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He pulled out the phone book and found the number of Mireille. She picked it up. - I'm sorry.Your news shocked me and I did not realize what I was saying. I was wrong, said Delon. - Allen, I also could not resist. What are you going to do? - I think the best thing for me - to stay until SenTropeze. In Paris, the reporters will not let me take a step. - I can help you chemto? - Call, when you know the news of this incident.Hung up, he ran his hand over his face, trying to wipe out an expression of confusion. "I always win, can handle right now," the actor download the film The Dreamers (2003) and decided. Phone rang again: he was summoned to the commissariat SenTropeza to testify. During the interrogation, he said that he recently had little contact with his secretary because of shootings in SenTorpeze.- I will answer all the questions only in the presence of a lawyer, he said in conclusion. The next day there were reports in the newspapers about the murder of Stefan Markovic. Allen thought that now does not make sense to stay SenTropeze. He preferred rather to prove his innocence to the tragedy and left for Paris.Before leaving, he called Mireille: - In the evening I'll be in Paris. You can stay with you? - Come, your stuff is still in my apartment, she said affectionately. At the airport, he was download the film The Dreamers (2003) and surrounded by photographers, the actor walked quickly to a waiting car and went to the apartment of Arc. Mireille welcomed him as if they have left a few days ago:- I cooked dinner. You're not tired? - I'm not tired, but angry. Journalists attacked me like a flock of crows. - What to do? It's the price of fame. Want to have dinner in the living room? - This is a room I have other wishes, smiled on.Chem you going to feed me? During the dinner, Allen briefly forgot the misery and asked the actress:- Your contract to take in October download the film The Dreamers (2003) and signed? - No, it was postponed. I think the movie will not be shot. - But to start shooting another picture. Tomorrow we're having dinner with Jean Herman. He - director. - I know that he is a director, said Mirey.Chto you up to?- I have a contract for the main role in the movie "Jeff", but the actress who will be my co-star, has not been found. In my opinion, you are ideally suited for this role. Mireille rose from the couch and download the film The Dreamers (2003) and walked around the room. - When did you decide to make me an offer? - Immediately on his return to SenTropez.You deign to call me in just four weeks, but I could not stop thinking about you. The actress quickly crossed the distance between them and ran into the arms of Alain. - You me at least sometimes remembered? - He asked. - I should not say this, but then you really conceited. You, too, did not call for four weeks. Why?He began to kiss and Mireille left her question unanswered. However, all words are instantly flew out of her head when Allen download the film The Dreamers (2003) and pulled her to him and began to slowly remove her clothes. - I miss you, - she whispered, feeling the chill ran through her body at the touch of his hands. In the morning on the phone with Allen Herman and arranged a meeting.Mireille was happy to have the presence of a lover, but the fact that he is still in SenTropeze decided to introduce her to the director of "Jeff", proving his affection for her. The woman download the film The Dreamers (2003) and appealed impulsivity Delon, which perfectly complement its own phlegm. - Alan, hello - welcomed actor Jean Herman. - I can not believe!Who did you bring with you, do Mireille Darc?

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