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Recruitment of new staff.Suppose you successfully got an order for fifteen film " entered the service in the Naval Fleet." After study, the first task - to collect all the possible causes of the implementation of this action: good pay from the first day of service, regardless of age, all sports facilities, Marine brotherhood Education profession;Free trip around the world, home service. For successful treatment of consciousness, potential recruits must wear развлекательнопознавательный movie character. You can remove the first year of service of eighteen conscript or choose a different approach. Life, and especially military service, is not without difficulties.This idea is sure to sound in the film, for example, in a letter to recruit home: "Yes, mother, the service - not sugar." Naturally, it is understood that the guy is proud that he is a real man, not a sissy. This idea can be submitted in another package.A few years ago, British Airways to raise the profile and attract customers released an interesting PR film. Viewers saw training of pilots, flight crew in different countries of the world, the work of ground support services, taking care of the passengers.However, the film is based on the story went to the cadets, who is just learning to fly, first mastering simple model airplanes, then going to the jet, and finally flying on giant movie well done and for display in schools, probably would have caused a stream of applications for admission in British aviation. Goods and services.During the filming of the goods and services that you will again turn into a salesman. If you're lucky, the object of sale could turn the cinematic task in good time. My friend was commissioned to film ° international hotel chain.He was happy to spend a study in Hong Kong, South America, France, free stopping at the best hotels. Another friend made a promotional film about whiskey. He is not only familiar with the process and the best whiskeys in Scotland, but well rested by the sponsor.Writing the script, you will ask the sponsor a lot of questions the answers to which will be the basis for the script. You need to know what this product, how it works, what is the difference between the competitors and what are its main advantages. Company image.One of the most profitable areas of cinema advertising - production of corporate films, aimed at creating a company image. This is also a commercial program, but on a broader basis. You can make movies about the image of American Express or Bank of America or the prestige of the profession of an architect or a dentist.These films are not so much convince viewers to buy or do something as explained that the sole purpose of the company or profession - caring best interests of clients. There are movies to keep tattered reputation.In the mid-'80s British Currency Exchange sponsored a film about how the stock market and there was now a great buy stocks. Watch the film The Dreamers (2003) online. He appeared before the crash of 1987 and daily demonstrated to everyone who came to the exchange.In 1988, after a catastrophic gas leak in the Indian city of Bhopal Union Carbide company's reputation download the film The Dreamers (2003) and suffered greatly. Then the company decided to order a film on its activities to show the public that the company has always paid special attention to security. Education.Training videos are gaining popularity, especially in the field of sports and medicine.

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