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And then you can come to the aid of some mysterious force, which found itself in balance - just so irrational. Rohl - a person does not fit into the usual measurements, which are suitable for those who are trying their hand at the field of parapsychology.Pasqualino Pezzoli - also an outstanding person, but in a completely different plane. This type of peasant woman lives in a small mansion not far from Ancona. It is distinguished by the ability to quickly and on their own fall into a trance; then she closes her eyes, rises abruptly from his chair and goes to you.At this point, her face transformed, covered with full of luminous pallor. When she opens her eyes, you notice that her eyes began to lighten; Pasqualino puts a hand to his forehead, as if blocking the dazzling sung;second hand at the time she reaches forward and drives it to the visitor, as if to push his intestines and download movie The Dreamers (2003) and see what's behind them.The fact that she was able to see, she talks on kakomto strange jargon, which consists of dialect, scientific terms, rough but accurate descriptions. She enjoys a good reputation mainly diagnostician, and sometimes even university professors are turning to her for advice.When I came to Pasqualino around her home that same atmosphere reigned accomplished a miracle, I tried to convey in the film "La Dolce Vita". Similar phenomena are impressive, but they are not such a rarity in Italy, which documented the work of Ernesto De Martino.If you look, it is easy download movie The Dreamers (2003) and encounter native and pryamotaki diabolical supernatural forms of trafficking. In Tuscany, I met a krestyaninomkoldunom that the locals pay the money - if only he would get round their estate.He looks like a monster, and some piece of their lives in a shack like an animal. I had a conversation with him, if you can call it a conversation, in the presence of local young priest - caster of evil spirits, muttering, meanwhile, his prayers.Warlock pierced me with such views, which I have seen before only in a psychiatric hospital malyanskoy Tobin where on mattresses stuffed with sea grass, swarming to strip the terminally ill. And the stench here was the same, just a hell stinks. Suddenly sorcerer he snickered.He neighing louder and louder, so that even my priest turned pale. In general, we escaped. When I think of this story, it seems to me that we were present during metamorphosis: this terrible type a few minutes before our eyes began to turn into a horse. There is nothing surprising.There are people who are squandered on a lifetime to become a knight, wood, stone, and even that not notice. Human consciousness, intellectually more advanced, in such cases is usually some sort of obstacle, although it is not protected from mental forces seeking to deform it.Such phenomena are more common in simpler natures. Perhaps because they live in close communion with nature, with the animal world - in short, with all the elements okolochelovecheskogo world, which is full of atmosphere and human environment that may download movie The Dreamers (2003) and to affect him.I participated in several seances - just out of curiosity, in kakoynibud game. Around spiritualists some reason felt the fragrance of chrysanthemums, the smell of the dust of the past century. Those spirits, such an atmosphere like it, they enjoy it. And I'm sick of it usually.

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