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I did the only sensible thing - ordered to release her from the corral, so she found a loving bull. Bull she had met, but he was not loving. In fact, he humiliated her that turned and walked away.Cows on the ranch were whitebeaked meat breed, and in contrast to our sweet little Brown Aes they are not sawed off the horns. Nevertheless, I did not suspect that the bulls can be so choosy.Again, we released our rejected a cow, and this time it is not only attracted whitebeaked bulls, but also aroused the desperate jealousy whitebeaked cows that became her attack. They could butt Brown Aes, if not for the intervention of two cowboys riding up in time to save her.After that, nothing to do but wait, when our cows in heat stop. We had a great time filming a cute neighborhood, but then could not figure out how to use the film. When Brown Aes again turned her attention to the filming, everything turned out very well.Joe Schenck had heard about our anticipation and said that the bosses usually say, if you get into trouble, "Yes, Keaton, this is for you! You always find a way to make the film more expensive. " The gesture, meaning in this case the sign of the Mafia. The film touched the souls of many Spaniards, who affectionately refer to cows.Garcia Lorca, seeing him, wrote a one-act play "Walk Buster Keaton." DAY 8, when the laughter stop Mack Sennett, though, and made his stage debut in the role of the back of a horse, considered the opinion of the comedies infallible. "I keep a finger on the pulse of the public, - he loved to talk. - If I laugh gegom, then the audience will laugh, too. "Mac loved to play in each film, to shoot at his studio, but did not receive any support from their comedians. They said that it is the most unfunny person who kogdalibo out front of the camera, but it took years to convince him.The mystery was how the man seemed to be no sense of humor, able to find and develop more great comic talent than anyone else has in the history of show business.Some students of career Sennett attempt to explain his unique gift, saying that he was in business, when the great screen comedians appeared in abundance. In general, it is true.But it is hard to recall even a single performer, comparable to Arbuckle, Chaplin and other great comedians released from the fun factory "Keystone", which would have been brought up by other producers working in the neighborhood. Also do not forget about the great director:Frank Capra, Leo Makkeri Malcolm SentKlere and Roy Del Rute - first learned to their work, working at Sennett. I have already mentioned that the reluctance Sennett pay its biggest stars good money inevitably led to their care as soon as they became famous.His "Keystone Kops" were the lowest paid actors in Hollywood, even after several years, he made a lot of money on them. At first, they made only three dollars a day for that risked their necks. When Sennett had amassed a fortune in "Interrupted novel Tillie," he raised their rates up to five dollars a day."Cops" were dreamers. They all lived in hope that someday will be stars or actors in the main roles. Every time he saw them on the screen, I laughed with pleasure, which, of course, it was against my rules do not laugh in public. But I could not understand how they propose to draw attention to their individuality, while remaining in the crowd.

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