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- said Messing. - Doctors ... By the way, the same ... our good friends ... Wolf, I have long wanted to say, if you ... if you decide to leave me, you did the right thing ... - Are you sure I can live without you? - Why not? - She smiled faintly. - You're a nice little man ... in the juice.Marry again ... - Yes, I get married again ... and again on you. - He again kissed her on the cheeks and nose, threw a lock of hair from his forehead, looking at her face, as if seen for the first time. - I'm one-woman man, Aida, you're sorry. And where would I go from you?I have neither house nor home ... In Poland, too, no house ... So, my heart feels, we will be together ... forever, until death ... - And he kissed her on the lips and hugged tighter and tighter. Basil was lying in bed, covered to the waist with a thin gray blanket, and looked out the window, holding his hand in front of him plastered. In his eyes filled with tears.Near two wounded were playing checkers, talking excitedly: - Well, Prokhorov, one sortirchik I'll provide. Right now prepare to build a second. - And here I am in Kings mulberries, during as well! - One king - empty space! I tell you right now, be sure to arrange a second sortirchik.I love ... More sortirchiki arrange a bed lying wounded with an open book in her hands and read, although the light dim bulb on the ceiling barely allows us to distinguish the letters. Three of the wounded were sleeping in their beds. Two were mindlessly staring at the ceiling. - Here I think, I think - did not take in sense, - said one middle-aged man with a red mustache.- How did he ugadyvaetto? After Vaskato he did not say a single word, he immediately went to the Nastasya ... How guessing here, eh? - And go and know - snorted the second, older, plastered with both feet. - That's why he and messing ... - And yet obyasnenieto kakoenikakoe should be? For a Marxist science which tells us? Miracles do not happen.Everything has a scientific explanation ... So I think what here moget be the explanation? - Many do not think - the brains break ... The door to the chamber opened and a nurse came Nastasya. All at once fell silent, staring at her. She is not looking at anyone, he went to bed Basil, burned his eyes and threw a blanket on a piece of paper folded in half. - What is this?- Basil took the paper, unfolded. - Comrade Messing wrote you my address. And the phone - said Nastasia and looked at Basil with hatred. - Why did you do that, Vaska? - Yes, I'll like better like Nastya - Vaska cried, almost in tears. - And he threatened to beat me ... - He threatened right now ... and it serves you, fool - said Nastasya.- What it serves? A Th you torture him then, huh? - And your cares? Che you own business thrusting his nose? - Are you still married! - Basil smiled mischievously. - Comrade Messing said so. And the four kids you will. - Fool your Messing! - Nastassja broke and went out of the room. - Comrade Messing sees through time!- She cried in the back Vasili. He slammed the door. One of the sleepers awoke frantically looked around and hissed: - You Th uproarious here? Let sleep ... - and again began to snore. - Comrade Messing sees everything, yes, I see now will not soon say - mused one of the wounded, glazevshih the ceiling.- He knows only that dryhnet and all his little - muttered Vasili. - And here's another sortirchik - quite exclaimed one of the players. - What's the score? Twenty-seven - one, in both! - And quite a laugh.- Fifty-four loo I'm built, hehehe ... Late in the evening Messing fumbled in a small room, they have equipped a kitchen. She was without a door and connects directly to a large living room.

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Film naturiste
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