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The very ones who do not want to follow the naive but comfortable precepts priest concern to В«ne scandala eveni antВ». This dramatic world defenseless man.The world in which rebellion against resistant habits and behaviors against the indulgence of good- natured enemy, unpretentious and soft priest means sacrifice of self. Means you can not retreat even before the crime that it is better to be doomed to death, but download the film The Dreamers (2003) and remained adamant.All this is presented to us in the film "Obsession" Italian cinema - art reproduction troubled, troubling reality for the first time opposing it as archaeological excavations and filmamrazvlecheniyam made in accordance with the permanent, once and for all given formulas.It may be that film criticism was not ready for this unexpected and "outrageous" the manifestation of realism. Film criticism is too used to the craftsmanship, to the convention, to the repetition of hackneyed patterns and shapes. And as a result: the controversy, debates, attacks.It is clear that in this struggle, abetted by the baser feelings, critics have resorted to the use of prohibited methods. Thus, below the belt was the accusation of immorality movie.It's like trying to learn to understand the inner world of man in all its complexity and contradictions in methane between good and evil, and to show it in the external and internal manifestations without lies, without exaggeration is not benevolent. But why, objected, here's an appeal to evil? It did not leave the scandal.For the simple reason that happiness has no plot, just as the ideal state has no art. But where there is no art and no plot, no life. Life is not perfect, but it strives for excellence, including through developing skill.Translation Bobrova Alberto Lattuady paid our debts Italy - "difficult" country, which proves that the recent political crisis ended, fortunately, the creation of a government that will give us the Constituent Assembly."Lost" these can be understood if we remember that our land is nourished in her womb at the same time the Papacy, Monarchy, Duce, Signora Anelli1 - in short, a historical, spiritual and financial burdens that would crush and Colossus. However, we barely alive. The same can be said about this film.This is a problem of huge social importance, reflecting the life of the nation as a whole, which, along with other, more serious, should be seen as a European problem. Our screen - a screen of Europe, and because all the criteria must be related to this representation.This means that we should not give up its special Italian character, but to bring the search for this character to such a depth that they become universal, that is, human, interest. There needs a lot of courage, especially on the part of producers. We - ragamuffins? Our show is all rags. Defeated?Faces up to its troubles. We owe to the Mafia? A sanctimonious hypocrisy? Conformity, irresponsibility, bad education? Pay all our debts fierce love for the truth, and touched the world will support this great battle for the truth.This confession will display extravagant secret virtues, our faith in life, our highest Christian Fellowship.

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