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sound film meets the basic requirements of aesthetics of cinema only when a substantial proportion of the information comes from their visual series. Sound issues in the film better research with the delineation of dialogue or speech from the actual sound or noise.In particular, it should be considered in light of the two types of relationships with the image of a phonogram to, first, to clarify the role, giving both, that is, whether the ideas expressed in the movie soundtrack or predominantly visual frames series;and, secondly, to determine the method of combining sound with the image in any given segment of the film. The combination may watch online and implemented differently, but in any case from it in some degree depend on the use of speech in the cinematic film. Dialogue Role of live speech. Its misapplication.What upset Eyzenshgeyna, foresaw the flow of "highly cultured dramas" as a consequence of the introduction of the sound? He undoubtedly feared that live speech may be the only significant expression of thoughts of the film, and thus it becomes the main tool to promote the scene of action. His fears were not unfounded.In the early sound period, screen captured "talk madness" - many filmmakers came from "the ridiculous notion that to create sound enough to shoot a movie theater play" And it was not just a short-term fashion. Most sound films and now also built around dialogue. Dialogue in the lead role.Switching the main semantic load a movie on it, of course, increases its similarity to the theater. "Conversation" movies or theater plays reproduce or pose a story in a theatrical manner.As a result, the viewer's interest automatically focuses on the actor, projecting in this film as being, do not dissolve in their environment, and therefore dead nature ot148 steps into the background, however, the greatest danger to the installation it is not only in weakening of interest in life, filmed a movie camera, but and chemto completely different.It opens for the movie realm of abstract reasoning, allows the film to pass all the turns and twists of sophisticated thinking, all those rational or poetic ideas, understanding and assessment of which does not depend on visual means of expression.Now cinema is available that could not cover even the silent movie theater - it accessible and vibrant debate, and wit in the style of the show, and Hamlet's soliloquy. But when the film was dominated by it, it inevitably gives rise to a certain system of thought and poetic images.They are largely the same nature as that painted love Proust memories of her grandmother, not admitting to its authentic appearance, in which she appears in the photograph came to his mind. born by means of language, these thoughts and images take on an independent psychological reality, which gained a foothold in the film violates photographic reality required cinema.Meaning of verbal reasoning, verbal poetry threatens to overshadow the meaning of the picture frame, turn them into hazy illustrations This is very clearly expressed by Erwin Panofsky in his dramatic speech against the literary approach to the film."I can not think of a more erroneous statement about the movie than what I read in an article by Eric Russell Bentley, published in the spring issue of" Kenyon Review "for 1945, where he writes that" the potential of sound film is different from adding an element of silent dialogue, which can be poetry. " I would suggest it this way:"The possibilities of sound film differs from the silent integration with the visible movement of dialogue, which is why it is better not be poetry" Equilibrium.

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