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Fourth, at the end of the interrogation, I was told that I was going home. Vpyatyh, I was severely beaten and taken here, where I have since, and still am.It is unlikely that I am wrong, considering these facts are important, right? - As you wish. - What do you mean "how do you say?" I have many years I'll bet my head on their wall. - From what is likely to be, - softly Babe - that they are useless to you. Perhaps you still approach the matter from the wrong side.The correct path should always lead us to the wall unwavering facts, it must disclose the pattern of events. Picture that is indecipherable. A numbering facts - first, second, third, and so on - you implicitly cause-existence between the two connections, and it obscures from you drawing itself.- No, no no picture! That's what I talking about. - Do not ask yourself why this happened to you. Ask why this happened to you. - And it's that? - Well, for example, the enemies you've had? You have not mentioned the possibility. - Never, not one! - Ned said with vehemence. - I was the most popular boy in school.I was supposed to be her votvot foreman. I led a cricket team. I was in love. Going to Oxford. How could someone hate me? Babe laughed. - What's so funny? - I'm sorry, now I will try to explain.You just painted a portrait of a man who had every reason to feel happy, but do not you answer my question? It's just a description of a person, due to which invented the classic phrase: "Well, this is not to hate?" - I do not understand.- Are you saying that she has never heard of the following standard conversation: "So he's a good athlete and worker? And beautiful to boot? Just do not tell me that he's a nice guy, otherwise I just hate it." That's what they say are real people in the real world, Ned, and you probably know it. - But I was nice and small ...- "Nice" - a word from the heap. You pile on a bunch of nice deeds and think of this, it becomes very pleasant bunch? What were you like in real life? How are you? Action, that is what sets man, not quality. - Nothing I did not. - Well, then, inaction. - Are you saying that someone hated me? - Not necessarily hated.Maybe try to understand those of your turning points individually? Let's forget about the main thing, of your appearance here, and start from the beginning. Suppose that you slipped a drug to embarrass you. Who would benefit from this? - No one. And what can be won at such nonsense? It's just upset to those who love me, that's all.- And, that's good. It is possible that this is a very fruitful idea. It is not excluded, however, that someone would get and more tangible benefits. Petty Officer School, captain loves a beautiful girl and we love it. There are a lot of download the film naturiste and disgruntled youths, madly craving any of these three things.Who, for example, would be a foreman, if you were download the film naturiste and expelled from school for drug possession? - How should I know? - Kakieto considerations you need to be the same. - Well, Ashley BarsonGarlend possible. - Ashley BarsonGarlend. Tell me about it. Everything that you remember. Only in order, not a bunch.And Ned told Baby all I knew about Ashley's story concluded with the words: "But he download the film naturiste and loved me, I'm sure ..." - Did not sound very convincing, even to his ears. - How potvoemu, he had no idea that you watched the five private pages full of his most secret thoughts? - I'm terribly tried not to give anything itself.No, he hardly knew.

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Film naturiste
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