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Madam Ubu - fragile, attractive whore. Social commentary clearly download the film The Dreamers (2003) and identified. At first Lee frame when Monsieur Ubu, raccoons repenting, moving away from the bed.And gruff voice from the pillow, asked why he was not the King of Poland, the public implicitly believed in what was happening and could follow with interest the surreal turn of events, as adopted and most primitive situation, and the images on the proposed director conditions.All this applies to most of rudeness, but what are the intentions of the theater? The first is to get laughs and joy. This is what Tyrone Guthrie calls the "theater of pleasure." And any theater, really enjoyable, has the right to exist.With serious, substantial and honest work must always coexist irresponsibility. This is exactly what we would like to give a commercial, boulevard theater, but it is often boring and trite. Fun in constant need of new electrical charge. It happens that there is a fun and self but myself for this rarely happens.Charge can be frivolous - a great shock is a good mood. However, the batteries need to be download the film The Dreamers (2003) and recharged all the time - you need to look for new people, new ideas. New joke breaks and immediately goes out and then comes back the old joke.The strongest comedy / rooted in the life, mythology, basically repeat the situation, and quite inevitably it is deeply embedded in social traditions. 'Comedy E1e always begins from the mainstream of social conflicts. This is as if different comedic tradition branch in different directions.For some time, although the movement is not visible, stream continues to flow, until one day he is completely dry. It would be wrong to say that we can not deal with external effects for the sake of finishing them. Why not? I personally believe that the work in the musical genre can deliver much more pleasure than any other theatrical genre.Testing dexterity, too fun. But the sense of tin - that's what matters. Canned foods lose their flavor. Sacred House has one kind of energy, Rough - others. It is fed by frivolity and fun, but it's the same energy that can cause responsiveness or protest.This militant energiyaenergiya anger and sometimes hatred. The creative energy behind the riches tale in the play "Berliner Ensemble" "Days of the Commune," - this is the same energy that can send people to sample the barricades. The energy of Arturo Ui can directly lead to war.It happens that the powerful engine is the desire to improve the life of the society, an attempt to force him to face the eternal hypocrisy. Figaro or Falstaff, or expose Tartuffe and purging laughter, the problem is the author - to change a life.As an example of how there is a real theater, you can bring a piece of John Arden's "Dance of Sergeant Musgrave." Musgrave finds himself face to face with the crowd on a makeshift stage in the market. Struggles to give it to people their sense of horror at the senselessness of warriors.Impromptu presentation that suits op - this is a genuine example of a popular theater: props to him are guns, flags and dressed in a military uniform skeleton.When he fails to impress the crowd his feelings, the energy caused despair 'causes him to seek new means of expression and in a moment of insight, he begins to rhythmically beat time, quietly going on a wild dance with the song.Dance Sergeant Musgrave - an example of how an urgent need to carry this suddenly brings to life the most incredible, unexpected form.

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