sinus cap and pretend to take off the shelf. Nadel, out the door, I went downstairs, and from the balcony heard his voice: "Svoolooch! He-odyay! Where do you live ?!"I called him, I'll see you in Moscow. Not seen ... And now I go to the office and see the repertoire of the portrait face a fine actor, wonderful person, a wonderful friend. He stares at me with sad eyes good. And I say to him: "Do not be sad, Green. See you. A few words about the drama of Basil Shukshin.Shukshin very difficult for staging in the theater. I have not seen any precise, from my point of view, the performance of his works. All somehow close, it's not until the end. What's the matter? I think that it does not perceive depth and surface, often turning into a farce that is the pain of his agony."Energetic People" even Tovstonogov were delivered as a komediyafars. How do I know? "Energetic People" - a drama. The drama of people who came to a complete lack of spirituality. Booze and big money have become their norm of conduct and morality. This is not life - substitute. All shifted. Fun? Interviews ?! This stupid game flights and mechanical "letkaenka."Stupidity! Filling empty vzdryuchkoy time, exaltation. No thoughts, no ideas, no love. The existence of a close to the animal. One more step and - MLI-oo! Shukshin even deprives them names. Lack of spirituality makes them faceless, clearly, alike. No - there are external signs:snub-nosed, bald, paunchy ... They leveled govoryatto one language. They have virtually no past. It erased. Someone who was? A word about his childhood, about my mother! No. Just before the final someone remembered that they had a large family and continue wearing things that younger seniors. But it is through the mist of time.Full of shivering ghost, a mirage. No memory, no past. And the "village" in the mouth just sounds like a joke. What village? What arable land? Just talk. No roots! And even love for their material, as a tire for a car. It is necessary to have a mistress, so I have.It does not matter that I do not harbor any feelings for her, my heart is empty - supposed to have! And his wife did not have any feelings. In addition to fear. Fear has lived next door! Hence the constant vigilance, even hatred for each other. Who will sell?

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