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He - a director who download the film The Dreamers (2003) and polarized public opinion. For one part of the audience, he is boring, malovrazumitelen, pretentious;others consider it a discoverer of new horizons of visual expression and guide in the area of ​​download the film The Dreamers (2003) and unexplored worlds. He - a pedant, a mad perfectionist years gets off his every opus. He's shot only fifteen films. But to understand its scale, pretty name three - "2001:A Space Odyssey, "" A Clockwork Orange, "" Lolita. "Shall hate his earlier film" Fear and Desire "He bought all the copies that no one has ever been able to see this creation. Suffice it to recall that in" The Shining ", he used only one percentage of the footage. To far for an example, remember:Premiere of "Eyes Wide Shut", holding in suspense fans, delayed for nearly three years, until it finally took place in mid-July. He is quarrelsome and uncompromising dictator, nor a penny not putting other people's authority.Aspiring film "Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco, he gave up the set, refusing to yield to the author of the novel entitled to write the script.He was always in captivity obsessions - the war and the dehumanization of humanity and human - and images indefinitely removing mazes and corridors sure to include each film scene in the bathroom, often using the number 114, and in the art of shooting preferred symmetrical composition plans, long arrivals and departures cameras, extra-largeups of characters, download the film The Dreamers (2003) and distorted emotional. He certainly went into the history of cinema, at least with the "Space Odyssey", which invariably included in all lists of the best films of all time, made a noticeable civil feat, is equal to his artistic merits.In 1960, he insisted that the name of Dalton Trumbo, a prominent writer, listed in the "black list" and appear only under a pseudonym, was included in the credits of "Spartacus." So it was done with the legacy of McCarthyism.He was a recluse, rarely gave interviews and, apparently, the only time appeared on the screen, allowing his daughter Vivian to film working moments "Glow". John Baxter's book is perhaps the most prominent biographer Muvilenda, was published shortly before his death, Stanley Kubrick.She talks about the legendary and controversial director as frankly as a man of flesh and blood and deep competence as a director and will probably help each reader to lay down his giant image of the last century cinema. Nina Tsyrkun Midsummer in America.Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the Grace of God of the United States, just add another one - forty-nine states became Alaska. Fidel Castro took control of Cuba, the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet. Nikita Khrushchev - Premier of the Soviet Union. He is going to visit the U.S. - but not the "Disneyland":According to the host, it is too dangerous. Automatic space probe "Luna-2" made the first human contact with the moon crashing into the surface. Popular films - "Ben Hur" William Wyler, "North by Northwest," Alfred Hitchcock and "Some Like It Hot," Billy Wilder.Elvis Presley is serving military service in Germany, therefore, the record becomes mushy romping Bobby Darin hit ballad by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht on MekkiMessere - teens call it "Maknozhik."In all our God- blessed country is 1959 - everywhere except the hot valley slope SanFernando in Southern California, which is separated from the Big Hill LosAndzhelesa.Here, despite the distant roar of rockets on test systems, "Rocketdyne Corporation" and echoes of traffic on Barhembulvaru, is only '71 BC and fussing a lot of people.

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