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Cango carries lamp. More ... our Moscow. Hong. Weight froze. Bright light. Cable actors go ahead. The prologue is over. In the first act of a child crying in the hall. I was terrified. Aleshin then told that he could hardly hold back, not to jump up and shout:clean, ^ the evening performance "as much as possible to come to the premiere almost with infants. I keep the author. And thank God. And I resist. He gritted his teeth. He looked around carefully. Look, listen. As if they do not hear crying and screaming child. "Tayktse!" - Shouts the child. To my misfortune, I know this word. This is a bad word. It means - "boring!".God does mouths of babes? .. Akteramto what ?! But no. Presented. And the audience does not lose focus. Then other laws watching, socializing. And here is the laughter ... I do not like us, collapse, and a little, rustling, but there is laughter, and total. But even the applause at the end of the scene.Well, my dear, do not knock, soak, let sing in the shower, as you already know how to do. It was a success. Hugs. Congratulations. Short party in the pub "Charlie Chaplin". And home. Everyone is tired. Tomorrow show, poslezavtra- two. The actors no half-day holiday is now. And we? And we are asked to go to Kyoto or dendrugoy closer to Kamakura.Tempting. But I do not go. He sat every day at play. That upset, then rejoiced. And the actors worked. Played. Kuo Kuo Yen ien- Japanese theatrical tradition. Here, rare full house. Filled to capacity hall - joy. All participants in the special envelope is handed over on a commemorative coin - five yen. This is the name and the tradition.Kuo Yen - a penny. Just sign. But the coin of five yen special - it is a hole. You want - on a thread and hang on the neck. The fifth was the play of yen. They put extra chairs. We celebrated. We congratulate each other. And not only in the number of spectators. Hall "breathe", I heard laughter and saw tears. I praised akterov- good, good, so ...not only by the step sentiment in tearfulness. The final play of the dry. Let the audience cry. Heroes of the play thinking, remember. The land, the shrill grief. Once again bypass those who made friends here with the Japanese, with ours. Make the last calls. Like many people with whom we must say goodbye. To Moscow 'Now I'll see you in Moscow.Many, too, are going to get. But the main thing - how you want to show a performance in Moscow. Possible. In our theater, our scenery. Only three actors, translator and costumes. No matter how well we meet again. With what pleasure I would put even play with these actors. Gorky, Ostrovsky, Ibsen ... But closing in other cases.The film The Dreamers (2003). When you have finished playing "About Love" and Tokyo, they will go to others God's fool, and two mesyatsa- PSE. New rehearsal. They will be distributed throughout your company. I was waiting for the Moscow Soviet Theatre. It's time ... There were the first reviews - good. News came on the responses of the central Soviet newspapers.The program of the National Television gave the story associated with our premiere. The first contemporary Soviet plays staged in Japan, the Soviet director. But this is only the beginning. I remember. Miyadzavasan perevodchikovdobrovoltsev- distributes collected for the new Soviet plays. Kokovkin, Zlotnikov, Arro, Gelman, Sokolov. It's all my friends.What a joy to see how interested take the play, sit behind the hard work of translation. Want to know about us, understand us. Hope through literature, through the theater to understand that the soul that deep.

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