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Therein lies its eternal appeal.People of all ages and social strata rejoice own dissolution in the sanctuary of bright colors and sharp sounds, where the monsters live and where you can experience the most thrilling - the terrible fright to enjoy unprecedented treats.Adult Fair - a return to childhood, where games and serious cases equated, which merges the real with the imaginary, the random desire aimlessly test their limitless possibilities.With this return to childhood adult struggles to curb and suppress the chaos that is still based civilization. Fair - it is not freedom, but anarchy "fraught" chaos.It is noteworthy that most of the fairground scenes in "Caligari" opens with shots organ-grinder, who know themselves to turn the handle, and then - the crown of the carousel, not for a moment stopping its run in circles. Circle in the film serves as a symbol of chaos. If freedom is likened to a river, the chaos can be likened to a whirlpool.You can, oblivious, with a head dive into this maelstrom of chaos, but it is impossible to swim in it. Antipode tyrannical Outrages Caligari Mayer and Janowitz elected fair and farce freebooters. This fact reveals the immaturity of their revolutionary fervor.Many Germans, like Mayer and Janowitz, dreaming of freedom, but they could not, apparently, even to imagine its vague outlines. Their views on freedom gave Bohemia, they were the result of naive idealism, rather than a genuine understanding of the events.But, perhaps, I do not sin against the truth, if I note that the Fair "Caligari" accurately reflected the chaotic spiritual ferment in postwar Germany. Intentionally or not, "Caligari" shows how the German soul is torn between tyranny and chaos, seeing no way out of their desperate situation:any attempt to escape from the tyranny of man leads the way to the tumult, and there is nothing strange in the fact that the whole film is thoroughly imbued with the atmosphere of terror. Like the Nazi world, a microcosm of "Caligari" is replete with ominous signs, horrific crimes, flashes of panic.Equating horror to hopelessness reaches much effort in the final episode, which introduces the film real life. Except for the ambiguous figure of the director and his ghostly assistants, ordinary life in the film shows the life swarms of madmen, who wander about as restless in strange interiors.Normal in "Caligari" - is a madhouse: hard whiter accurately capture the image universal despair. In "Caligari", as in the "homunculus" ungirdle passion for destruction and the incredible sadism. Their appearance on the screen once again shows how much these feelings took over the German soul.Formal identity reveals, usually identity of meaning, in "Caligari" first download the film naturiste and adopted the techniques that make up the technical interest of German cinema. "Caligari" is the first in a long line of movies absolutely pavilion.While the Swedes, for example, overcoming enormous difficulties, imprinted on the film a real storm or natural wood, the German director in love with the effects of the pavilion to be lined up in the walls of entire landscapes studios. They preferred to dominate the artificial world, rather than depend on handouts random reality.Samozatochenie them in the studio was part of a general flight to themselves. As the Germans decided to seek protection in his own soul, they could not allow the screen to explore abandoned their living reality.This explains the distinctive role of architecture in the German cinema - as noted by many critics, it is evident in almost every film after "Caligari". "It's of paramount importance, says Paul Roth in one of the post-war surveys - to understand the significant role played by the architect in the development of German film."How could it be otherwise?

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