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It is reasonable to assume that the death of his mistress, Mrs. Murray kakimto learned any other way. It begs the achingly sad thought: Marilyn was found in the bedroom naked, but the usual bra in it was not; so you did not catch her death in bed with a lover? Or another suggestion:if she did not fall unconscious, dressed to go out, and then stripped her naked if those who tried to bring her back to life - trying thus to hide the fruits of their fruitless efforts?The suspicion that something is wrong, only exacerbate the fact that a few days later Mrs Murray at the whole six months to leave for Europe, and Pat Newcomb, who learned about the incident, a storm breaks out into tears, rushed to the plane Hayannisport.The next day, FBI agents have visited the office of the telephone company and will withdraw from there SantaMoniki listing of phone numbers that are cut short, Marilyn that fateful night. Perhaps that is why on the sidelines for a long time will run persistent rumors that she called kudanibud, and the White House.Well worth thinking about ominous symptoms and did not find clarify details of her tragic death, let your imagination run wild, and fit to assume that our sinful earth, she left with a curse on his lips and still lives somewhere nearby, having received, you never jokes, ranks first lady underworld of America.Why not personalize, giving traits of our character, the evil will of fate, spinning the thread of numerous fatal accidents - such as an incorrect steering, leading to a car crash in Chappakuiddike?After all, women are pathetic death in his bed in the room of a brick house in Brentwood so easy to catch a harbinger of so many ups and downs.And seeing as every year shines above all on the horizon a star Bobby Kennedy, reaching a zenith and genuine greatness last night of his life, why not assume that the start of this grand and mysterious process was not only in the fateful day the death of his brother, but before - the burden which he placed on himself, leavingLosAndzheles in the dead silence of the predawn hours later after ended the life of Marilyn? Well, if we're willing to take it as a meaningful role in shaping the way of life of one of the idols of America, why not go further and does not see its destruction foreshadowing the coming of a series of violent deaths?For who can guarantee that the CIA, or the FBI, or the mafia, or half of the secret services of the world did not disdain to use for their own benefit by the fact that the brother of the US president, according to rumors, turns love with a movie star, formerly married to the playwright, in which at one time seized the passport because of "sympathy for the communist movement."Even the FBI nedostanet imagination to build Marilyn to the rank of the newly-minted Mata Hari, set her careful observation will encourage the fact that it is necessary to look for the Kennedy family. Taking as a given that listing of telephone conversations in the company SantaMoniki really seized by FBI agents, it is appropriate to ask the following question: which wing of the organization to carry out this action?Whether this was done for reasons of protecting the reputation of the genus Kennedy or, conversely, to hurt them? And it is not debated whether secret CIA gatherings concern that the President himself, consciously or unwittingly is the leader of the left movement, threatening rush on American soil?

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